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  1. I have a DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra D UT and I need the serial for an RMA. Anyone know how I can find it?
  2. It is much louder than normal. Nothing is obstructing it either.
  3. The other day I came home and my ethernet ports were dead. I thought my router died but I popped on the xbox and a light flashed so that wasn't it. I just left it alone and came back to it today and decided ill just load linux. Lucky for me I load linux and net pops up right away. This is the wierdest problem ever. Both ethernet ports are shown as operational in windows but it just won't recognize the connection. How can I be perfectly fine on linux but connection disappears in windows. Very frustrating, please help.
  4. thats funny you say that i was thinking of doing that selling the 3 120s and doing the sata thing.
  5. thats funny you say that i was thinking of doing that selling the 2 120s and doing the sata thing.
  6. I timed the delay after switching over the ide connectors and the delay is still there and I timed it acurately at 40 sec.
  7. I have 3 120 Western Digitals 1 Benq DW1640 No Raid just basic ide setup. Now i have ide one (Master HDD Slave HDD) ide two (Master Optical Drive Slave HDD)
  8. When yall are saying to disable you are meaning disable in advance bios features as boot devices right??
  9. I just hoooked up only the 2 hard drives on the ide one connector and it didn't take 30 seconds it was more like 15 this time. Im going to try with both now.
  10. my ide is setup like this Before: IDE connector 1 (Master BENQ 1640, Slave Hard Drive) IDE connector 2 (Master Hard Drive, Slave Hard Drive) Positives: System Booted Negatives: Long 30 sec delay between post and windows logo Now: IDE connector 1 (Master Hard Drive, Slave Hard Drive) IDE connector 2 (Master BENQ 1640, Slave Hard Drive) Positives: None thus far Negatives: Non System Boot Disk Error
  11. talking from laptop... cpu won't boot about to check jumpers non system boot error
  12. I have had this problem since day one and I would love to correct this. It is an annoyance for me when I have to restart my computer and it takes so long. The hard drive delay is 1 and the dfi logo is disabled. Anyone have this problem?
  13. I usually just press my power button which send it into hibernation and i start it back up and the game is minimized but not exited. I don't see my system having much of a weak spot maybe free disc space but i would think 4 gigs or more would be more than enough. System Resources says the game is using around 200,000 to 205,000 usually when the game is running.
  14. I was using ontrack. The hitachi drive crashed on me again today as i gave up on recovery. I was writing some data to it and upon the completion of writing data it crashed my system. I am going to call Hitachi on this one. My system only crashes when something is going on with this drive.
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