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  1. Is there an application I can get that will display my Bios settings while I am in Windows (just for viewing purposes of course). I want to be able to pull my entire memory settings list so I can post or print it when needed. I tryed searching the forum for something like this but couldnt find anything off-hand.
  2. Note: after going to www.microsoft.com/directx and downloading the updater, I found a new version of Directx for my Vista x86 Beta 2. It may fix some of the texture problems people are experiencing. Can anyone tell me if there is a general OS performance boost with the x64 vs the x86?
  3. How much slower is 2T? Will it have any significant impact on performance and games?
  4. > 4 sticks - dual channel 2T, possibly 1T if you have an extremely good memory controller Does that mean if I have 4 sticks of the same memory from the same vendor-- it will run at Duel Channel at 1T on my DFI Ultra-D?
  5. For some reason, I remember someone saying that you can only have Dual Channel with two memory sticks? Is this true?
  6. What are some ruff figures for overclocked the FSB and the voltages needed on the LDT to get it there? Are there any significant benefits of having the FSB running at like 900 as opposed to 1200 (if its possible)?
  7. Btw, I need a heatsink that doesnt require me taking the motherboard out of the case. My case wires are dying, and I fear if I take the motherboard out one more time, my power switch is not going to work anymore. heh Does the Big Typhoon require taking the motherboard out for puting in the bolts?
  8. I'm so lost.... nuts for what? Doesnt it just clamp into place like the normal heatsink?
  9. What are some recommended air-cooled heatsinks for an Athlon 3700+? I would like to be able to overclock to 2800 core. Whats the best bang for the buck is what I'm asking.
  10. When does memory bridging become not effective to increase to get more CPU power. For example: Is it worth making the memory run at 1/2 (DDR200 instead of 400) for the gain in increasing the CPU clock? For like gaming, is there a certain minimal balance you should keep DDR speed in sacrifice to CPU core increases?
  11. I dont get it.... according to this article: http://www.cluboverclocker.com/reviews/mem...tinum_2gb/2.htm they where able to get this memory at stock voltage and stock timings to 460MHz! My same memory crashes at just 420 Mhz with less than 10min into the memory tester. Iv tryed 3-3-2-8 at 2.6v with the 210 Mhz with failings. I know for sure that my CPU can hit 245 Mhz bus without any problem. Any other options/settings I should be looking into?
  12. jadit2

    MBM5 In-game??

    Is there any way or plugin for MBM5 that will allow me to view my stats while using Directx or OpenGl games? I know the OSD doesnt do either.
  13. I get as high as 83c after an hour or two of gaming. Try to stay under 85c as you will hit stability problems. Using a house floor fan on the open case on low, I am usually at 77c.
  14. I used about a full 1 grain size of rice. aDaM, how do you know that the chipset can handle 70c?
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