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  1. I have the evga and it gets quite hot. If I could buy it over again I would have gone with XFX. I was very unhappy with the customer service from evga.
  2. I have this model. Good find, dealwise. I paid $339 - $25 MIR. But be warned, it's taking time to get the rebate. I bought it on 10/21/05. still no confirmation of my cash rebate. I know it's in the process tho because I got my "eVGA bucks" rebate. I called them and they said they expect to process the rebate at the end of the month. Still waiting.
  3. BUMP. I'm looking for the same answer. I read some very positive reviews about this cooler and I'm looking to replace my stock HS myself. However I read that DFI uses slightly different retension mounts so that the Artic Freezer 64 can only blow air downward (toward the PCI slots) instead of out the back of the case. Is this the case (no pun intended) ?
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I might just go back to the old LL case... I have an old P4 1.6A @ 2.1 Ghz on stock that's been running solid for 4 years. I think it has something to do with the case, a Lian-Li PC 62B. I really do love that case, I was just worried about it not getting enough airflow to the bottom back of the case without a side intake because the 2 front 80mm fans are already pushing through the full HD case. I just can't bring myself to cut into this shiny case. Anyways I see that's of users here are happy with cases without side intakes... ah decisions. Good to know that the SI-120 will fit in the Antec p180. I'll try the LL case and see what kind of temps I get on the 7800.
  5. I thought the whole point of that is to have a cooler chamber for the MB/CPU. It got some great reviews. Look like a large HS like the SI-120 would fit.
  6. I'd rather just get a whole new case that gets excellent cooling. I think the LanBoy is an ok case but I need more cooling and more space. I'm looking at the Antec p180 (seems popular around here) or the Thermaltake XASER VA800BWS Armor series looks very enticing. Can anyone who has one of these comment on how well it suits the DFI NF4?
  7. Can anyone recommend an optimal case for an overclocked A64-3200 with an SI-120 cooler and pabst fan on the DFI NF4 Ultra-D? Because of the more centralized location of the CPU socket, most of the cases I've looked at with side vents look like they won't match up. At first I thought I'd just go with a case without a side vent but my 7800GT gets very hot and I'd like to get some fresh air on the bottom left of the case. TIA, this community has been very helpful. My rig (work in progress): Althon 64 3200 e3 @ 2.4Ghz 1.45V (10x240) DFI NF4 Ultra-D 2x512MB OCZ Platinum Rev 2 1:1 CPU/Mem 1.7V (480 DDR) Stock Athlon Cooler -- SI-120 on deck Enermax FMA Series535W Antec Super Lanboy (temporary case) eVGA 7800GT 256MB 2xWD1200JD Raid 0
  8. Unfortunately ewiz does not stock any 3200s OEM anymore. They only have the retail for about $180. http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=A64-32BPBX But I've seen the same thing for $155 at Monarch Computer. Has anyone had good experience with Monarch's cpus? http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...&AFFIL=FRG&NR=1 $155 shipped free, ADA3200BPBOX, so e3. They also have the OEM for $140 but only as part of their MB/CPU bundle.
  9. I am building a new gaming rig (on a budget and plan to OC) and have decided on everything except the cpu! I am torn, any feedback would be appreciated: Venice 3000+ e3 stepping, retail Venice 3200+ e3 stepping, retail Venice 3500+ e6 stepping, OEM Which one would you choose? The decision seems tougher today. My research started a few months ago when it was a no brainer -- the Venice 3000+ e3 were delivering excellent OCs, so they offered the best bang for the buck. However today I read that e6's are all topping out around 2.4 and require more voltage, moreover, many say the latter day e3s are not giving great OCs either. Also OEM e3's seem to have completely dried up. I cannot find any at reasonable prices. I'm going with AS5 and XP-90 cooler no matter which cpu. Although I must say I'm very tempted to go for that fancy new Zalman 9500LED but that's for another thread Oh maybe I should also state my other main selections: Enermax Noisetaker 485w DFI nf4 Ultra-D eVGA 7800 gt OC OCZ 3200 Gold VX, 2x512 Lian-Li PC70U Aluminum Case TIA
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