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  1. good luck clarity, i been trying to fix this almost non stop for weeks now
  2. hi, noone knows, mine been doing the same for 3 weeks, welcome in the club
  3. i can't boot in dual channel, long beep, worked for months then, beeeep, even with the ocz powerstream, i said it before, it starts with buy 10 cpu psu and mb from us, when you come back, we don't know, thanks come again, here, go flash your cmos for a week, when you come back for a fix, we'll send you read the whole forum archives for two weeks, because the truth is we don't have no fix all we know is this thing fits in this slot and buy my stuff, In the end, noone has a fix, RMA this for a week, did anyone fix this with randomly sending RMA's? from the 300 pages i have read, no, fact is they dont know so go clear your cmos for 2 weeks, classic :/
  4. have been posting for weeks about this with no results, and the other ones that had the problem in september didnt either, the last person to start a thread disapeared after sending his board to dfi for testing and said he would post with follow ups, but never heard from him again, welcome in the club
  5. still have a 200$ ram stick on my desk that i cant use in dual channel since i unpluged my psu 2 weeks ago, beeeep. basicly it start with, buy the elite parts or we can't help you, then it's we can't help you go clear you cmos for a week, we can't help you until then, you are the problem so go read, once you read for 2 weeks, sorry we can't help you, did you expect us to help you or something, we suggest you RMA everything for a month until it works again, we ask you to get elite stuff, but don't expect too much from us as far as elite advice, we aint got it, dont expect them to design a good board, they can't even troubleshoot it, think we can? we are quick to blame you and tell you to get more expensive components claiming we are at the same elite lvl as these components, sorry that's pretty much all we can offer now, I guess this forum is not what is used to be.
  6. I am still stuck with the problem even with socket 939 cpu. RGone, with all due respect, you are assuming everyone isnt willing to put the effort to solve his problem and recommend they just try random things and that nothing is reliable, I say you're confusing, and you probably believe in santa and the tooth faerie as well. Some ppl ask for gimme gimme gimme when they are common issues, and the dual channel problem is a common issue, and most of the frustration comes from beeing missled and trying stuff that has nothing to do with the problem, and most of all, dosen't solve it for ANYONE. When i posted about the problem i had already went far beyond the normal treshhold, had been changing ram to the point my fingers were burning like i had drop battery acid on them, havent eat well for days trying all the unrelated advice out there. So about the 'do A, do B, you can conclude C' that IS how a knowledgeable person should work, the ones that can't do that are just too stupid and are that ppl that would assume they are a fork just because a fork has teeth and they do too. The way 'dumbass' technicians fix stuff is to try another part or try a bunch of trial and error stuff randomly because they dont know better, and think they understood the problem because they identified the component. And replace parts randomly and that is what you suggest, so from now on i'm taking those recommendation and critisism for what it's worth, and nothing more, and i suggest ppl judge about the advice they are getting because most of it dosen't fly very high. -W
  7. I have been stuck with a 200$ gig of ram sitting on my desk and unusable for the last 2 weeks, have posted about 30 times on the boards and nothing, even wrote to angryGames, he asked for the link to my thread and never returned any thing, i guess noone knows how to troubleshoot this properly, random troubleshooting that reminds me of voodoo spells and burning inscence and rma every component 10 times, do trial and error testing, try with another component, buy lots of spare parts just incase, but i am proud, i'm with the cool kids now.
  8. well after 4 days of long troubleshooting guess this is a dead end, so what should i rma the board or the ram?
  9. wich jumper exactly is the 5v jumper people are refering to in this thread? the only one i can see would be jp17 to up volatage from 3.2v to 4v? and the only other 5v jumpers i would think of are jp5 and jp4 for wake on keyboard or mouse, can someone clarify wich jumper is the 5v one refered to in this thread?
  10. update, the ram passes memtest, both stick individualy, cmos cleared for 8 hours, tried optmized defaults, settings from the forum's stock speed database, Mushkin recommended settings, and RGone's initial build settings, those sticks have been running fine for 4 months, but now will only boot with one stick in orange near edge
  11. Hi, i can't get my 2gig pc4000 mushkin redline to run at the stock speeds listed in this section of the forum. They were running fine with the same setup and RGone's setting for the last 4 months, and now for the last 3 day i tried everything but cant boot with two sticks in any configuration, the only way i can boot is with one stick in orange near the edge of the board, i have tried clearing cmos up to 8 hours, and tried many different settings including RGone's, Optimized default, the settings listed in this section of the forum, and also the settings that mushkin tests them with on dfi boards(i think they test only one stick at a time...), but no luck, still one long beep, 3 red lights, and cant boot to memtest with two sticks in orange, or yellow even. thanks in advance, -W
  12. i have tried alot of settings, please throw in your advice, getting desperate, this 2gig kit has been working for the last 3 months on my 4000+ and now long beep, wont boot unless it has only 1gig(1 stick) in orange slot near the edge
  13. still have the same problem with my socket 939, at one point it would work in single channel, an now wont anymore, im sure it was with optimized defaults, and now it wont work in single channel even in the same conditions, veryy odd, thanks for the help, hopefully things can get back to normal soon :/
  14. had same problem with a single card when the cable going to screen wasnt sitting right, or screwed in well, bios letters were green lol, fortunetly it was fixed minutes later by seating the plug completely, could be a bad contact too
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