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  1. OK, so I will buy a new PSU also. Which PSU should I take from this shop: >400W: http://www.kmelektronik.de/main_site/main....&MID=13&GID=242 >500W: http://www.kmelektronik.de/main_site/main....&MID=13&GID=243 >600W: http://www.kmelektronik.de/main_site/main....&MID=13&GID=244 It should be as cheap as possible but matching the criteria. It's the only shop that has 8800GTS on stock in my area here in Germany. Thank you in advance! You are really a good help :-)
  2. What does this "combined" mean? Is mine OK with 2x15A on 12V? Here the specs (scroll down to "Performance"): http://www.tt-germany.com/product/Power/Pu...768/w006768.asp I will not buy a second one. I don't like this SLI and Crossfire solutions.
  3. Really? But why is my DFI working with my current 460W? I googled a bit: Some people said a 400W PSU with one 6pin PCI-E connector is fine. You say it should be 550W PSU. Seems like what really matters is the Ampere of the PSU on the 12V connection: One guy mentioned it should be either >32A on one 12V, or >18A on two 12V connectors. I think I will buy a ">18A on two 12V". Is it possible that I damage my 8800GTS if I use it with my current PSU?
  4. I've read something about a min 400W power supply. The card needs 16Pin connector from the power supply and that's what my power supply has. So I hope it will work.
  5. Somebody who has a 8800GTS + DFI Lan Party 4 Ultra D can answer it. Or somebody who read about this combination somewhere. Maybe there is a Motherboard compatibility list somewhere available. I'm not asking about the case. Just if the 8800GTS fit's on the DFI Lan Party 4 Ultra D mainboard. I'm not shure because of the SATA connector, the MoBo fan,...
  6. Hi, will a 8800GTS fit in my DFI Lan Party 4 Ultra D? This card has a very huge size. I'm not shure because of the SATA connectors,... on the Motherboard. Will it also work with my Powersupply (Thermaltake Purepower 460W)? I need to know this because I will buy one today (before Christmas :angel: ) THX
  7. Hi, I owned this 5,25" Multi-Frontpanel : http://www.tune2max.de/Zubehoer/CardReader...ader::1726.html I've already connected the Front-USB, -Audio, -Firewire and -SATA connectors to my Lanparty 4 Ultra D mainboard. Now there is this connector left: http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/5693/image00259zx3.jpg It is a 5pin connector, but only 4 of them are used. I assume this is for the front card reader-slots (SD, Mini SD,...). The only plug socket that fits to this connector is called "COM1" on my Lanparty 4 Ultra D mainboard. Is this the right plug socket? The other issue I have is that the cable of the connector is not long enough. What should I do? Is there a kind of extension cable available? THX
  8. My Corsair reached 318Mhz with I think only 2.7V. Maybe it was 2.8, I must check but I never gave more then 2.8V.
  9. Hi, which files do you copy on the floppy disk for the bios update? I've always copied only the bin file. This is the right way, right?
  10. I've downloaded a JPEG file. Then I've resized it to 640x480 with 256 colors and saved it as a BMP file as described. It has 302KB now. I wanted to add this to the Bios with CBROM. But I always receive an error message: 0406bta.bin have not enough space for adding ROM. (Over 6C2Ch bytes) With this picture http://img374.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dfi123el.png it works if I convert it to a 256 BMP, but it has exactly the same kb than mine. Even when I make mine much smaller, it still receive the same error message until I make it smaller then 200kb. Then I'm able to flash it but as it was not 640x480 anymore it looks totally bad. I've also tried another bios and it's the same. This example http://img374.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dfi123el.png works but my pictures not. I think the reason is that the source file was a JPEG. If I generate a completely new BMP it's working. Any idea how I can get a JPEG from the web to work? I've used the standard MS Paint and also Photoshop to generate the logos.
  11. Wow, very high Vcore. How long do you use this already?I also had a Venice 3200+ E6 and I cannot get them higher than 2700.
  12. I think you should check if this is the issue but I don't think so as he said he already has tried both PCI-E slots.
  13. I have bought a new boxed Opteron 150 CACJE 3 months ago for 250EUR (normally 350EUR). I've overclocked it to 3Ghz with [email protected]% VCore. I have a Zalman 9500CNPS LED fan. Temps on Air 33C idle and 50C load.
  14. What is this tool "Cbrom"? Where do I find it?
  15. I have switched to 2GB of G.Skill Memory and I also had the problem to get it stable. It was more difficult than with my old Corsair 1GB Kit with TCCD's chips. From the official bios' the one from 6/23/05 worked best, but the latest modding bios from OCZTony was much better. But I think this was not for the Expert Version of the Motherboard.
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