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  1. I've been tweaking every possible setting on two different motherboards for about 8 months now-there's no way it's getting any higher. On the PSU note, I checked all voltages with the good ole DMM and noticed a that the delta v between prime and not under load was around .02v, and each voltage was(while priming) consistently 2% over the intended value. Not the PSU- just a bum chip, and I'd like some recognition for being the owner of an unholy venice.
  2. 0521BPPW, requires just under 1.6v to get to 2000mhz and 1.75v to achieve 2300mhz. Anyone have a S939 Venice that is even worse? I'd like to get some sort of recognition for owning a world record chip if not.
  3. ok, this should clear it up: (what is entered in bios, exagerrated FSB) (after bootup into windows)
  4. that's not really my problem. my problem is that the bios FSB and multiplier adjustments don't actually change anything. i can put the CPU speed in BIOS past 2800mhz or whatever value i feel like but the processor remains at 1800mhz.
  5. well, it turns out i had the ram in the wrong slots. i assumed dual channel meant both sticks on different channels when i built it, whoops. i still haven't made any progress on the cpu issue. right now BIOS says the processor is running at 1800.0ghz and CPU-Z says it's running at 1809.1ghz. help :confused:
  6. hi all, this was my first build(in my signature) and it went together very easily besides two nagging problems. any help with them would be much appreciated first-my memory is not read as dual channel. it's in slots 1&3 but CPU-Z tells me it's single channel. the memory is advertised as being dual channel, so that's not the problem. second- the cpu speed in BIOS is not the same as the cpu speed detected by CPU-Z, 3Dmark05, or hardware profile, among others. i specified the multiplier, FSB, voltage, and turned off cool&quiet. the BIOS displays my desired CPU speed but apparently does not change the actual speed. CPU-Z also shows the clock speed flunctuating between 1809.1 and 1809.4, which was odd. i have tried clearing CMOS, bumping up the voltage and a bunch of different FSB values, but no change. the 6/13/05 bios supposedly has support for the E3 venices so that shouldn't be the problem. thanks in advance for any help
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