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  1. Hi all, I had earlier screwed up my sata by trying to reinstall windows in the "c" partition. My sata HDs were partitioned in a c and d drive. I finally installed windows on an IDE drive and now would like to see if I could recover my contents of the D drive. Its not showing up under drives, just the reformated c. Any suggestions for software or ways to fix this?
  2. I will try with cd on top. Win CD should be good. but I have no way to test that
  3. Hi all, I am having serious problem here. I recently was having RPC server failure in which I tried to repair the boot. I have 2 SATA HD setup as my main drive. They are partitioned as a c and d drive, with c having the os and d having all my data. I cannot get windows installed on C nor will windows install correctly see the sata drives. So I took them out. I put in a 80 IDE drive and tried to install windows on it. And thats where I am now. I have formated this drive and went through the install process with windows, when it reboots, it gets stuck and continously reboots over and over, never getting to windows. I am going to flash the BIOS and try again. But if that doesnt work, what could be the problem? Please help, I have been working on this for days and am pretty much loosing hope. I have alot of data on my Sata that I really cant afford to loose. John My setup is below
  4. I'm might be having the same issues http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29580 with my 4400 john
  5. I have a24 pin, but I just read that thread that referenced the 20/24pin incorrectly. john
  6. hmm...thats an interesting point. could be an issue. any other thoughts?
  7. Cooling: ThermalRight SI-120 Heatsink w/Thermaltake A2018 fan. Plus my case has 2 120 fans that pull air accross the CPU and one 80 to circulate the board. Perhaps some sort of default setting is incorrect. Plus I have heard you need a 24pin psu as 20pin psu eliminate the use of 5V jumper for >3.2-4v vdimm on the DFI NF4 boards. BUT I havent done that. john
  8. Hi all, I have tried to OC my rig now with a few different attemps (one example below) [B]Genie BIOS Settings:[/B] FSB Bus Frequency - 240 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio - X4.0 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio - X11.0 PCI eXpress Frequency - 100Mhz CPU VID StartUp Value - Startup CPU VID Control - 1.400v CPU VID Special Control - 110% LDT Voltage Control - 1.30v Chip Set Voltage Control - 1.60v DRAM Voltage Control - 2.80v Each time I try, I get a failure in prime95, sometimes at 1 minute in. Then I tried some of the Guides to find my CPU Max and think it maxed at 235 BUT the temp was around 56-60is CPU during Prime95 test and seemed to be too hot. The temps seem to kill all the OC attemps, any suggestion why?
  9. LanceDiamond - Your setup looks Identical to mine ! Have you any sucess with OC yours? Im not. john
  10. cpu. not sure why its doing this. it stayed around 56 for an hour durring prime95. at no test, just plain runing its at about 35 according to Smartguardian. Oh and I have a thermaltake 120 fan ontop of the thermaltake xp-120
  11. Im trying to OC my system now and I am getting a prime95 100 load TEMP at almost 60, should I be concerned? I cant seem to get the temps down. i have my settings only at DRAM Req :100 CPU/FSB :x11 LDT/FST : x3 CPU Vid: 1.4 FSB Bus at 230? (i think, cant remember, maybe 225) Oh yeh, no stock cooling, I have a xp-120 and using a Silverstone TJ06 case. Should be cool in there.
  12. Yeh I understand, I will intently study it. Just looking for some shortcuts. Its helps me learn. John
  13. I have been reading the guide too, its just a bit overwhelming with my other work I am doing now. john
  14. Hi all, I would like to oc this machine to the best i can go. I beleive its got good cooling [THERMALRIGHT XP-120 Heatsink] and its in a silverstone Temjin6 case which helps even more. Can anyone give me settings to plug in and try? One of my EVGA 7800's GTX is not available since I had to return it; waiting for an exchange. John
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