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  1. *runs in* Thanks but that didn't help. I had high hopes for 'p3nt4gon' with 1337pass as password lol. *gunshot* :eek2: *runs out*
  2. Lovely shirt... *scurry's off*
  3. Chuck Norris pwns you all. Chuck Norris is leet at life.
  4. I think you should get the SI-120 if you have the money...get the best if you can.
  5. Thanks Smoken Joe, please excuse my lazyness... Nice username/ avatar btw.
  6. Well it says my Email has been banned but I've never registered with hardforum before... It says i can't use yahoo or hotmail to register but i've tried gmail and it still says the email has been banned. I don't have an AOL account so idk...no harforum for me I guess.
  7. I wish I could... Unfortunately it's impossible to register with hardforum.
  8. In America computer geeks are also armed with high calibre weapons! :tooth: I find this thread astonishing; http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=759863 Congradulations btw Ace...
  9. Thanks but that doesn't really help, I've been reading the OC guide and been poking around different places but I just want some straight specific answers. OK let me simplify this... Will I get an performance increase in games by lowering my memory timings and/ or running my RAM at DDR500 (250FSB) as opposed to DDR400 (200FSB)?
  10. OK bear with me here, I have a few qestions; 1. If I set my DRAM Frequency to 250/ 1:1 divider and have my CPU at stock settings (x12 multiplier/ 200 HTT) will that effect my CPU in any way? 2. Would keeping my RAM at 200/ 1:1 with 2-2-2-5 timings be the same as 250/ 1:1 at 3-3-3-8/ 7? 3. Will I see any perfomance gain in games if I do any of the above things? Should I just leave my RAM at 200FSB/ 1:1 divider with 3-3-3-8 timings if all I do is game?
  11. They will deliver as long as it isn't like blizzard conditions. How much snow did you get up there? It just rained a whole alot down here in southern New England...
  12. I don't think any American under the age of 40 even knows who John Wayne is...
  13. Better RAM won't improve benchmarks either. RAM in general has absolutely NOTHING to do with the 3Dmark 05 benchmark...
  14. Angry_Games himself said that RAM makes no difference. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29515
  15. Well I have the 7800GTX 256mb and you have the 7800GTX 512mb so yeah...but I'm using FRAPs.
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