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  1. I think I solved the problem. It actually has something do to with master/slave and so on. I realized it was a HW issue when it rebooted just when I was about to format my c: partition.. It's just weird, because it formatted without any problems a week ago. Anyway, right now I can install everything and so on, and now I switched the IDE cables, but I haven't removed any of them, so it's kinda difcrapult to tell what actually caused it... especially because I tried to change the cables a few weeks ago. But I thank you for your help guys.
  2. My computer is, as I stated in the first post 100% Prime stable in any other case, so I can't imagine that could be it. But now you mention it, it could be the 12v rail because it's kinda overloaded atm, so I'll try to look into that. Otherwise I'm going to look into the master/slave situation - I've already tried a couple of IDE cables. Edit: I just checked the molex connector next to my DVD-RW which isn't in use atm, and it's reading 12.08v at idle in Windows. That should be fine, right?
  3. Hello. I'm running the setup in my sig, and I'm having an issue with my DVD-RW's. Everytime a use the drive for anything.. burning, reading, playing DVD's with PowerDVD etc. the computer restarts. For instance I just tried to install Oblivion and after 10 seconds I get a black screen and the setup reboots. I've just tried to reformat, but it didn't help. Furthermore I tried a setup defaults in BIOS, which didn't help either. I've tried two different BIOS', didn't help either. Otherwise my setup is 100% stable and has been running like this for month and month. I've tried a Plextor 755A and a NEC 2x DVD-RW. I've come to the conclusion that it must be some software, as I can perfectly well install Windows XP from both drives which takes ~20-30 min. But what can it be? I've got MSN, MBM5, PCI 3D Audio Configuration (For my Auzentech soundcard) and Avast Antivirus 4.7 running. I've also installed nVidia nForce 6.68 without IDE SW drivers and 91.47 for my mobo. I've got every Windows Update and SP2. Help me please, I'm completely out of ideas here.
  4. I will try your settings later on today, but just taking a quick glims of your settings they seem slower than mine? I'm not sure though. How many MHz are your RAM running? Is it 5/6 of 240MHz or how is it supposed to be understood? I thank you for your help again.
  5. Okay, well I'm still interested in getting the absolutely best. You got any comment soundx98?
  6. Thanks for the quick answer. I'll maybe try that one, but what BIOS is it based on, and are you running in the orange slots? I've taken the shots here: I'm not sure I'm familiar with the DDS and DDDS terms?
  7. Hello. I flashed to the official release of FX-60 because I've been having some trouble with my DVD-RW's rebooting my computer even though the setup is completely stable. But now I need to go to 3.1v VDIMM to get my RAM to run stable at 232MHz 2-2-2-5 instead of 2.9-3.0. Is this because of some of the new options for RAM that I didn't set right? Or is it just a common problem with the stability? If the case is that it's just more unstable, is there a good alternative?
  8. First of all I run stable benches at 3GHz and my GFX OC'ed, so I don't see how it can be my PSU. Okay, so what are you saying? That the chip is for a RMA?
  9. Ye, it was a bad OS install. It works now after a reboot.. and then.. not perfectly. For some reason the onboard sound will only play if the connector is only halfway in the green line out channel. How can that be? And another thing: I can play HL2 perfectly with everything at max and so on, but when I just walk around at high fps and everything I have these bits of lag. It doesn't feel like FPS lag but more like a lag of RAM or something. Could it be because I'm running onboard sound or only 1GB of RAM?
  10. I did that in the first place. I just had the chip out after removing ALL nVidia drivers, and then installed it again, Windows finds that there is a new soundcard, I install the ones I downloaded and it says in device manager that "the driver isn't installed for this device".
  11. Hello. I've been running this Ultra-D for two days now, but I haven't got sound on it yet. I installed the sound chip earlier on, and Windows XP SP2 said "detected new soundcard"... something. So I took my nForce driver and chose only sounddriver, rebooted, installed Winamp... but did it work? No... So I tried to install it from the device manager by searching in the temp dir, but it keeps saying that the install did not succeed, but not why it didn't. I've tried the CD drivers too, but it's exactly the same... Help. Tore.
  12. Thanks... well, I'm running 265*11 = 2913MHz at my SD3700+ at 1.57v (shows MBM), and that's prime stable on air, so I'm quite happy at the moment. My RAM does about 250 2-2-2-5 3.4v in this FX60Beta-2 BIOS.
  13. Hello. I'm trying to max my CPU, so I thought I would run HTT265 and divider 9/10 (180), so I chose that one and booted into Windows where I see CPU-Z saying my RAM only runs 224 instead of the 238.5MHz it should? How come? CPU-Z is saying CPU/13. I am currently running FX60Beta BIOS.
  14. Hey, I'm running with FX60TEST2 at the moment, and it's the only BIOS I've tried except the initial release that followed my Ultra-D, but that was just terrible. One thing I thought of... wouldn't it be possible to implement the newest version of MemTest+ instead of 1.55?
  15. Is it the grey ones you've got? If so, we got exactly the same RAM. I'm running FX60 Beta-2 at the moment, and I got 'em at FSB225MHz 2-2-2-2-1T at 2.93v.
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