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  1. His weakest part at this point is the cpu. If money is not an issues i'd go with this. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115130 If money is an issue this should help a great deal as well. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115207 I'm thinking the 9800gt should be enough for SC2 but he might want to add some more ram as well.
  2. I love the game and occasionally i have weird lock ups but it only lasts for a split second.
  3. Yes, task manager. Not a noob after all see?
  4. Yes, check the mfg website for the Bios update. You can easily update the bios using the MSI live utility.
  5. I think you have a bad stick of ram? lol. Seriously though, i don't know that anyone will know for sure how to decode the error but what i do know is you need new ram.
  6. I'd say he's running XP pro judging by his sig and the screenshot with the xp looking bars.
  7. How can you see a black screen but not see it? I'm confused..anyways, try running chkdsk, defraging etc.
  8. So I have dual monitors set up on ubuntu jaunty and when i go fullscreen in flash like youtube/hulu for example, it won't go full. Basically it just makes the video go to the center of the screen, extends the bottom bar across the screen and makes my secondary monitor go grey. Any clue how to fix this? I've been looking around and can't come up with a solution.
  9. Sounds like either your overheating or you have a dud somewhere.
  10. Hey all, So I have this issue with Ubuntu and ATI CCC. I recently installed jaunty, mmm the hell with windows and one issue I am having is that when i set my colors to increase the brightness and gamma it resets on me whenever i walk away for a while with the monitor shutting off as i want it to. I need it to stay the same because this monitor is very dark and having to go back to CCC and drag it back and fourth a notch to get it to redo it is pretty annoying. Any ideas how to keep it from resetting or am i stuck like this?
  11. Well the best way to measure your temps is through your BIOS but assuming that easytune 6 isn't wrong then it is higher than what that cpu should be running at. Try a little wire managment, make sure that there isn't any excess dust in the case and if possible add another case fan to get more air flow going.. after that I suppose it's a new HS and fan. To maybe ease your worries, 60C isn't going to kill your cpu, it can go higher in temp and still be ok but it is high still like I said and if you want to do any OCing then it would be a problem. So long as it's stable if you can get better temps somehow great, if not then you're stuck with it like that.
  12. What are you using to track the temps? Are you using BIOS or something like speedfan? Seems a bit hot to me..
  13. Marine

    Oh Boy

    Don't get it... they're asking on two different forums the same question for more views? Something wrong with that?
  14. It will run Vista, that i know for sure.
  15. Though, i don't know if it's the same on intel chips nowadays.
  16. Agree with Phil, can't really tell you how to put it back together if you don't show the pics of it apart.
  17. Well i like having the LCD screen that will pivet and i like the blue light personally. I have no trouble with typing on it so idk what you're saying LivingGhost. I do not like the new board. To me the only good thing about it is the size decrease and even though i will never use all 18 of my macro keys i still like having them at my disposal. As for the price.... it's the same as the first G15.. what's the problem? I bought my G15 for $80 a year after it came out. I'll stick with my older version.
  18. yeh thanks, i took out the corsair stick. It does seem to run better like this anyways. Stupid typo on the topic, grr.
  19. I bought two G.Skill sticks 2x1gb and took out my 3 512mb corsairs. Obviously since i have 3 slots i inserted the two G.Skills and i was thinking, well i can insert another 512 that i have left. So i did, only thing is i'm questioning if it was ok or not. Should i mix brands and sizes like this? They're the same speed except for the actually timings. It does seem to have reduced my memory benchwork on everest a tiny bit but barely. Here is the ram i have got installed now. I did not post the second memory stick because obviously it's the same as the first.
  20. Marine

    XP died

    Sounds to me like a dead drive...
  21. hey guys, I recently bought this stick so that i could take one of the 512mb sticks of this and put the new stick in in it's place in order to get 2gb.. Now i realize this board is old but i haven't had any money to rebuild. Here is my actually problem with this... When i put all 3 sticks in with the 1gb stick in slot 1 it only reads as 1gb total. When i put this stick in the 3rd slot it will read it as 1gb as well. Here is the catch i found. One of the older sticks has v5.2 on it and the other 2 has 1.1. Well it seems when i take the 5.2 out it will only read 1gb. If i keep the 5.2 in, not sure which slot, it will sometimes let me read all the ram at 1.5gb but of course not the 2.0 i'm looking for. Anytime i have the v1.1's in it will only read 512mb. So... i think the versions are the rev versions correct? I didn't think it would make a difference.. heh. Basically it's being weird and either, depending on the slots each stick is in or if it's v5.2 or not, it's either reading as 512mb or 1gb or 1.5gb and never going to 2.0gb. Another thing i saw was when i was reading the MB manual it shows that is can take up to 2gb PC3200(DDR400) but then when you read down further is says supports x8/x16, non-ECC, up to 512Mb DDR devices. So what is it saying that i can only put 512mb in each slot when there is 3 slots yet i can get 2gb of memory in it? wth, that doesn't make sense to me. So if anyone has any idea, i'd appreciate it. I want to know what the problem is...
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