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  1. Well, I came home, tore everything apart, made my wiring a lot cleaner using some tie wraps, cleaned out a bunch of dirt and dust and followed the steps for a proper CMOS clear.... Lo and behold, it worked! Even my reset switch works now! My PSU is the 520W version, does anyone have any idea why this would happen? (Not being able to turn on without cycling PSU power first) I haven't tried Memtest yet, probably going to let it run overnight... Thanks so much for the help guys, this site rocks my socks. Phokus
  2. Well, I'd tell you what version I'm using but I'm currently at work, I'll let you know when I get home. I've only had the PSU for less than a year and I bought it for OCZ's reliability...is it common for a PSU to fail this early on? As far as I know it has a 3 year mfr. warranty. One last question; I will be able to reinitialize my RAID array and won't lose all the data on my HDDs right? As for OCing, I have only OC'd my video card and it only kicks in when a 3D app is detected, I use ATI Tool to control this.
  3. Alright guys, here's my situation: I built this rig almost a year ago now and it's been running fine, until now of course. First of all, I've never been able to use my reset switch, (I have a Thermaltake Tsunami Case) no matter which way I connect the wire to the mobo, it never worked. Is it possible that this is a mobo problem or could it be the case itself? The wire looks fine and the switch's motion seems healthy. The real problems started last week, when I noticed that after powering the system down, it would not start up again unless I swiched off my PSU until the yellow power LED went out and then turned it back on. In an attempt to remedy this problem, I cleared the CMOS (by switching the jumper, waiting about 5-10 minutes and switching it back) and restarted the system. I'm running a RAID0 array and so I figured the disk error it gave me when I first turned it on was normal, I rebooted and went into the BIOS, set everything up and restarted. Only to have it hang at 3 LEDs, and the machine won't power off via the switch on the board or the case, I have to switch the PSU off. Any help you can offer would be extremely appreciated, I know 3 LEDs means RAM problems but I have run Memtest for hours on end without problem (Although I haven't recently) Thanks for your time, Phokus
  4. Well, since I had two partitions and one was strictly the OS, I bit the bullet and reformatted. My system was pretty much stock, the only think I had OC'd was the video card, but that was only on demand. (controlled by ATI tool's 3D app sensor) Everything's working fine now, I was able to access my partition containing all my data and programs and everything's installed without a hitch. My question is, is there a chance of this happening again? Is there any preventative measures I can take...? Sucks, I really wanted to OC this shiny new processor too Thanks for the help guys, Phokus
  5. Hey all...I have a rather peculiar problem: I was convering some videos to MPEG-4 (for use on my ipod) when the program I was using (Winavi) crashed unexpectedly. Thinking nothing of it, I went to test one of the completed videos in windows media player...it also crashed unexpectedly. So, I try to restart my computer... The bootmenu for an unsuccessful boot appears (safe mode, last known configs etc).. No matter which option I choose, even safe mode, my computer will reach a black screen (the windows load screen doesn't even show) and then reboot entirely (POST and everything) When I try safe mode, it loads a few files, then stops, then after a while loads the rest of the files and restarts again. I've run Memtest for 8+ hours, and I my RAID array (RAID 0) is reported to be healthy... Please help, Thanks, Phokus
  6. So I am SoL then? Damn...looks like I'll have to try and get a replacement receiver from Logitech and use it through USB. I know this DFI Board has great features, but it'd be sweet if the basics worked too; I don't think that's unreasonable.
  7. Nope, I already checked and double checked the jumper, and the optical mouse I tried is also definately receiving power, but thanks for the suggestion. Anything else I could try?
  8. Heya again guys, I'm back with another problem :confused: I have an MX1000 Mouse, and in order to keep it from behaving erratically I would like to use it through the PS/2 port as opposed to USB. The problem is my PS/2 mouse port is not working. I've plugged another ps/2 optical mouse into the mouse port, it gets power but does not work. Is there some setting I'm missing here or...? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Phokus
  9. I also have the same problem. MyMX1000 works fine through any USB port but not through my USB>PS/2 Adapter. Is there anything I can try to diagnose the problem?
  10. Finally figured it out; I had to extract the winimage that you can download from the DFI site in order to get non corrupt drivers that actually work. Slipstreamed those using Nlite and I'm now posting from my shiny new rig! Just thought I'd pass that along to anyone else that may still be having problems. Thanks to all that gave me a hand in this process, this site rocks and I appreciate all the help I received. Keep up the good work!
  11. I tried using the above floppy with no success...still says it can't find nvraid.sys. I'm going to try slipstreaming the RAID drivers using NLite....any other suggestions?
  12. Ok, I created my RAID array just fine, and get into Windows setup, however after hitting F6 and installing all the drivers from the disk in the correct order I get an error that says the installer can't copy NVRaid.sys...something similar happened in my old rig as well and I was forced to slipstream drivers onto a windows install CD...is my floppy drive bad? Is my only option to slipstream? Thanks, Phokus
  13. The aerogate has power connected to it from my PSU, and then has 4 fan headers which I have connected to various fans...even if I unplug the CPU header directly from the aerogate it still beeps at me. Not a big deal cause I can just turn off the alarm but still... My heatsink has a single 3 pin fan header, I don't see how I could split the power and speed sensing leads from it? EDIT: Right now I have my CPU fan connected straight to the motherboard, I've tried hooking it in through the aerogate, but nothing changes.
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