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  1. chronic, Those spacers ARE the brass standoffs (technical term), heh Could one of them be touching your DFI mobo where there is no screwhole, which is shorting your mobo? The positioning of standoffs is a standard, but some manufacturer's insist on positioning an extra 1 to make the mobo more secure, this can cause problems when their positioning isn't checked before fitting another mobo. Assumption is the mother of all cockups, double checking is always recommended! If you rebuild your rig outside the case and it works fine then a standoff is 99% of the time the reason it won't work inside the case.
  2. Could the prob be a standoff which your K8N requires but your NF4 doesn't, touching the bottom of the mobo? Have you tried assembling it outside the case?
  3. Just in case anyone's interested I did a bit of browsing, a fair bit it must be said and wrote a list of present mobo's compatible with the Pentium D 805. Known mobo’s to support the Intel Pentium D 805 Asus : P5LD2- Bios-0901 P5LD2 Deluxe-Bios-0506 P5LD2 SE-Bios-0209 P5LD2-V-Bios-0603 P5LD2-VM-Bios-0406 P5MT-PCB-1.04-Bios-1003 P5MT-M-PCB-1.03-Bios-0204 P5MT-S-PCB-1.00-Bios-1001 P5N32- SLI Deluxe-Bios-0212 P5ND2-SLI-Bios-0601 P5ND2-SLI Deluxe-Bios-0802 P5P800 SE-Bios-0503 P5P800-VM-Bios-0109 P5PL2-Bios-0509 P5RD2-VM P5SD2-X-Bios-0501 P5V800-MX-Bios-0405 P5VD1-X-Bios-0501 P5VDC-MX-Bios-0304 P5WD2-Bios-0301 P5WD2 Premium-Bios-0606 P5WD2-E Premium-Bios-0301 P5WDG2-WS-Bios-0401 T2-PE1-Bios-0302 Vintage2-PH1-Bios-0112 Abit : AL8-Bios-17 AL8-V-Bios-17 LG-80-Bios-14 LG-81-Bios-14 LP-80-Bios-14 LP-81-Bios-14 AW8-Bios-16 AW8-MAX-Bios-16 NI8 SLI-Bios-13 NI8-SLI GR-Bios-13 IL8-Bios-11 AW8D-Bios-11 Asrock : 775XFire-eSATA2+ 775XFire-eSATA2 775i65G 775i65PE-PCB-R1.03-Bios-P1.40 775i65PE-M 775i65GV-PVB-R1.04-Bios-P1.90 775TWINS-HDTV 775TWINS-HDTV-Bios-R2.0 775Dual-VSTA 775Dual-880Pro 775VM800 Gigabyte : GA-81945GMF-RH-Bios-F8 GA-81865G775-G-Bios-F1 GA-G9175X-C-Bios-F1 GA-81865GMK-775-Bios-F5 GA-81865GME-775-Bios-F2 MSI : P4N SLI-FI (TESTING) 945P Platinum 945P Neo-F (TESTING) 945G Platinum 945G Neo-F (TESTING) ECS : 865-GM8 (V.1) - Bios 1.0f 865-M7 (V.2) - Bios 2.0 865-PE-A7 (V.5) - Bios 5.0a 945G-M3 (V1.0b) - Bios 1.0g 945G-M3 (V1.0B Viiv) 945P-A (V1.1) - Bios 060127 PF5 Extreme (V1.2) - Bios 060126 661GX-M7 (V3.0) - Bios 1.0f P4M800PRO-M (V1.0a) - Bios 060307 C19-A SLI (V1.0a) - Bios 1.0D PA1 MVP (V2.0) - Bios 1.1A PA1 MVP Lite (V2.0) - Bios 1.1A Foxconn : 945G7MA 945P7AA 945P7AC 945PL7AC P4M800P7MA RC4107MA-8EKRS2 / RS2
  4. 3GHz ? :eek: I'd have guessed about 2700-2800MHz tops!! 3GHz would be really cool OOO my 100th post, lol
  5. Any estimate on what additional oc I can expect? Would you stick at x10 or drop the multi to x9?
  6. Hi guys, Been busy for a while with a couple of 9800's that bit the dust, finally bought a nice cheap FX 5900 Ultra to add to my Superbudget rig, £26. My birthday was last week, so I have some pennies to spend, finally :nod: and I'm in 2 minds what to do with it. I'd like to take my 754 Venice as high as it can go as I've just finished completing the rig, so whilst I'm tempted to blow the lot on an SLI-D and Oppy, I've been wondering what watercooling will help me achieve. I have a background in plumbing, so I'm not going in with my eyes closed, also I've spent quite a few long hours reading up on kit and specs etc. I feel I can't really justify spending a fortune on Danger Den although I know it would prolly give me a slightly higher overclock, so a midrange setup is more likely on the cards. Basically my question is this.: Currently I'm rock solid stable @ 250x10 with memory @ 1:1, but my temps are @ 50°C (load). :sad: . Current cooler is an FX stock cooler with heatpipes and it just doesn't cut the mustard when overclocking. Should I buy a top of the range air cooler eg TT Big Typhoon or Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro, or would a mid-range XSPC watercooling rig get me an extra 100-200MHz or more? Proposed watercooling rig: waterblock - XSPC X20 chipsetblock - XSPC X20 graphicsblock - XSPC Zern Pump/Reservoir - MCRES 1000P Rad - XSPC R120-D (dual 120mm) 2x120mm Panaflo Tygon ½" tubing Approx £150
  7. For a budget 805 mobo, the Asus P5P800 based on the 865PE chipset supports them, you could try the SE which is more widely available, but there's a known issue with the SE's ethternet port when the cpu is highly clocked, highest oc I've seen on an SE is 3.9GHz on air.
  8. Why low dbA? Might sound like a stupid question, but bare with me. There are 3 types of performance fan on the market 1 - the high performance high cmf type 2 - the ultra quiet "you can't really hear me" type 3 - the type which tries to do both the above and end up juggling figures to show how quiet and powerful they are, generally these figures mean very little in the real world. I'd suggest you choose category number1 high performance/high cmf Use a rheostat to reduce the noise to your personal acceptable level without a dramatic effect on the flow. You will also have the option of turning the cooling level up a notch if required, whereas any other type will leave you without any options at all.
  9. M3ATpl0w I very much doubt you will have your rig up and running for more than a week before you succumb to the temptation that is the BIOS, lol Your X2 4400+ running @ 2400MHz or 2600MHz even ... mmmmm just too tempting, heh You'll be shouting at your monitor "Bring that free performance home to daddy!"
  10. Checkout Tmod's CD 6.5 bios CD http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...light=Tmod+bios
  11. Hotflashing! It's a case of running a mobo with a compatible bios chip, removing that chip and replacing it with your corrupted one. You then flash that bios chip and switch off, remove it and oplace in its origional board then cross your fingers. The only other alternative is buying a pre flashed replacement bios chip, see Tmod's site http://www.biosmedic.com/forum/ for details.
  12. Northbridge chips can and do get extremely hot when overclocking and cooling them with a fan means that even in a case with poor airflow, it will still be cooled sufficiently. You could replace it for a quieter NB cooler such as Zalman, but be careful of the placement of other components, if your airflow is exceptional and case temps are low you could replace it with a performance heatsink instead, but the airflow must have a clear passage across the heatsink to where it is vented from. You could try just using some compressed gas to clear any dust from it, if this makes no difference then the bearings are most likely the cause and a replacement needs installing ASAP.
  13. My super budget build has hit a stumbling block, the psu (I think). I guess it won't supply enough stability when I overclock beyond 250x10, I can boot into windows at 2720MHz, surf the net etc. but benchmarking becomes unstable until it's reduced to 250x10. Obviously the lack of amplitude has curtailed my memory overclocking too, I can run on a 166 divider at 2-2-2-5, anything beyond that even @ 2.9v and I get errors, I have relaxed timings and run 1:1 @ 2400 but that's as far as it will go. Am I correct in my belief that the 18A 12v rail is the problem, or am I barking up the wrong tree? I was looking at a PC Power&Cooling 510W Turbo Cool today, but for the next few weeks I'm out of luck moneywise, so unfortunately I had to pass it up. Any suggestions about whether my 400W psu is the problem or otherwise and recommended psu's which will allow me to push my rig as far as possible without breaking the bank would be much appreciated. I think an OCZ Modstream or Powerstream might be just beyond my budget. Many Thanks
  14. any idea what NOT CONVERGENT IN SQR05 means anyone? In relation to running Pi.
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