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  1. tnx guys, my opteron died on the DFI mobo. mailed to DFI support and hope something turns out. else :confused: last time dfi for me? 200 euro flying don't get me exited
  2. got my ocz today and i wanted to test it again, power at home went down:| tomorrow its going back to the shop:)
  3. i don't have a case^^ thats my point of view to, short-circuit somewhere:)
  4. tried with the powerstream, same problem like the other psu's. going to rma this mobo
  5. i am going to. trying to get it this week
  6. it only blings for 1 ms, so nothing to hear exept => bzzz
  7. going to buy a powerstream 520W psu and i hope everything is just fine
  8. WTH? i bought a 500W psu and its not enough? please on my MSI k8n neo2 i can hook every psu i want, but dfi oc's better...
  9. dumo a member on the xtreme forums had the same problems, its psu related. damn that sucks
  10. i tried with my superflower psu with 24 pins and the 8 pins connected. nothing hapens:)
  11. hellow althes, i cant get the board to power up. so no bios for me
  12. Hellow guys i bought myself a dfi RDX200 but i got some problems with it. First of all i tested with different hardware and tried many options. - venice - opteron - tccd - utt - old bh-5 - low budget psu 400W, levicom psu 460W(20 pins) - super flower 500W When i plug in everything and press the powerbutton only the 4 leds bling for 1ms When i remove the 4 pins connector thats in the 8 pins port it doesnt do anything BUT when i remove the 24 pins plug and put it back in, and press the power the 4 red diag leds are on and chipset fan is spinning. when i shut down the psu and put it back on, the mobo doesn't do anything. can i have some feedback please because i payed alot for this mobo and i would like to have it up and running:) greetz, Jort
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