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  1. 11748 in 3dmark05. But that doesn't do me a bit of good considering any newer games (FEAR, BF2, FarCry) all crash the game or the PC. After a week of trying, I'm stumped as to why.
  2. It boots up through windows fast and runs through the internet and small programs just fine. But everytime I try to play a game one of a few things happens.... after 2-8 minutes of playing.... 1 - game freezes 2 - game crashes and I end up looking at the desktop 3 - PC restarts I also get artifacting/pixelation in the game (depends on the game). The temps look alright to me (CPU is at 38C at idle 50C under load, graffics cards hold between 48-55) I'm running the latest drivers for the video cards and SLI is showing to work normally. I ran 3dmark05 and scored 11748. I'm stumped regarding the instability running games.
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