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  1. Actually I don't, but I plan to take the rig apart and apply AS5 to the CPU because I use the factory AMD thermal paste that came with the CPU. Just have to read that "How to apply AS5" guide again. I will post the stepping of my CPU later. Thanks
  2. Hello there, I only wanted to make sure that the 704-2bt of OCZTony is the one I should go for if I want to try and overclock my machine. Is the version on Tmod's Bios flash CD up to date and good to use? I would really like to know what to expect of my machine in terms of overclocking, but the memory I bought is not the best for that purpose I think. I tried to find a similar system to mine in the overclocking database but was unsuccessful. Thanks for the help. Appreciated.
  3. Hmm, my PSU apart from the fan noise which is normal and not annoying also makes a sort of humming sound. That's the most annoying sound I'd say. I don't think it gets very hot either because it has the antec 120mm fan right next to it. I will check on the P180 thread and figure something out hopefully. Thanks guys
  4. Hi, I own the 700W version of this OCZ PSU and I don't know what quiet means to you guys or maybe I just have a faulty unit but mine is far from quiet... it's the loudest thing in my case and it's actually annoying me a bit by now. My case is the Antec p180 and I replaced the stock cooler on my Ultra-D with the evercool cooler and when I have everything outside the case but also when everything's inside the case, this PSU is noisy, sorry. Do you think there's any way of making the unit quiter?
  5. Thanks guys, I can't seem to get the Sunbeam one here in Europe. What about this one? http://www.silverstonetek.com/products-fp52.htm Also, my PC froze a couple of times over the last days, only when playing games. I have the case open because I was tinkering with my weird Samsung drive from my other thread. I noticed that the Zalman 900 fan was not spinning, it seems like there's no more juice coming from the motherboard fan socket... So I connected it to another one that was not in use... but I guess I should get a fan controller as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if it's ok to use the fan connectors of the mobo to connect the CPU fan, GPU fan and case fans or if it's better to use the powersupply for that with some sort of adapter? Couldn't find anything with the search function, sorry. Thanks a lot.
  7. I'll do that wevsspot and I also tried the cable that goes with the raptor and I still ran into the same problems. This morning I could actually format the disk from within windows and pass some data onto it but the disk, even in idle, makes a "clack... clack... clackclick... clack... clack... clack" noise and it's the same pattern always. Plus, it creates quite some vibrations. I will demand a different brand although they told me the first time that they couldn't do that if it's in warranty by samsung it had to be the same samsung. But I've spent some money with them already, they should give in if I insist a bit. I was thinking of seagate or western digital. Thanks a lot
  8. Hi again, I just checked the box and found the jumper .... and you know what? The little jumper bag is the one I had ripped open the first time! It had a hole in it. So I guess they sent me the same disk... What is strange though is, if it's indeed the same disk, how they got it to work, because when I installed it, for the first 10 minutes or so it was all well. Then the PC started to freeze along, every couple of seconds the cursor on the screen would freeze and then it became worse and worse until the disk wouldn't show up in the BIOS anymore and is sitting now on the table next to me. Should I pop that jumper in and try the disk again?
  9. I don't think so, it's the part where the nforce drivers ask you for the SW IDE drivers I think, I always say no to that as I saw it in Angry/Happygames video tutorial for Windows XP tweaking. I called the shop and they can't imagine what could be wrong with the disk but they said they are happy to replace it.. again..
  10. Thanks for the advice wevsspot. It seems this disk has died on me too. I managed to run chdsk after boot and the disk had numerous errors and bad sectors. Now, I assume it's because I installed the card vertically into my case... but that's the way the lower disk bay of my ANtec P180 is set up! My raptor runs there too and has no issues whatsoever. I can hear the Samsung disk seeking but in a very regular pattern "clack clack clack clack" I tried to run it from Sata 1 without the Raptor connected to the mobo and then I tried to install Windows XP onto the Samsung, it did the quick format (NTFS) but when it tried to copy the installation files onto the disk, reboot. I imagine running the disk vertically screwed up the head? I just wonder why there's no warning anywhere and the case even encourages me to install the disk vertically... Thanks a lot.
  11. Well, it's funny how I transfered about 50 gigs of data from the IDE drive to this new Samsung drive and it was no problem at all. Then I tried to defrag the disk and O&O defrag utility took a long time to even analyze the disk. I stopped the defrag and transferred some more data from the Raptor to the Samsung and this time it lagged a lot the transfer took quite a long time and every couple of seconds the PC would freeze and then unfreeze mouse cursor gets stuck, continues, stuck, continues. And even now that I am not doing anything with the disk, when I open "My PC" it takes 4 seconds until all the drives show up. Sometimes it shows instantly, but sometimes it takes those 4 seconds I mentioned. and I opened the Windows task manager and observed the performance tab. CPU load goes up to 100% every couple of seconds. very weird.
  12. Thank you wevsspot. Right now I activated the disk in the disk management utility of Windows xp and then did a quick format, ntfs. I might buy new cables, just to be on the safe side. Thank you.
  13. Thank you very much for all the info Sharp. I salute you
  14. Thank you very much for the quick reply, Sharp. I assume that "full 0 write" refers to slow format (NTFS). And something I forgot asking before, the data I want to pass over to the SATA disk is on an IDE drive now. I assume it's best to defragment the files already on the IDE disk before passing them onto the SATA, right? Thanks a lot.
  15. Hi, I've got a question regarding a SATA disk on my Ultra-D. Is there anything special I have to be aware of before I install the disk? Jumpers or anything? I am asking this because I had some problems with this Samsung disk before and just got the replacement one this morning. This http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...82E16822152025R is the disk I am going to install. Is there a specific partition size I can not exceed? Is it best to format the disk in slow or quick mode? I want to use the disk as a data storage disk, I use my Raptor for operating system and games. Thank you very much!
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