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  1. tried with 1.2v on LDT and 1.5v on Chipset I've done 12H memtest and it had no errors... so its Memtest stable
  2. i've tried the other dividers with 1T but then i coudnt boot into windows either... Memtest stable is 8-10H right? Ill try that during the night
  3. i've started OC'ing and now ive got a little problem. First I seperately OC'ed my CPU and RAM and got the following 24h Prime-stable settings: CPU (AMD 3500+ Venice) = 11x 238 = 2618 Mhz RAM = 220 Mhz @ 2,5 - 3 - 3 - 8 - 1T (SPD = 2,5-3-3-8-1T @ 200 Mhz) Now i want to clock it together and thought about the following settings: CPU Multiplier = 11 HTT = 238 Divider 9/10 so that makes my CPU speed @ 2618 Mhz and RAM speed @ 218 Mhz Now im still within the max of my RAM speed... so i thought i woudnt get any problems.. But now i cant boot into windows. The problem? With these settings i have to Disable CPC so i get 2T. When im OC'ing my RAM seperately i can get 1T without problems, but when i clock together i have to put it to 2T.. Can anyone help me? Cauz i want to get it back to 1T. Thanx!
  4. I found the following options in my bios: What should i change?
  5. What are you trying to say? that its my PSU? Thats impossible because a couple of months ago i had 3 IDE drives in my PC, and that wasn't any problem
  6. Hi, ive got a bit of a speed problem with booting into windows. Ive recently bought a new Sata disk (250 GB Hitatchi). Now i've installed windows on this disk Now in total i got 2 disks connected, 120 GB Maxtor IDE and 250 GB Hitatchi SATA. When im booting into windows, the blue loading thing (on the windows boot screen) takes like 50 times to actually get into windows. But when i disconnect the IDE disk, it takes 2 / 3 times. All the Nforce drivers are installed, including the IDE / SATA drivers Specs: AMD 3500+ DFI Lanparty SLI-D 1 GB Ram 250 GB Hitatchi Desktar 120 GB Maxtor Settings: 1st boot device --> Hitatchi (sata) 2nd boot device --> Maxtor (ide) Maxtor IDE disk is set on Master Does anyone know how to fix this? greets and thnx!
  7. Sorry, just fixed it. But does anyone know what to do?
  8. well thats the problem.....the device isnt showed there. I havent changed anything to the jumper settings onto the audio module and i never removed the audio module. This has happned when reinstalling my windows
  9. ive got a problem with my AC97 sound. My karajan module isnt detected. Ive downloaded all the drivers, the newest drivers from Nvidia (6.66) and the Realtek driver. When i want to play a song it says there is no soundcard available. But now when i want to install the Audio drivers i get a German message: Die Treiberinstallation ist nun abgeschlossen (and i am dutch so its verry weird) Does anyone know what to do?
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