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  1. Thanks for the reply, but I got rid of that board months ago. I replaced it with an ASUS board that has been excellent. I really didn't care for DFI as it was way too advanced for me. Also, DFI has the friggin' worst customer service on the planet. The DFI reps actually mocked me. It is one thing to not help me, but I never thought I would see the day where a tech rep mocked me. What an @hole. Good luck. Brian Sinclair
  2. It is off the market. Thanks for all of your help. I wound up getting another mobo - an Asus A8N5X. Very happy with it as I haven't had a single shutdown since the mobos have been swapped. DFI is behind me. Thanks for all of your help. Sincerely, Brian Sinclair
  3. I need two days after someone commits to buying this mobo so I can take it out of the case and put everything neatly in the LanParty box. Anytime next week is fine. I work in Hackensack, NJ so I am relatively close.
  4. CNQ has been disabled the entire time. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
  5. You tell me when and I'll have it ready for you. I am using it right now, so I would need some time to take it out of my case. I live in Bogota, which is right next to Hackensack - the county seat of Bergen County.
  6. Nothing is wrong with it. If you read my thread you'll see that I am the wrong candidate for this mobo. I don't want to OC or tweak the settings. Getting a normal, stable system is all that I want. I don't have time to mess with my RAM's settings or OC'ing my 3500+ to a higher frequency. In short, there is nothing wrong with the board.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I always have a screensaver going, but the crash usually occurs at alternate times. By this, I mean that it doesn't crash the moment the screensaver is activated. In terms of old cards, I have a PCI-Express board now so I can't swap in my old AGP card. In terms of my power supply, I actually ordered the wrong PSU, but several people in this forum told me that I could get by with that unit. The old PSU only had 20pin - so I needed to get a 24 pin PSU. I would say this about my problems, I can't believe it is heat, because my system is at its hottest when I am playing games. I can't remember a single shutdown caused by a game. The shutdowns occur when I'm not doing anything at all. In addition, I installed a program that monitors temps, and they are well within range. As for my RAM, I can't bring myself to spending more money on this board. Every time I spend, my system becomes less, not more stable. I know that this is a great mobo, but it seems to me that any RAM should work on it, but you should need better gread RAM if you wanted to OC. I JUST WANT STABILITY!
  8. System crashed again. Selling mobo and moving on. I am a defeated man.
  9. I don't want to sound mean, but I am done with DFI. When someone is lost and they ask for directions, you don't offer to help them by pointing to a map and saying "Read the map, buddy." That is what DFI's so-called support has given me. The only thing they have ever done for me is provide me link to articles about how other people have fixed their problems. That is not tech support - it my be support - but that level of assistance can not be considered "tech support." I haven't tried to RMA my mobo because I am not convinced it is defective. I think it needs more attention than I can give it and quite honestly, I don't have the knowledge and time to mess with the settings to a minute level. thanks for the advice about posting it on the for sale section. I really wanted this board to work for me, but I simply can't do this every day any more. Brian Sinclair
  10. I must admit defeat. I thought I was good with computers, but this mobo has defeated me. I am throwing in the towel - a beaten, worn down, defeated man. I am a failure. I have tried everything this forum suggested. I bought a new PSU, I connected all four power connectors, I messed with my RAM, I updated the BIOS (623-3) - all to no avail. To this day, my computer continues to shut down for no friggin' reason. You can not imagine the pain I go through every morning when I walk into my office a see that my PC that I the night before shut down during the night. It breaks my heart. I can't do it any more - it ruins my entire day. I don't like to fail at something - it actually really upsets me that I am giving up. I have been very critical of DFI for not giving adequate tech support, but I do admit that this mobo is simply out of my league. Another person with more patience and time would prosper with the board and make it sing. With 2 kids and an unpatient wife I have no time to tweak my system to simply make it stable. I never tried to OC. I bought the mobo at $130 because it was highly recommended. At the time I saw no mention that I needed to buy expensive RAM (I purchased value Geil RAM from Newegg) and DFI's own info listed a PSU min of 400W. As I mentioned earlier, I upgraded the PSU, but I am simply unwilling to spend any more money trying to fix this board (or rather, make it stable). I would continue to work on it if there was some promise that I could make it sing. The reality is that with no help from DFI and no solutions that seem to work - I can no longer do this. Thanks to all of you for any assistance that you ever gave me. Many of you spent the time to respond to my threads and for that I am truly appreciative. This has been a frustrating road. Hopefully I can make one of you happy with a state-of-the-art LanParty UT nf4 Ultra-D mobo and I can buy one that doesn't need to be caressed to work. A mobo with no tweaking is in my future. I AM SERIOUS ABOUT SELLING THIS BOARD. Sincerely, Brian Sinclair Price is $80 + Shipping !! Email me at [email protected]
  11. I've been having a lot of PC crash problems as of late, but my recent BIOS flash to 623-3 has pretty much fixed that problem. The only thing that continues to haunt me is that streaming video via firewire ALWAYS crashes my system. At first, I thought that maybe I connected the wires wrong to the mobo. As a result, I tried putting the connector in the back of the PC...same result, crash. Then, to make a true control situation, I installed a 3 port firewire PCI card. Same result. I know that my RAM isn't great, but do you really think that my RAM is the problem?
  12. LAN is back up. I re-installed the WMI database and that seemed to do the trick. The only remaining problem is that the system always shuts down while I am using the IEEE 1394 ports. It is pretty annoying, but my system seems stable otherwise.
  13. Solved one problem ---> created another. Flashed BIOS (the right way) and system seems more stable. The computer no longer shuts down for no apparant reason. The new problem is that I lost all networking. I have seen a couple of threads about inputting your MAC address into BIOS, but which screen do I enter that information in?
  14. I never, ever get a BSOD. The event viewer is completely empty - at least of the red error messages I would be looking for. I bought cheaper RAM, but I did buy them in a pair. All of this is why I am increasingly concerned that I have a software, not hardware problem. By the way, what should my CPU and chipset temps be?
  15. The system shuts down - it does NOT reboot. I believe my CPU temps are ok - the CPU is typically somewhere between 38-41C. All fans are operational. I should note that the system never shuts down when completeing an operation. For example, my system doesn't shut down in the middle of a FPS like BF2 or FarCry. Rather, it shuts down when I'm not doing anything at all. I changed the PSU and made sure that all connectors were attached. I did the memtest and passed without a glitch. One potential problem is that I can't run the system in dual channel. I purchased 2x512meg Geil PC3200 sticks, but the system won't stay on very long if those sticks are in the orange slots at 2 and 4. Instead, I run the board with the sticks in 1 and 2. Could this be the source of my woes? Also, there is one thing that always crashed my system - pullling video from camcorder via firewire. I don't know why, but this always crashed my system. This is the one thing that I do that actively crashes it. I am starting to think that my woes my be OS related rather than hardware. Anyone agree?
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