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  1. Thanks for the pic. I will post some as well as soon as I get my waterblock back. At that time I plan to tear my rig down and re-install the H2O gear. Hopefully I should get my stuff in less than two weeks. I'm shootin' for the Labor Day weekend but you never know how fast the mail travel from Australia.
  2. 5aboy we need pics man! Pics...Pics...Pics! Thanks for the numbers. Good to see this thing work so well.
  3. Joe, thank you for the help. Unfortunately it did not solve my problem. My Marvell LAN works flawlessly whereas my NF4 network controller does not. Waiting on a reply from DFI now.
  4. SimonK you now have company. :sad: My network controller has given up the ghost. At first I thought the problem was my DSL modem. Called my ISP's tech support and they were able to help me isolate the problem to my mobo. Network traffic is outbound only. Nothing is coming in. I tried reinstalling the drivers in addition to XP. I got nada...nothin'...zip. Oh, it worked fine for about two months. I'm running on air b/c I am waiting on a few parts. Now I'm glad I didn't change anything prior to this. Fortunately I still have my Expert. How was the RMA process? Did it take long?
  5. Brama...so your proc. was completeley submerged in acetone? Sounds risky but it sounds like it worked. I wonder if "goo gone" would produce the same affect as it is not as harsh as acetone.
  6. Oatman I wish you well as will be returning mine for RMA. Prior to the mem going bad on me I hadn't played with drive/data strength settings. My system was running along very happily at 233 x 13 and then it just started acting weird. After running memtest I was getting many errors. When I get my new batch, like you, I will be looking for the best settings. Until then, I'm sorry I can't be of more help.
  7. Why would you insult someone who is trying to help you?
  8. DB...you up and runnin' yet? You gotta post some more pics of that case. Some one was selling that case (of course it was unmodded) on Ebay not too long ago and I passed on it. After seeing yours I'm thinking I missed out.
  9. Naw...I already got one of those. Having two would be criminal. My 60 should be here tomorrow. I went down to pick it up and they promised it to another customer. Fortunately they are getting some more in tomorrow afternoon. ::BEER:: I would like to see how those Mushkins treat you with the FX60. Given the fact that Crucial is no longer selling the 1G sticks of the BallistiX I have to be prepared with a "Plan B" if ya know what I mean Earl. Got the processor installed. Not too bad so far... edit: added link
  10. ROTFLMAO :shake: :shake: :shake: Maybe building this new rig isn't such a good idea. First little people nakedness, now this...
  11. I was thinking the same way. My local vendor just told me he has one left. Price isn't bad either. Just don't know if I can justify spending the cash for a 2.9GHz OC. If it didn't hit at least 3G's (250X12) I wouldn't be a happy camper. Looking for some specs on what some of the good procs are doing. This way I could make a better choice given the fact that I can pick the proc based on the ID #'s. edit: DarthBeavis...that system is going to be sweet! If you do get the 850SSI you are going to love it. The rails don't move and the thing is very quiet. I just got my 512's and they are being air cooled ATM. I can't hear the 850 over the video cards.
  12. Being new to this board I am interested in what you find. I was able to get it up to 280HTT X 10 1:1 at these settings. The sad thing is that they were not Super Pi or Prime stable. I could run 3DMark05 but not 06'. :confused: Divider: 1/01 Command Per Clock: 1T Cas Latecy: 3 tRCD: 3 tRAS: 8 tRP: 3 Trc: 11 tRFC: 16 tRRD: 3 Twr: 2 Twtr: 2 Trwt: tREF: Auto (3120 bad) tWCL: Auto DRAM Bank Interleave: Enable DQS Skew Control: Auto DQS Skew value: 0 DRAM Drive: Auto DRAM Data Drive Strength: Auto Max Async Latency: Auto DRAM Response Time: Fast ("Normal" here for more stability?) Read Premble Time: Auto Idle Cycle Limit: 256 Dynamic Counter: Disable R/W Queue Bypass: 16 Bypass Max: 7 32 Byte Granulation: Disabled (4 Bursts) I am hoping to find that "little" tweak that will allow me to run Prime and SuperPi stable.
  13. Having Ballistix my self I have been following this issue closely. Based upon what others have reported anything above 2.8v seems to be in the danger zone. If your memory won't stabilize at 2.8v it may be too late. Hopefully it isn’t, but even Crucial specs dictate stable memory at 2.8v.
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