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  1. Suddenly when surfing on the net, mobo shuts down and after restarting by pressing power button boots up again and shuts down for the last time. Thats it! Gives code 8.8 . What is the problem and what that 88 means? Is it dead or what?
  2. I was having the same problem last night when installing fresh windows XP. Quess what helped for me? I have two drives and when disconnecting the other one the one without operation system everything worked fine!!! :confused: Seems that something goes wrong in the system when installing operation system, not so often but sometimes... I think that windows setup copies some setupfiles on the other disc and if u want to boot from the one with operation system, system (bios?) gets confused...so do I :tooth:
  3. Okay, my problem is that when trying install driver for this card my dfi lanparty ut sli-dr boots up. Why is that? How to solve the problem? Is it true that PCi slots give only 3.3 V? Technisat needs 5 V...
  4. My best is Zalman 9500. Idle: 23 load:38
  5. If you ever want to live in a country with loads of cheap, good quality japanese imports.. come to NZ.. we have them ALL! Now i´m jealous!!! No...i´m not but i´m happy to hear that U take care the good stuff like Skylines. I bet U have s15:s too? Those are impossible to register here. I had S14a 200SX once, but it is not the same thing...it´s way too underpowered, so i had buy a subaru 4WD is good to have. Not that it´s bad, but it doesn´t look very nice! Like Nissan´s do for IMO.
  6. TheFlowerKing: U have got VERY rare car! I mean outside of japan. Here in finland we have ONLY 3 registered Skyline GT-R:s!!! It´s a really pain in the butt to get those registered, because of emissions. Okay, all those 3 has each about 500-900 hp... With taxes delivered from japan GT-R costs here in Finland about 50 000 euros and that is damn a lot of money, don´t U think?
  7. Okay just curious... I´ll start, i have Subaru Forester XT 2006. AccessPort (stageII) GReddy Power Extreme2 Splitfire boost gauge Right now doing something like 280 hp. Why Forester? Well here in Finland we have pretty crappy weather, lots of snow and bad weather almost half a year... It´s guite safe, well haven´t test it...yet! (hopefully doesn´t have to!) I like it sleeper. )
  8. Just set it there to test stability...can do 2.8 with 1.55V
  9. Okay just wondering... I´m doing 2.6 with my cpu and volts are 1.55, temp is less than 40 when torturing... Question is: Is it safe to raise volts if my temp is like 40? What is more important, to have low temps or low voltages when overclocking?
  10. I have Kingstons and my settings are: 2-2-2-2 1T (166/10) 230Mhz, 3.00V If U want know more let me know...
  11. Okay, one question...when i am running prime, only one, why is my cpu use 100%? Should i still run two primes at the same time? And second question...should i shut down all the other programs like virusprotection when running prime?
  12. I have exactly the same problem! Didn´t see it before until U told about it... I´ll try to find what is causing it, if i discover something i will tell U. Anyone else? All you X2-processor users!!!
  13. This is where DFI fixed one issue that really bothers me on other motherboards, they have the 24pin ATX connector and 4 pin 12V connector on the far right of the board and right next to each other. I could never understand why motherboard manufacturers insisted on putting the ATX on one side of the board and the 12V on another part of the board. There is also another pair of 5/12V connectors that gives you the option of using either a Molex or a FDD power connector to provide even more clean juice to the board. With the right power supply you won't have to worry about starving the LanParty. Speaking of power supplies, there is a sticker over the ATX connector giving what DFI considers the minimum power supply required for different configurations. The sticker states that for an Athlon 3400+ and a pair of 6600GT cards that you should have a 350W power supply, that seems a little low to me. The manual states that a minimum of a 400W is required to run the board properly but I would recommend that you don't take the leap to SLI unless you have a good 450W or better power supply. That will give you plenty of overhead and minimize the possibility that any problems you have are due to insufficient power. Even though the LanParty has a 24 pin ATX connector, you can use a standard (today's standard) 20 pin ATX connector. However, if you are serious about using the LanParty to reach new overclocking heights, get yourself a 24 pin power supply. The board sports some serious aluminum heatsinks on the MOSFET's so it's obvious that DFI is fully expecting you to pump a lot of juice through it. This was taken from pimprig.com...why they say that either molex OR FDD connector??? Just curious!
  14. Have U tryied mic boost?, what i have read is that card´s mic levels are very low and some users have reported that after using their card some time them just stopped working...??? Google "Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS mic problems" and U get hell alot aswers! Hope some of the links help U fix it somehow...
  15. I have Club3D 7800 GT and it´s score is... 640/1500 measured by coolbits
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