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  1. I am wondering what took DFI a whole freaking month just to send back the same board to me WITHOUT ANY REPAIRS done at all... I will contact AG and call DFI tommorow I guess
  2. I finally got my board back today and wow... After a month of waiting patiently and using my old pentium 2 rig instead, DFI SENT ME BACK THE SAME BOARD. They didn't repair the problem nor did they give me a replacement! No written explaination either! The 4.12V still shows up on the bios screen... What the ****????!!!
  3. How do I request a RMA from DFI? Ewiz won't give me one since 90 days passed.
  4. I cleared my cmos and loaded optimized defaults and entered windows successfully. But even MBM5 reports my chipset as being 4.08V at 48C (odd). Heres the screen shot.
  5. Hello, I turned on my computer this morning and I got an instant BSOD when entering windows. I checked my bios this morning and look what I found: 4.12V chipset voltage! How could this have happened?
  6. Send it back to Crucial for RMA. Crucial would hand out RMA numbers like candy. I just wish they would acknowledge this problem, instead of cheerfully handing out RMA numbers... When I RMA'd my dead tracers, they didn't even ask the reason or any details of my technical skills of the product. Just BAM! Here you go, your RMA#!
  7. Like I repeated earlier, its not really a batch problem. So don't worry about what batch number you get. And you can't say that the new sticks that are out right now are "fixed" batches unless they are confirmed to be good even after a few months. As for the poster above, I suggest you get a refund for these sticks if you still can. And let me tell you that theres no point in testing these sticks after you recieve them just to see if these are the "Fixed batches". Because testing the new batches with memtest/prime won't confirm that the sudden death problem has been fixed. Only time will tell. (3+ months).
  8. I wasn't laughing at his misfortunes... and I do not laugh "at the misery of fellow sufferers". I was simply laughing at the fact that he blamed the problem on users until the problem finally affected him as well.
  9. LOL I love how people are trying to defend crucial so hard... they think its a user-error until it finally happens to them. Let me show you a classic example from a poster named yankee. And then a few weeks later: Very Funny! He thought everyone that had problems with Ballistix was a newbie until it finally affected him also!
  10. I got a reply from Crucial about this problem and I got this: Hello, All of your timings look good, how big is your power supply and also have you fluctuated the voltages between 2.6v to 2.9v to find the sweet spot. By the way I am the Jim in the DFI-Street forums. I too have noticed the memory becoming hot to the touch but have not found any ill effects by running the memory for days. The motherboard I was running the memory on is the Lan Party NF4 Ultra-D. Have you tried the 704 beta BIOS? JIM BRUMBAUGH Technical Support Analyst Tel: (800) 336-8896 Tel: (208) 363-5790 (outside US & Canada) Fax: (208) 363-5501 mailto:[email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They think its my power supply and did not answer my question completely.
  11. The other excuse is "Bad Batch" lol. But all the ballistix sticks that went bad had different batch numbers/week...
  12. I'm sorry but my post wasn't really targeted/replied at you. I just quoted your post as an example to just make a point that "...working for now" isn't the problem with these ballistix. It's, "working for now but crapping out later", thats really the issue. People seemed to mistaken the 2 seperate issues as one.
  13. I think that the main problem with the Ballistix is that it dies/degrades within 1-3 months of 24/7 use, meaning the ballistix set will work PERFECTLY like a normal memory would... but dying unexpectately. Testing the memory using prime95/memtest/etc. will not rule out the possibly of these ballistix dieing in a few months, which seems to be the MAIN problem! So I don't think we can say that the problem is fixed yet (based on a few days/weeks of use) until a lot of people with RMA'd sticks are still good after 3 or more months of use. I'm sure that a lot of people that thought they had a "Good" ballistix (passed memtest,prime,game,3dmark,etc.) until it sudddenly crapped out after a few months or less. I don't think its a bad batch problem based on the HARDOCP forums. All the kits that went bad had very different batch/week numbers. I think micron 5bd chips are just crap. And yes, I'm sure there are exceptions :waits for someone to tell me that their micron5bd has been running fine for 10years:
  14. Saying "2x1GB Crucail Ballistix PC4000 kits" is enough IMO... what more do you need to specify that the word "tracer" is missing? Unless you are too slow.
  15. I experiance the same thing. Sometimes my USB mouse would occasionally freeze/bounce during heavy loads. If I use the ps/2 port to connect the mouse, I never experiance that.
  16. Do you guys think that my 2gb ballistix tracers will experiance the same thing as well? I called the crucial rep yesterday and he said that although the 2gb yellow (Z503) are experiancing a high RMA rate, he never heard of the tracers "going bad".
  17. Maybe the heat generated and released by the CPU made your stick in slot 4 overheat faster? Because slot 4 on my motherboard almost touches my heatsink too.
  18. http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...uct_Code=140535 OCZ version of Samsung UCCC for $230. OCZ customer support is 100x better. I would pay $13 more bucks for that.
  19. Guys, I don't think hes asking if these should be plugged in, but rather, hes asking if they should be plugged in DIRECTLY from the power supply... like without the use of adaptors, splitters, etc.
  20. Hmm, a lot of your settings seem to be at auto. Will setting it as "Auto" give the same values that it gave you for me? For example: Is it possible that I will get a read preamble of 5ns while you get a read preamble of 8ns, if set at auto?
  21. sniggles- i'm sorry for asking but can I have your full bios settings for your ballistix running at 280 with 2.6V ? I just got a set of 2gb ballistix tracers for really cheap and I want to use your settings as a reference point. Thanks.
  22. I guess angrygames is on Thunda's bad side now LOL
  23. By any chance crucial decides to discontinue this product because of these serious problems, do you think they will still honor their "lifetime warranty"?
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