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  1. When you insert the windows disk, and bootup, you are able press to 'R' which takes you to dos, where you can use many commands, and enter all the drives, and type help for list of commands how do you get to this point without having to use the windows disk as it takes forever to load, i thought that you would use the dos bootup floppy that you make in my computer by right clicking and choosing the option in format, but when i boot up from that disc i cant get all my disc drives, and i cant use the help tool which displays all the avaliable commands, i can only seem to be able to access or run files off a: am i doing somthing wrong is it a different disc?
  2. tiko

    copying c:

    well when i make an image, im given the option of ALL, MBR or FIRST TRACK, i chose the 'ALL' one, which didn't boot, if i choose the MBR option, its makes a tiny file, 4kb or somthing, is this what make the other image (the big one, image of c:) boot? what do i do with this small file then?
  3. tiko

    copying c:

    well then, any ideas of how to solve the problem?
  4. tiko

    copying c:

    Ok, i used paragon drive backup, and i used it to make an image of c: which contains windows etc, which is on the sata hard drive, and it made a 11gb image, and thyen i unpacked or restored this this image of c: to my ide drive and it worked, it unpacked and showed as program files folder, windows folder etc, when i turn on pc with both hard drives connected to motherboard, i can boot up with either hard drive into windows (by selecting priority boot disk from bios), but if i unplug the sata drive, the ide drive isn't able to boot into windows, why?
  5. tiko

    copying c:

    why cant i just copying the contents of drive c: to d:, surly thats possible?
  6. Ok, ive got one sata drive and an old ide, i currently only use the sata in my computer, and i want to try out raid0, my other sata should arrive soon, but in order to install raid ive goto have both sata drives clear right, so my new sata will obviously be formated when it comes, but the current sata will have windows on it etc, but i don't want to format it yet, i want to copy the entire contents onto the ide hd, so if somthing goes wrong while installing the raid i can just boot up from the ide drive, but how do i do this? if i have both ide and sata connected up, and from my computer i copy the entire contents from the sata drive (c:) to the ide drive (d:), its stops about 5%, because it can't copy the windows files because they are in use, so i take it ive goto to do it from dos, what command would i use, say if the sata drive was C: and i want to copy everything on it to the ide drive D:
  7. yes i tried that, but the computer won't pick up on the driver file, i browse and go to the place where the driver is, but it wont show it
  8. No didn't work just tried it :confused: and i forgot to add when windows boots i also get 'cli.exe failed to initialise'
  9. Ok, heres the thing, i just recieved my 7800gt that im getting for christmas, but before storing it away until that special day , i thought i should try it just to see if it works, now i currently have a ati sapphire 300se, so whilst with the x300 still in i uninstalled the ati drivers, then i shut down and stuck in the 7800gt card, then i installed the latest nvidia drivers, and the card worked, so now i had to store it away and then put the x300 back in, so while with the 7800 still in i uninstalled the nvidia drivers, shut down and then stuck the x300 back in, and then installed the drivers, and the drivers install, but after the restart the screen is still 800x600, and when you drag box's across tye screen it lags, which from my experience means that the driver hasn't been installed, as the screen always lags until after i restart where it also fixes the screen to 1280x1024, so the driver obviously isn't installing, ive tried it many times and i have also tried older drivers with no luck, what have i done wrong? also this is what i get in devices, (attachment) no display tab and the x300 is classed as unknown, i have also tried driver cleaner pro, to uninstall the drivers and reinstall
  10. i've noticed that mostly all your average read times in hd tach are are usually 100mbs or more, what would you expect for single drives, my samsung spinpoint sp2004c gets about 50mbs, i mean its sata2 which is 300mbs, which i know is not really achievable at this time, but wouldn't it get more than 50mbs, i mean thats a third of sata1, if you guys with 2 drives in raid switched back to one, would your score half, because i thought that raid gives about 10%, so you wouldn't half your scores, so my 50mbs is really low huh, any ideas why?
  11. Hi, I was just running Hd tach, and i was comparing my samsung with a 36gb raptor and apart from the access time my samsung seems to beat it, now although i see these figures to be honest i don't know what they mean so would anybody be able to answer these questions, 1. Is access time the amount of time it takes for the hard drive to locate a file? and how can anbody possibly notice the difference between 13ms or 8ms? 2. Is the read time, how quick the hard drive can open a file, if my read time is 50mbs, does that mean that it will take me 2 seconds to open a 100mb folder, to me that doesn't sound right so i must have got that wrong 3. what is burst speed? my samsung seems to doulble the raptor there 4. Can you explain cpu utilization? or point me in the direction of a good article explaining all this stuff thanks
  12. I did that and it hasn't made a difference, roughly how long should it take to open a folder with 2gb's of mp3's, with my kind of hd?, would reformating the whole hard drive help, because i'll be reformating anyway soon because i need to make my c: partition bigger,
  13. ive done that, and i'll see over the next few days what differnece it makes, but what about the mp3's, you see i have may 200gb partitioned c: as 10gb and d: as the 190gb, and the 2gb of mp3s are on the d: drive, and they are in a folder and if i click on the folder to view them, it takes 8-10 seconds for the folder to even open, it doesn't do this on dive c: with the windows folder which is 1.65gb, that opens up straight away
  14. thats what ithought, but its not just online, its ofline as well, for example if i open up a folder with 2gb of mp3s in it takes 8 seconds, ive defragmented it many times,
  15. programs runs but cant detect the drive
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