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  1. mine idles around 36*C with Blue ORB II and Max load at 45 *C, stock speed @1.35V. Room temperature is around 22 *C. I assume the zalman cnps9500 would perform better than the Blue ORB II? P.S: I also overclocked mine to 2.6Ghz and idled around 38*C @ 1.35 + 104%V and max load at 48*C.
  2. Thanks everyone for giving me such useful advises, I've purchased and installed the VC-RE, the cooling performance is not as good as the zalman (ZM-NB32K) but it is better than the default DFI cooler and I can put the GFX card back to PCIX16. My NB is idling around 45*C and the PC is still quiet which matters most. I've noticed VC-RE fan seem to make a high pitch sound when running at high speed, but I can adjust that so it would not run at high RPM I've read some forum that says, the next version of 8600GTS that will be released in JUNE, will have 256bit mem controller and 512MB on board memory. Is this true?
  3. I don't mean to question your suggestion but from speculation the VC-RE looks exactly like the default cooler, would that little fan keep my NB cool with minimum noise?
  4. looks like I would be staying with this card bit longer and see what the other options are. Hoping later on when the 8900 get released, new revisions of the 8600 get released with 512MB and 256bit. @Suedenim correct me if I am wrong, but I've heard that the 8800 chew alot of power under load somewhere around 200 watt, can my current PSU handle it?
  5. I am thinking of upgrading my gfx card but I am stuck with the middle range card due to budget. I'd like a card to be whisper quiet, cool but perform well in games such as CS, CS:S, WoW, L2 and coming up Lost Planet PC (cool game). There are a few reviews stating that 7900GT beats 8600GTS by a few frames in games like Far Cry and such but those games are DX9.... Would 8600GTS perform better with DX10 games? Which Graphic Card do YOU think is better? PS: My PCI-e X16 is blocked by a Zalman chipset cooler and currently using PCI-e X2. Will there be any bottle neck? and how do you calculated the bandwidth from card <--> Mobo?
  6. Max stable dram clock is 251 Mhz, 1:1 divider is out of the equation.... you get what you pay for...were to nervous to push it to 2.9V, not ready to BBQ these sticks just yet. This system has to last till the next AMD release. (no intel for me) Any hooooo, I got to 2.6xxx Ghz, 32 - 33s 1M super pi. stable in memtest for atleast 8 hours, stable prime95 test for 3-4 hours. screenshot taken during overclocking process but it is the final configurations.
  7. I finally get good results from my RAM! g.skill budget memory sticks are starting to impress me. All I did was increased the DRAM Voltage to 2.8V. Prime95 been running for 1 hour with no errors so I guess it could be it. will post the max results + configurations when I've done the full memtest.
  8. Thanks for the tips Voltes-5, I'll do the memory test tonight and read through those guides again when I get home today.
  9. Voltes-5, I've reach 2.7Ghz and idle around 40 and load at 47, as for the memory I am still figuring out what is my max speed. A few months back, before I've discovered Gskill Tech thread, I believed my memory could only reach 440 Mhz but after playing around with more settings I discovered I could boot to windows with the ram running at 500Mhz. How do I know the ram has reached its limit?
  10. spent all day trying to get my system to a stable state at 2.5Ghz & DRAM @ 500Mhz. I've seen threads by a g.skill technician (http://www.xtremesystems.org) clocking his ram to 500Mhz with a very tight timing but when I tried it I don't get the same result normal operations seem to be fine but failed torture test with PRIME95. The way i run prime95 is that, 2 instances per core. 1 does the memory blend torture, the other does Inplace Large FFT torture test. what should I do to make it more stable?
  11. Hi guys, thanks for all your help I've discovered the cause of the problem and the resolution. I am just updating this post to help others. The problem was the nvidia sound driver. I downloaded the latest driver from RealTek and my computer has been stable ever since.
  12. Yukon: I am using a Proview 22" FP2226AFW, desktop resolution at 1680x1050 gaming resolution is the same. 16:10. No I didn't install new driver. the fan of the arctic NV6 isn't a RPM controlled. tasr: I am using Nvidia forceware 75.90. thespin: My temperature is around 60*C while playing CS 1.6, I doubt if its an issue with the temperature? What other information do you guys need? I can list them if it helps narrowing the possibilities. what is the total bandwidth does a 6600GT need? I know that the second x16 PCI-e slot bandwidth is 2X is that sufficient?
  13. Hi guys, My xfx 6600GT displays white blank screen when I alternate windows (alt +Tab) from full gaming screen. Sometimes in CS 1.6, it freezes for 30 seconds then resume. I've checked the temperature and it is at 60*C when 100 GPU usage. My current setup is that I have the 6600GT sitting on the second PCI-e slot. Could this be the problem?
  14. Sorry I haven't check in for awhile, been very busy with work and life. I've contacted the XFX technical support, it seem like it was just software issue (driver) the latest nvidia drivers has problem with my card, they suggested to use anything older than 89.xx driver. appreciate your help guys.
  15. Thanks guys, looks like I've to start looking for a new 7900gt.
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