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  1. Like the title says, I am looking for a simple way to integrate software installation into the windows installation disc. I am tired of installing windows, then going through and installing 40 different programs; half of which ask me to restart. I have looked all over the internet, and the only place that looks even remotely close to what I want is at MSFN.com. But their guide is way too complicated, I don't know how to write a batch file or a runonceex.cmd. Any help is immensely appreciated.
  2. Nero.Jacinth

    $450 too much for a case??!?

    Lol, there is no reason for me to post this but I just thought someone would get a kick out of this. Coming in December, I am going to buy a 450 dollar Lian Li PC-75 case. The reason it is so much is because there are 11 fans and two windows (one in the side, one on the top). I am also going to apply a window applique, a case skin, and a few chrome case badges.
  3. And I am more than willing to learn how to write a batch file, I just don't know where to go to do that.
  4. Like the title says, I am looking for a CAD program or something similar so that I can design a computer case in 3D. Any suggestions are appreciated. And cost is not an issue.
  5. Nero.Jacinth

    Looking for good program to design a computer case.

    Cool, thanks guys.
  6. Nero.Jacinth

    Building an AMD 64 system with DFI mobo - Need advise

    Good choice on the CPU, as for you the mobo, I would suggest the Ultra-D or SLI-D. I prefer Zalman for CPU cooling, take a look at the CNPS7700. For the PSU, everbody's favorite is the OCZ Powerstream 520, around $130. For the graphics card, I would say the 6800GS, lower price than the GT and nearly the same performance. What I plan on doing with my computer is getting two Hitachi 80GB hard drives, then a third 250GB storage drive. All three add up to around 200 dollars. As for the memory, just take a look at the "A" list and look at some retailers, and try to pick the best ones for your needs that are in your price range. Good luck!
  7. Nero.Jacinth

    What is a good case to mod?

    Silverstone Temjin TJ06-$130, love this case.
  8. Nero.Jacinth

    cnet amd vs intel

    That article is utterly hilarious!
  9. Nero.Jacinth

    Asus vs. DFI (For stability)

    I realize what forum I am posting this on, but I would still like to get some straight-forward answers. I am looking for a mobo that has the cpu at the top like the DFI Lanparty SLI-DR Expert or the Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe (case layout restrictions). I plan to overclock to maybe 2.6 at the most and I am looking for stability. Plus the DFI mobos are so incredibly ugly and the Asus is awesome looking. Honest opinions wanted; better to go with the DFI and have overclocking ability but deal with the ugliness, or go with the better looking Asus and loose some overclocking ability? P.S. Is it possible to paint the slots a different color without messing with much?
  10. Nero.Jacinth

    Asus vs. DFI (For stability)

    Don't get me wrong, I am not bashing either board, I was just pointing out the things that I like and dislike about them. I would absolutely love to have the DFI, I just hate the colors yellow and orange (I am more of a red and black kind of guy). Purely just my opinion though. I am thinking I might get the DFI and then use some PCI slot covers.
  11. Nero.Jacinth

    Want One of THESE Under Yer Tree?

    Nah, just spend 200,000 for a Dodge Viper that goes 215 and looks friggin awesome! Or for that price, buy five of them lol.
  12. Nero.Jacinth

    Water Cooling 24/7?

    Lol, I do not enjoy retaining things in my anal cavity, but I do have a bit of OCD. (That was just a joke!)
  13. Nero.Jacinth

    Water Cooling 24/7?

    I would like to set up the computer in my sig and leave it running for a few days at a time without turning it off (slow internet + large downloads = long download times). Would water cooling be able to do this or would I be better to do air cooling? Any articles on this would be great BTW. Thanks.
  14. Nero.Jacinth

    Water Cooling 24/7?

    Thanks for all the info guys. P.S. How do you mark a post as resolved?
  15. Many people like the the 623-2 bios and some are using the 704-2 bios, just depends on which works for you, either one will work on your mobo though. Check out TMod's Boot CD which has most, if not all of the bios's.
  16. Nero.Jacinth

    Help on installing motherboard

    Is the wall plug live, it could be borked. Try to plug something else like a lamp in the socket. If it works, then I would guess your PSU is defective.
  17. Nero.Jacinth

    Another Opteron Question

    It would run similar to a dual-core system, and you could use plain Windows XP Pro. With 280's it would rape pretty much any system out there on rendering and cpu intensive multi-threaded apps. Look at the Tyan K8WE, full x16 pci-express lanes .
  18. Nero.Jacinth

    Dual core Opteron 939

    Angry has put a custom name of "Banned" because some f-heads decided to email DFI and complain about him, when they were the jerks that didn't know sh-- in the first place.
  19. Nero.Jacinth

    Dremel Advice

    I have been looking at dremel tools and I just can't figure out what kind to get. I see they have a 400XPR Series one, but they also a variable speed one. I am planning on using it to mod my computer cases and possibly learn to engrave. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Also, has anyone seen this tool? Any opinions on it?
  20. I am planning on buying a Silverstone TJ06 along with an SLI-DR Expert (as it's the only one that will work with the wind tunnel). I am planning on using a Zalman CNPS9500 HSF. I am just wondering if anyone can tell me if these parts will fit nicely in the case, if I have to do a tiny bit of modding or cutting I will, but I would rather not tear it apart completely. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hmm, thanks for the info F6Hawk :nod: , I didn't realize that when I wrote it. I said it because I had a problem when I first set up my comp with the hard drives because they had been formatted in an extremely old computer. Good luck MDK though, sorry I can't help.
  22. Are the hard drives formatted?
  23. Nero.Jacinth

    My results with the RDX200

    Wow, thats very good from what I have seen. Nicely done.