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  1. Sorry, but after trying this new Beta Bios, it seems that there are a lot of new problems like: 1) If I want to disable all the SATA controller (ATi/Silicon), I can't do it because the sistem permits me the "disable" option into Bios, but after a reboot, I have the SATA controllers active and Windows XP installs a lot of new resources :confused: 2) the CIR controller doesn't take the "DISABLE" option. Every each reboot, the CIR voice return to his default state (320/11) :confused: I think this bios is a pile of [email protected]@k, in my little opinion...
  2. If you need, my PWMIC TEMP is 29°C (Smart guardian Temp)
  3. I must tell you that I'm without Case. However it's at 1,3V (the 2 kind of voltages), and also the LDT at 1,3V edit: maybe in ohio there is a lot of sun
  4. I have changed the thermal grease on the NB with the Arctic Silver 5. And I have added an addictional 80x80_FAN near the NB FAN. Now under max stress tests the Temperature is 39°C Before the thermal grease change I never reach 48°C But IMHO, 59°C is too high :confused: cya
  5. I think that it's time to release a new Bios version A lot of people will RMA this board if a new Bios does not come out :sad: My italian friends included :sad: cya
  6. I have burned today a data DVD+R with my LG-4163b and the default settings in Bios: PIO - UDMA I have no errors with Nero Burning Rom :confused:
  7. I don't know, I hope soon go Oskar go Oskar :nod:
  8. Hi guys Anyone know what does "PLL High Speed" do? I have a FSB up to 280 MHz, I must set to: Enable or Disable ? thx in advance
  9. oooh, thanks Oskar, this solution resolves the 4-led hang problem :cool: At the moment I see that also the other Coldboots (hangs) seem disappeared :eek: thx for your work cya later
  10. Hi Oskar how are you? Are there any news or a roadmap of your work? If you can give us some info we will appreciate, but if not, no problem at the moment I have reached good solutions to give more stability at my system I hope the new Bios for this great MainBoard will be available soon... I'll wait your precious release with much interest. Btw good work Oskar and see ya later :nod:
  11. Yes, I hope that new bios will come soon... to solve the boot problems and to increase the CPU stability with low Vcore. With this board seems that the CPU want a lot of Vcore for reach the complete stability in Prime95 tests. I hope also that Oskar will release a modified version fo the Samsung UCC chips :nod: (yes, in my dreams :drool: ) bye
  12. My mushkin XP4000 2x1Gb works greatly :nod: (like shown in signature) :cool: Bye
  13. hi Oskar Wu, Absolutely nothing... I left the board active for 10 minutes, and nothing to report... the same 4 red leds What about the other more serious problems of the board reported by other users? -> - system hangs after exiting BIOS - system hangs during POST - system hangs during verifying DMI Pool DATA This problems are more serious than the other, because they don't permit us to reach a stable configuration. thx in advance Bye
  14. me too MaxT My sistem is Prime95 stable with HTT 280 MHz (18 hours of Prime95)... but only when I can enter in the OS -_- ...or better... when this board permit me to enter in OS -_-
  15. yep, you are in my same situation... and yep, sometimes I must reset my PC more than 4 times to enter in WindowsXP :confused:
  16. Sorry mate, but this isn't only a my problem, but this is a common problem of this board. If you look at this Review: http://www.hwupgrade.it/articoli/skmadri/1380/8.html , the staff has stopped the deep test of this board because it doesn't permit to increase the HTT speed without the freeze problem So the staff is waiting a new Bios release for complete their Review (the overclock aspect). cya PS: this is not a derailled discussion... this is an aspect of the Bios problems of the motherboard. I have reported this problem, so if Oskar Wu can check it and resolve it I hope, it is a good thing
  17. hi Oskar I have not only the 4-led problem, but there is also a problem that appear when the HTT is over 270 MHz clocked :confused: thi is the effect: the system is stopped here, and it needs a Reset :confused: However this is my bios .TXT file if you need it
  18. hey mate, your mobo is ok, only the bios is not so good... but fortunately a new beta bios is out at this link, that solve this bug... try it!! http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29040 See ya
  19. It seems that new bios is out in the DFI site at this address: http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=B&SITE=US Fix: 1.Fix fill Sil3114 class code fail 2.Change the description of DQS Skew DRV 3.Set Cool'n'Quiet default disable 4.Fix Set NB-SB configuration mode wrong 5.Fix DRAM timing wrong 6.Fix Read Preamble Table Error 7.Add step by step OC bye :nod:
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