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  1. Aren't those 2 extra power connectors for SLI?
  2. Would you mind sharing those "ways" with us?
  3. shicx1

    Socket 939 Discussion Thread

    If the rules said give all your money to Happy_Games, you would do that too.
  4. Since no one's responding, I'm guessing #1 and #3 are the same.
  5. shicx1

    Review: 600w OCZ GameXStream (7/21/2006, merged)

    Nice deal, shipping is $4.99 for me so about $95 after rebate. Newegg has this for $110 after rebate plus $10 shipping.
  6. I tried routing cables behind my motherboard with my Modstream PSU and Centurion 5, unfortunately only 2 cables were actually long enough, the other cables were either too short or too stiff.
  7. I'm pretty sure replacing your chipset fan voids your DFI warranty, in fact any physical modification will void your warranty.
  8. Thx politbureau, those settings you gave me worked perfectly.
  9. I have the OCZ Platinum Rev. 2 1GB (2x512MB). It seems that whatever settings I use, CAS 2.5 isn't stable. I'm only running them at 260MHz and 2.7V. What timings can I loosen other than the CAS?
  10. I can prime a couple of hours with those settings, but they're just not 3D stable. I've been looking at the overclocking database and tweaking every setting, I've just ran out of ideas on what to change, so I posted a thread.
  11. Have you tried other PCI devices other than sound cards on it?
  12. shicx1

    Review: 600w OCZ GameXStream (7/21/2006, merged)

    I see what you mean. But after reading these articles: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article28-page1.html and http://www.silentpcreview.com/article265-page1.html, I feel that the PSU companies are selling us more than need for more profits. The emphasis is always on more and power more, SilentPCReview.com is the only online hardware website I know of that isn't emphasizing more power.
  13. shicx1

    Review: 600w OCZ GameXStream (7/21/2006, merged)

    Is 700W necessary? Does any system actually use that much power? :eek:
  14. shicx1

    Sub $100 Graphics Card: What to get

    This card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814130004 is only $99.99 after rebate.
  15. The Evercool VC-RE is louder at the same RPM than the stock chipset cooler, but it requires much less RPMs to cool the same as the stock cooler.
  16. shicx1

    Opteron cacje

    My CACJE 0607GMPW used to be able to do 2.9GHz with 1.550V, but since I removed the IHS, I must've messed something up because now it only does 2.8GHz with 1.550V and that's not even Prime stable.
  17. shicx1

    NewEgg & OCZ REBATES

    It took about 6 months for a $17 rebate on the ram I have in my sig.
  18. shicx1

    4/6/06 BIOS better OC'ing?

    Now that you mention it, I just realized I overclock worse with the new BIOS than the old 07/06/05 BIOS. I could get 2.9GHz at 1.525V, now I its 3 min prime stable at 1.550v lol. It's either the new BIOS or something else that's making my oc worse...
  19. shicx1

    RC-RE added with still 54c

    I agree with you DrNick, I never notice a difference in temperature when the Arctic Silver 5 "cures".
  20. I think technodanvan means that you don't have enough cooling even after you unblocked the fans.
  21. shicx1

    OCZ Modstream

    550W is the max peak for the 450W Modstream.
  22. shicx1

    1GB performance RAM vs 2GB value RAM

    Do you mean video cards only affect screen resolution? I disagree, with a better video card, you can set higher resolutions and you can turn up the settings such as texture, shader detail, HDR, etc.
  23. shicx1

    1GB performance RAM vs 2GB value RAM

    If you want to game, you'd be much better off getting a new video card than more ram.
  24. shicx1

    1GB performance RAM vs 2GB value RAM

    Would you need 2GB of ram if you only play at 1280x1024?
  25. Wow 3stars, is that a Centurion 5? or is that a different case. When you say fairly basic tools, you mean like a drill and a dremel? Unfortunately I don't have either of those.