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  1. ive installed the hotfixes etc for dual core & it passed prime overclocked np for 8 hours so is really doing my head in. i did have alot of gfx driver problems and have installed/un-installed so many but that wouldnt make my so friggin hot
  2. ive got a weird problem atm, i thought it was GFX driver related at 1st but now not sure, COD2 keeps freezing or giving me bsod's running @ ddr400 but is fine 95% of the time when i run ddr333 (although the ram is ddr550 & never had a problem while the ram was running @ 250mhz but when i dropped off to stock speeds the problem started) but i have noticed, when it freezes the ram is very hot & one stick is hotter than the other (even when ive switched slots) the other thing is, if i boot at ddr333 then change to ddr400 using a64 tweaker, the pc freezes instantly :confused: i have run memtest & sp2004 ram stress without problems so far so im kinda lost, any have any ideas? mobo, ram or config at fault? (i did notice the mem usage is mostly at 55,000k running cod but other times goes to 200,000 & usually freezes shortly after) id say 70% of the bsods are nv4disp.dll plus ive had, 0x00000050 .. 0x0000000a .. 0x0000000d1 & today for the 1st time i got DXG.SYS & had 2 recently which said dumping physical memory (cant remember code) specs in sig & hope theres enuf info here
  3. AS5 is crap anyway. more than likely youve got a bad contact with your ihs but its your choice if you remove it
  4. i was going to but the 165 is £250 & 170 is £300 and not many places here have stock (i waited a fortnight for a 170) but then come across the x2 for £120 and not looked back
  5. imo the fx60 is a waste of space, for the price you may aswell just get a X2 4800, who ever buys one only does it because he either knows no better or he just wants to brag. as for opterons, ive sold a few of mine now so not many results from me as my x2 @ 2.7ghz beats my opty @ 3ghz in everything and only cost me £120 :nod:
  6. ive hit a weird problem with mine, 11x256 (2.81ghz) passes on core 1 @ 1.55V but core 2 fails within 2 minutes even @ 1.62V, changed it to 11x255 (2.8ghz) and its now been priming on both cores for 1 hour with no problems :confused: surely 10mhz cant have that kind of affect and the cpu is still only 36C under load, suppose im gonna stick the ram on a divider with very slack timings & low ldt multi and hope it works (i hate problems lol) EDIT: now running 11x257 (2.83ghz) dropped the ldt to 3x, ram on a 180 divider and slackened the timings slightly and its now going strong seems core 2 is a little sensitive to ram tho
  7. ive just put some zalman ones on it @ blackeyedboy, what WC kit have you got & what are your ambient temps?
  8. squid, them temps arnt too bad and aslong as you keep it below 50C load you should be fine thermalright xp90 or si-120 would be a nice investment for it if your ram i on 1:1 then it will run at whatever fsb you set for the cpu in the bios. as for OC, i have my own way of doing it now and dont run prime everytime i raise the fsb slightly as it would take me months lol
  9. i use a DD maze4 and cant fault it can you 2 put results in here please http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32527
  10. the added safety? the only thing more volts will do is kill it, if it passes dual prime for 8hours on 1.55V i wouldnt worry
  11. its now upto 2.7ghz 1.5V dual prime for 4hours so will push it more tomorrow a xp120 would prob be better than the TT bigwater tbh, have alook if you can afford the h20 apex
  12. which version of cpu-z are you using? download 1.31 if you havnt already & id trust the bios setting which is 1.66V according to this chart
  13. if you set yourself goals you will be jinxed lol chech this for steppings http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=77857
  14. i started a thread for X2 results http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...3331#post303331
  15. so far im on 2.7ghz prime stable with 1.5V & low load temps is this good for a 4200?
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