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  1. Yup, im running my JH-E6 x2 3800 at 2500mhz on stock voltage.
  2. Same thing happened to me. CPU didnt get damaged.
  3. You got it, use a divider! The x2 3800+ has a max 10 multiplier, no higher.
  4. Ok, here's my experience with these drivers. Performancewise, I lost about 50 marks in 3dmark 05. BF2 was smoother, but I can easily adjust this by setting the affinity to core0 without the fix. My system hung 3 times in the 3 days I tried these drivers. After uninstalling the system doesnt hang anymore. All is great after uninstalling. I give these drivers a thumbs down.
  5. Yes, the XP-120 and SI-120 will work with your board.
  6. I prefer the Thermalright XP-120. Its meatier than the SI-120 and it cools a bit better. The quietest fan to get is the Silenx Ixtrema 120mm. Its so quiet you cant even hear it. My friend has an Opty 175 at 2.6Ghz 1.5 vcore and it idles at 23 degrees and load is 40 degrees.
  7. Can someone please post the links to both downloads here? I'm going to try it. Thanks!
  8. JH-E6 are toledo cores and seem to overclock better than other x2 3800's.
  9. Any razor would do, but again, why void the warranty for possible little gain.
  10. I believe you need to put some liquid electrical tape over the cache so they dont short against the heatsink. Someone correct me if im wrong because i have never removed the ihs.
  11. Please people, I am in dire need of help. (It's 3:20 AM right now, gunna run memtest98 overnight) Thank you. btw, memtest is not the best memory testing utility out there. If you really want to test your memory, lower your cpu multiplier to 5 or 6 and run prime95. What kind of crash are you talking about? BSOD usually is mem or cpu related. Crash to Desktop is usually mem or a heat problem Complete system shutdown is usually a power supply failure or high temperatures making the bios shut the system off for safety. (above are general guidelines but are not 100 accurate)
  12. Again, sandra would show two different temps if each core has a separate diode. (Multi socket systems) If it is a dual core cpu, those temps would be the same.
  13. Depends on how many temperature diodes there are. All temperature monitoring software reads the temps from each diode. I'm guessing you are talking about a dual core cpu which uses one socket, thus one diode and one temperature. If it was actually a dual socket mobo, then there would be 2 diodes, one for each socket.
  14. I read OCZ is once again using TCCD in their plat rev.2 I would go with that. My old set hit 310 mhz ddr620 at 2.9 volts 2.5-3-3-8 But, if you need more than one gig of ram for gaming, this is not the ram for you. Get a good 2GB kit.
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