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  1. The UT Nf4-D I have has never really been stable. After many attempts to stablize the computer nothing has worked. I have read the memery stickys and posted many times without any responce from the forums. Today I went to turn on my computer. I get no boot and keep hearing 3 annoying beeps. I remove the bottom stick of RAM and the computer boots. As of right now the Bottom 2 memory slots will cause the computer not to boot and give me 3 annoying beeps in a row. The top most slot causes any memory stick to error out and the middle orange slot is the only working memory slot. Also the stick I had in the bottom most orange slot is now totally dead. Why did this happen and how can DFI let itself sell a product that just randomly kills itself and other components?
  2. I have G.Skill F1-3200PHU2-1GBZX memory running in my DFI UT Nf4-D. I tried to manually tweak the memory timings and I am running them at lower than 200 mhz with 2t Command Rate and still they are unstable. I tried running Dual Prime Blend Test. Core 0 Failed in 5 minutes Core 1 Ran for about 30 minutes untill I stopped it. I have this memory already running with VERY loose timings and I cannot understand why it is failing to preform stable at these settings. I am running the memory on the 133 Divider with a HTT of 295 so actually frequency is around 188-190 mhz. vDimm @ 2.8 Northbridge @ 1.7 And the Cpu is Dual Prime Small FTT Stable for 14+ Hours. How Can I get these sticks stable? http://quitethegamer.com/staff/matt/a64tweaker-cpuz.JPG
  3. Yes. I have had systems stable for hours on end with a low Prime Priority and when switched to level 10 failed in minutes. Although this does not happen often it does happen. Also using Vanilla Prime 95 instead of Sp2004 seems to have fixed my problem as I had prime running for 3 hours and 40 minutes on both cores without a crash.
  4. Thanks for the help so far racinjimy and teamxrsx. Only problem I found with Angrys Dual Prime Guide is that he does not include the password for Prime to enable level 10 priority level. I am going to try running dual prime95 Not Sp2004 and see if I can get it to run without a program crash.
  5. I am running an Opty 165. I am trying to retest it for Prime95 stability. It can run 2 instances of Shared Core Prime Small FFT for 24 hours. This stresses both core both each core with work on each Prime running. When I set Sp2004(New version of Prime95) to no affinity so that each core is loaded speratly the Core initalized first will just crash. For instance I was at 295x9 = 2665mhz. I ran 2 instances of Prime95(Sp2004) and started core 0 first. The Prime on Core 0 just crashed after 28 minutes while Core 1 ran for 7 hours untill I stopped it. Then I again with the computer set at 285x9 = 2565mhz. I ran 2 instances again with no affinity set and I started the Sp2004 on Core 1 first. Core 1 crashed (by crash I mean Sp2004 does not report and error but the program freezes and stops loading the core) after 1 hour and 20 minutes and Core 0 ran for 4 hours untill I stopped it. I have no Idea why a different core would fail based on which Prime gets started first. I am running a DFI nf4-D. HTT = 295/285 LDT = 3x LDT Voltage = 1.4 vCore = 1.52 vNbridge = 1.7 Memory = 189 mhz Highest (It is not the problem I think. Memtest Ran for 7 hours without an error) Divider = 133 Any Ideas?
  6. I am trying to get my Opty 165 stable. Right now I am trying 2 instances of Sp2004(prime95) with no affinity set so that each core gets a seperate load. When I do not uncheck the no affinity box than sp2004 will pass for 24 hours but the load will be streched out over both cores. When I try to run sp2004 with no affinity set (Seperate Load) I am experiencing some weird issues. I ran 2 instances for 6 hours On Small FFT. Core 0 just froze Sp2004 after 2hours and 32 minutes. Core 1 was fine. Then I raised the vcore from 1.5 to 1.52 and increased the LDT voltage from 1.3 to 1.4. Then I ran 2 instances of Sp2004 again and this time with the increased voltage Core 0 ran fine for 4+ hours and Core 1 failed after 20 minutes? I do not understand. Would increasing my northbridge voltage possibly help? Also how else should I test for stability. I have not recieved a single error in Sp2004, but just had the application completly freeze and stop loading the core it was working on. It's weird.
  7. Bump, anyone know how to get rid of the studdering sound?
  8. I am running a Dual Core setup. Randomly I will hear a glitch in my audio where a sound will get repeated or echoed for a second and my system will freeze but it will be a temporary freeze. Once the "glitch" is over the system goes back to normal. I think it has something to do with the Dual-Core processor in my system or possible the motherboard itself.. I have installed both the Windows XP Dual Core Hotfix and am using the AMD Dual-Core Drivers. Also I am using the newest forceware drivers for the nf4. Anyone have any other suggestions as to how I can solve this problem.
  9. The Vantec Iceberq CCB-A1C is a very nice fan. I put it on my Abit Nf7-S to get the FSB to 240 stable, but I dont think it will fit the DFI. Well it will fit the DFI but it's dimensions are too tall. 14mm tall and it will probably interfere with a graphics card in the first slot. But please report back with your findings.
  10. I would not buy from this site. Check out the reseller ratings. http://www.resellerratings.com/seller10055.html I am also looking for the VC-RE so If I find a good cheap one in stock (Jab-Tech is out of stock) I will edit this post with the link.
  11. I just bought an NF4-D from newegg to repleace my eVGA Nf41 motherboard. What is the difference between the Ultra-D and the nf4-D. Which motherboard is a newer model. Will BIOS for the Ultra-D work with the nf4-D? Also what would be the best BIOS for G.Skill Value Ram? I dont know what chips it has but they are not TCCD / BH-5 / UTT / UCCC or anything recognizable. I know -1 is for generic ram but I would think that someone might know a different BIOS that would be better for this ram. Also where can I find the best Modded BIOS for this board.
  12. I dont want to use a different LAN controler. The motherboard's LAN DOES NOT WORK. Does anyone know what I need to do to make it work, be it drivers or Windows LAN settings tweaks.
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