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  1. Even if you get it to boot, getting it stable under load running 4 sticks is hard/impossible.
  2. I'm almost there! Like an automaton I would change the RAM slot or video card, clear CMOS, and the try to POST. Didn't work, repeat. Out of nowhere I got a beep and 1 led. Switched vid card (to old ati mach64) and got into the BIOS. Great! I then swapped in my PCIe vid card and connected my drives. Back to 2 leds. I remove the drives but leave the PCIe card in and it goes to BIOS. I switch everything to Auto, reboot, works, turn off and plug in drives, reboot, works! Now I plug in my DVD drive, back to 2 leds??! Ok lets not push it right now ... I decided to download my photos before continuing. The events that lead to the resuscitation: RAM in both orange slots, Diamond Stealth S220 circa 1997 vid card (everything else disconnected). I got no vid signal from the Stealth but an ATI M64 worked?! Then without changing any BIOS settings the PCIe card worked. But a couple of boots earlier I tried the PCIe and M64 cards without success. Very strange. If I get the DVD drive working I'm closing up the case and welding it shut!
  3. Thats somewhat comforting that there is at least hope! Still get 2 leds. Unfortunately still 2 leds. I think it is the DRAM frequency ...too bad I can't go and check it. Whoops! Yes it was the memory voltage. My understanding is I should get an error beep. When I try this the computer just sits there with 2 leds and no beep. Thanks for your help!
  4. I wanted to upgrade my RAM from 1GB to 2GB. I popped 2 sticks out of my linux box and tried to run them. I was not able to get a POST with 4 sticks. I tried backing off the timing settings and increased the voltage and thought if I could get it to POST I would then tune the settings. The events unfolded like this: I set the CPC to 2T. I set the latencies to 3-4-4-8. I tried reducing the clock to 266 (or maybe 250). I set the voltage to 1.70. I set the +0.03 V. At each one of these steps I would poweroff, add the extra RAM and try to POST. No luck, always stuck at 3 leds. Ok, 4 sticks isn't for me. I reverted to my setup that has been stable for 1+ year and rebooted. But now it doesn't POST either and its stuck at 2 leds???! I have tried 3 different vid cards (1 pcie, 2 pci). I have tried every combination of RAM possible. I have tried the 24hr CMOS clear. No dice. At this point I don't know what to do. I'm ready to throw in the towel but I have about 2-3 months of digital photos on the RAID0 that I haven't backed up. What other boards have the same RAID chipset and would I have any luck plugging my drives into another board and setting up the RAID and restoring my data?
  5. I would love to get 4 GB running! Do you play many games ... I'm wondering about stability under hard load?
  6. The problem is I can't find anything better than this stuff ... Wish I had paid attention better when I bought the machine and read the fine print that said you can't run 4 sticks of RAM ...
  7. Hi all! I need to upgrade my RAM on my DFI nForce 4 Ultra D. I was thinking about ditching my 2x512 OCZ and putting in 2 sticks of this: Patriot Signature Line 1GB 1X1GB PC3200 DDR400 CL3 184PIN Memory DIMM W/ Heatspreader http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...facture=Patriot Anyone think this is a bad idea?
  8. Hi all, I haven't checked in much in a long time ... got my rig running and have left it alone. I'm about to do a reinstall and was curious to see if there have been any changes on the pain points in the last year. Nvidia NIC - this NIC has been a poor performer and frequent network dropouts (assigning MAC never helped). Have the problems with this been fixed with either driver/firmware updates? Nvidia Firewall - anyone using this? IDE drivers - apparently these are ok to install now?
  9. Lag yes, it uses some minimal cpu so you'll probably get 1 less fps. RAM yes, the drivers will use RAM and MIDI uses RAM for sound fonts. The Audigy2 is apparently better to those who have good ears. I have an Audigy2 and haven't put it in as the onboard sounds good enough for me.
  10. If the module isn't plugged in there isn't much use in having it enabled in the BIOS, but having multiple sound cards in your machine works fine. 1 sound card to your headset and the other to your speakers. You can have a dedicated sound card for teamspeak.
  11. smartmontools works for 3ware RAID arrays.
  12. Is there any kind of support to upload different sound fonts to the Karajan? I'm trying to improve MIDI quality.
  13. Take the plastic clip into the kitchen, grab your favorite bread knife, and remove the corner of the clip. Now it fits with clearance! I'd rather cut off some plastic than shift around the electrical bits on my MB, but maybe thats just me.
  14. I had the opposite experience. Using the latest 6.66 drivers for the SATA RAID I couldn't install XP. Using the older drivers that came on the floppy worked.
  15. Good guess, but this was already suggested. Unfortunately its also wrong. The problem is the firmware/driver.
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