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  1. Did you install off a floppy, or use NLite? I am having a problem using a floppy, I can get it to pick up the two required drivers (I used the same ones from DFI site that you used), but later, when Setup continues, it says it cannot find all the files necessary that are on the floppy. I have re-formatted the floppy, and run chkdsk on it, repairing any errors. Only thing I have NOT done so far is to try a newer floppy. But I want to avoid NLite, as my installation CD already has a valid CD code embedded, and I am afraid I will lose that if I use NLite to slipstream the CD. Thanks for any insight!
  2. Thanks for the quick replies. Pooh on DFI for not using a better fan, and I think it is wrong to have to spend another $12 for a chipset fan, but at least I know it gets the approval of youz on here, so I am sure it will last MUCH longer than stock. Again, thanks for the replies!
  3. Has anyone else had problems with their North Bridge fan making LOTS of noise? I am not talking about running fast noice, but vibrating noise, like the bushings are bad? I have had my DFI board since October, but it was in packaging for over 3 months of that, so has only been used like 3 months. Right now, with headsets on playing a game, I can hear the fan running more than gunfire in the game. Will DFI cover this under warranty? If so, how do I go about getting a new fan? TIA! F6
  4. Not necessarily... you just added a device that takes more power. To test this, unplug the new drive and try booting normally. Or get a PSU from another comp/friend/etc and plug the new HDD into it, and see if it still works. You could always power all your HDDs with the other PSU, if you don't want to spend the extra dough.
  5. Yeah, that may have been it, I WAS a tad impatient. Cuz even when it worked using the SATA stuff in the BIOS, it prolly took 5 minutes to format 4% of the HDD.
  6. My pleasure, and I hope it ends up being yours, as well!
  7. If you want to run SLI, you have to move the jumpers, and use the bridge. And unless something has changed recently, I don't think you can mix 6800's with 7800's. SLI needs both cards to be identical, down to the revision/firmware.
  8. Even if they are PATA, I think you still ahve to set the boot priority in the BIOS. Give it a whirl, see waht is set as #1. If it ISN'T the HDD you want to boot from, make it so, hit F10, and you should be GTG!!
  9. Under advanced CMOS, check your HDD boot priority. Make the correct disk be #1. This is particularly true if you are running SATAs on both controllers; the default boot is the SiI3114 controller for some reason, and I had to force mine to boot off the nF4 one. Good luck! P.S. Jacinth, HDDs don't need to be formatted when installing Windows. That is taken care of in the first part of the install, and I think he is getting past that part. It sounds to me like his HDD is just not being recognized as the boot drive.
  10. Yes, you can. Just have to enable RAID in the BIOS, then hit F10 to set up the array. Of course, Windows may not recognize it if you don't have the drivers installed yet, but that is a simple add...
  11. Go into the BIOS & disable the DFI Logo splash screen, and you can see exactly where in the POST it is hanging, also. And after it hangs, if you reset it, will it then boot, or does it stay hung at POST?
  12. Ok, that produced about a buttload of errors. I have now backed down the FSB to 205 and running Memtest again....
  13. With DRAM Freq set to 250 5/4, and FSB set to 230, Memtest is reporting x2 at 2531 MHz. I have played with no other settings ATM. But RAM is only coming in at 148 (DDR297)... Is this right? POST reports it as DDR500.
  14. I believe voltage is currently at 2.7, but not for sure. Have changed it a coupla times, trying to fix the reboot issue. Is 2.9v the max for this RAM? Ok, changed SPD to 250 5/4. Have been running FSB at 220. Will try this for a bit, see what happens. Reporting 500 now, as you predicted. Thanks!
  15. All FOUR of them need to be... the 24-pin ATX, the 4-pin square by it, the 4-pin MOLEX and the 4-pin floppy power (down by the video card).
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