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  1. Try running them at 2.6v or even 2.5v. I'm testing a pair tonite and they been running for a lill now at 290 at 2.6v! I tried first at 2.8v but that just spewed out errors...
  2. My set died yesterday - literally overnight. Been stable since october at 280mhz 2.8V. (no errors in memtest, OCCT, Prime95, or HCL design memtest). Yesterday memtest86+ produced errors at every mem cell at any setting, even as low as 200mhz. Both sticks were cooled by 2x 120mm fans drawing air from outside the box.
  3. Indeed! Flashed to 704-2BTA and can now do 290Mhz on mem at 2.8v 3-3-3-8. No gain on CPU OC or temps unfortunately.
  4. Hi, Im currently running the official 623 BIOS with alright OC results. I have "heard" that the 704 beta has yielded better OC results - but can anybody actually verify that this is the case? I.e. can anybody say that "with 623 i could only do soandso but when i flashed to 704 i could soandso more" ? I do understand of course that every system is different, so it might not have any bearing on my rig.
  5. I know this has already been answered but i cant find the thread! Question is - will i be able to fit two Zalman VF700Cu on 7800GTX SLI on the SLI-DR? (is there enough room between the two cards?) Also - has anybody tried to get the stick-on mem heatsinks off? I would probably go with watercooling at a later stage and might want to take those off.
  6. I am currently at 14435 in 3Dmark05 at 283x12 on CPU and GPU's at 490/1300. GPU speeds are stock and havent gotten around to tweaking them yet=)
  7. My Austrian GF would like to point out that it aint german..its austrian ! =P Her parents live in the same city so ill try get hold of one.
  8. Nice rig! One tip - dont use that window cleaner spray on your LCD. It will eventually ruin it. ONLY use distilled water (like battery water) on your screen. Anything else (inclduing ANY product claimed to be a "LCD screen cleaner/wipes") WILL leave permanent blemishes after a few years.
  9. Just put together this rig the other day, to check if all was running OK befori i modify things to put in the vapo. All BIOS settings at standard, no windows tweaks - just installed 3dmark05 and did one run and got 12860 which im very happy with!
  10. cough lol Teaches me to mess with my sig late night.
  11. I just set up a new system and expected all kinds of trouble with the X-Fi extrememusic - especially since i play BF2. But so far i have not observed any problems. Only "problem" i had was that the CMSS setting was giving me a very hollow sounding sound - so i had to fiddle around with that quite a bit.
  12. The 81.85 was the first drivers i installed on my new rig and have worked like a dream so far (BF2, Quake 4).
  13. Try disconnecting the two optical drives, remove the audigy2 - then see if this improves stability. Basically try to run with absolute minimum to try to isolate the fault.
  14. SOLVED! Updating the BIOS from March version (i dont remember exact date) to June 23. version fixed the problem. There was no need to load anything from the floppy - it detected the controller and disk right away! Many thanks for your input guys!
  15. I'll give that a try now while im dowloading latest bios. Will try to hook up the other disk instead through the other cable.
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