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  1. They can be found for $50 at Heatsink Factory.
  2. I'm excited. Not only for some real information about this chip, but also to see how high it sets the bar. I can't imagine AMD just riding off into the twilight if the Conroes destroy them, so I'm rather excited to see just what AMD has to get past.
  3. I installed the Thermalright HR-05 yesterday. I've been running my GPU in the bottom slot for a while now, so the cooler blocking the top slot doesn't really bother me. It's not knocked off my temps by about 10 degrees (From 50-52 to 39-42). I'm still running it passively, but I'm going to put in an order for a 70mm fan to do some experiments.
  4. Alright, guys. Just installed it. I've been running Prime for a few hours now and the chipset temp has not gone above 40--usually I would get about 50-52. Here are some pictures that I know a lot of you are waiting for:
  5. My parents have an account on Napster and I bum off of it quite a lot. It lets me synch directly with my Zen Vision, so I'm happy. admin edit: DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT TALKING ABOUT OR HINTING OF WAYS AROUND LEGAL COPYRIGHT/DRM OR YOU WILL BE BANNED PERMANENTLY. READ THE RULES!
  6. I think you should spend some time reading this thread. All the questions you have asked are covered. Edit: Well, the first question is answered. I totally glossed over the 64 bit question. Consensus around here is that in-system overclocking software should be avoided. Your best bet would be to familiarize yourself with the BIOS and do everything from there.
  7. If running just one card, yes. You won't--well, you shouldn't--have any problems.
  8. The cables are, in my opinion, plenty long for my 3D Aurora. Just some pictures (excuse the less than stellar quality of my 1.3MP camera. :shake:
  9. I've seen technodanvan talk about the the Fortron FX700 a lot, and for the price, if I say so myself, it really does look like an amazing PSU.
  10. Sine that Opty is a dual core you're going to have to run two instances of prime simultaneously. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16446
  11. First choice: Flock Second choice: Firefox
  12. I would go with the Ultra-D and 7900GT. I've heard a lot of people make the "I'm going to add a card in later" argument, and quite frankly, I don't buy it. If you're not going to buy another card in the near future--within one to two months--then it's not worth it. New cards come out every couple of months and I think selling the old and getting the new makes a lot more sense than buying the old because that's what you planned on doing.
  13. I believe that you can get a 7600GT for ~$200. Great card for the money.
  14. Is the Liberty on the approved PSU list? Assuming that that it is, yes, everything else looks great.
  15. Yep, those are the ones. If you do a quick search you'll find a very long thread about the G.SKills with members' timings, OCs, etc. A great read if you want to see how people are doing with them.
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