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  1. Thanks man! I'm trying to avoid the bios that can set vcore wayyyyyy too high.
  2. It's true that people can get different results with the same bios. But when you're faced with a wall of bios releases, it's nice to at least get a starting point from experienced DFI people. That's one of the reasons forums exist. I asked the same question over on the nforce4 page. Should have posted it here I guess.
  3. or anyone for that matter that has OCZ 2x1GB EL Gold, or knowledge of what to use here.
  4. I just bought my first DFI board. Waiting til I get my new video card in next week to set it all up. And I have a 3200+ Venice to boot it up first if I need to, to get a bios for dual core support installed. With dual core, and OCZ pc4000 EL Gold (uccd?) , which bios can/should I use to get me the highest/stable overclocks? Thanks! Slam
  5. It's not the ram...it's the board, which you probably already knew. Just phrased it wrong.
  6. Dont get me wrong. I'm not trying to be a killjoy for you. You may get it, and it work perfectly. I hope it does. And yeah, my point was that the nf4 boards have been out for awhile now, and people brag on them a lot. I just hate to spend $200 on a motherboard that wont work without practically having to rebuild it myself.
  7. Thanks OG. Very reasonable. I have read a lot of good things about the DFI nf4 mobos, and how great they are at oc'in...which I love to do. I just wanted to mesh up a crossfire board with a possible new x1800xt. I expect to see some people jumping for joy also about how great it is, and how well it performs. You usually get that in forums also. Just not seeing much of that on the crossfire board. That may be very true in this case.
  8. Depressing. I was looking at this as my first DFI board, but I'm seeing nothing but problems with it here in the forums. Probably going to go with one of the nf4 DFI boards.
  9. Yeah OG, that's one of the great things about Gigabyte boards. You plug it all up, and it works...right out of the box. Then you can go in and start messing with timings etc. They actually have quite a few adjustments too. But...not as many as LP boards. And one of the the big drawbacks is it only has +.2 on the dimm voltage. That said, I dont understand things like "drive strength" on LP boards. That terminology is foreign to me. Maybe one of you can suggest best timings/settings (like drive strength) with my memory to at least get me going. As listed below, I have 2GB(2x1GB) OCZ PC4000 Gold Edition mem with 8-4-4-3 factory, and will be using the cpu below of course. Any help would be appreciated. I read all the reviews on DFI, and I love the performance you can squeeze out of these things. Slam
  10. Hey DFI people, Is this common for all DFI boards, or is this board proving a little more challenging than the usual? Would like to know. I'm deciding between this board and the LP SLI-DR. Any input would be welcome. I like a challenge, but not a week long-10 hour a day process to find the perfect overclock.
  11. Man...the more I read replies from ya'll, the less inclined I am to buy it. I lean towards the ATI side myself, and thought it would be great to match up this board with an X1800XT when they get released. But now I'm thinking about going the SLI-DR route. Seems to be a tried and true board overall. And I will probably never have two cards at one time anyway.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I was thinking about getting the new Crossfire board...but after reading the thread on it here in the forums, not so sure its a performer.
  13. Hey all, I'm new to DFI. I'm looking at DFI boards on newegg (get all my rig items there), and I notice that most of them do not list x2 in the cpu supported list. Is it supported on the NF4 boards...such as the LP SLI-DR? Looking to make a purchase today, and wanted to know for sure. I have read on some forums that it is supported. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Slam
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