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  1. i had a similar experience once when i was new to building systems and screwed the motherboard directly to the tray without standoffs.... amazingly i didn't fry it though. i hope that's not what you've done here.
  2. look at the difference between the stock hs and the evercool: it was a little bit tough to get on since it's slightly larger than the stock so the pins are a little further apart, but installation wasn't too bad.
  3. wow, i JUST got my VC-RE today, january 17th. took them a month and a half. i can't believe i got it at all. idiots.
  4. fyi, the expression goes "let alone", not "little own" stock volts for an opteron is 1.4. you hit 1.7v when you did 1.55 * 110%. don't even go over 1.6.
  5. i also have had my replacements since 11/28 and they've been rock solid at 278mhz 3-3-3-8 1T 2.6v. CL1115T.87
  6. in the end you should barely be able to twist the heatsink at all. if it twists but with a good amount of force, you're probably fine. if it twists easily, keep tightening those nuts.
  7. i got an opteron 148 CACJE 0546APAW for my new workstation, and i had no problems immediately running it at 2.75ghz 1.45v (250 * 11). i didn't actually try 1.4v, didn't feel like trial and erroring. it's prime stable for 13 hours (i stopped it), so it probably has a bit more juice left. i really require stability for this workstation though, so i don't really need to try for higher.
  8. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854 be sure to check out the stickies in most relevent forums!
  9. if i'm feeling saucy, i may even see what that opteron is capable of one night after work. if it can hit 3ghz stable on that big typhoon, i'll probably swap it with my sd 3700+ even though it would be a HUGE PAIN. as it is, it's not even breaking 40C, and could even have worked at stock voltage. i just didn't feel like testing... also it's a CACJE 0546APAW which, according to my research, is supposedly not a great overclocker. but who knows, it's mostly a crapshoot anyway.
  10. we're getting a new programmer at work. considering we'd need a new computer for him, i piped up and offered to build my own and give him my 6 month old dell to "save money". not that the boss cared anyway, he likes me... got the parts listed in my sig. i was anticipating possible issues with the stock bios, issues with flashing, and possible ram incompatibility. i am happy to report that i had absolutely zero issues with the entire process. booted first try. it came iwth the 6/23 bios, so i decided to go for the 704-2bta since it rocks, and had zero issues with the flash (tmod's cd). no problems with the raid, no problems with a nice nlite'd windows installation, and no problems cranking that opty up to 2.75ghz at 1.45v (i didn't even bother trying stock voltage). it's priming overnight now to ensure 100% stability, since this is a work box after all. yeah yeah, why am i running raid 0 on a work box? because i back up. figured i'd share my experience of complete success with this install. let's just hope prime is still running when i get in tomorrow... :nod:
  11. i'd go with the 2gb of ocz, if your budget allows it. buying another 512mb stick to add to your existing troublesome sticks just sounds like a bad idea.
  12. very nice clockwork, but i must say that 1.66 volts is way too high for 24/7 use, even if the temps are low. i would not go higher than 1.55, but that's just me. i would predict that chip will die within 6 months if you leave it at 1.66.
  13. good luck. i still haven't gotten my VC-RE that i ordered from eage on the 5th of december. they are a scam to the max.
  14. neither... bf2 uses more than 1gb of ram if you allow it to (about 1.25gb actually). you should get more ram to fix your load times and stuttering issues. the raptor would further reduce the load times, and the new video card would smooth out framerates (but if 45-50fps is playable for you, no need)
  15. i know that CrucialLabs is in no way obligated to post on this forum, but his absense for several weeks now makes me believe that he was instructed to keep his mouth shut until crucial figures out what is going on.
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