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  1. So Tmod sent me a new BIOS chip in the mail. Ok, I disconnected the power, followed the instructions to remove the old chip, I installed the new chip and when I power up all 4 diag lights are on. I've reset CMOS, no cheese.
  2. cyberexia

    Loaded wrong BIOS, how to fix?

    I just realized what I did....I loaded this BIOS: http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=A&SITE=NA the one on the top and meant to load this one: http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=A&SITE=NA the one at the top so I loaded the NF4 UT SLI-DR Expert on an NF4 SLI-DR board. just wondering is there anyway else to salvage this mess since you know which BIOS I loaded or do I just need to replace it?
  3. cyberexia

    Loaded wrong BIOS, how to fix?

    thanks guys, any tutorials on how to replace the BIOS chip??
  4. cyberexia

    Loaded wrong BIOS, how to fix?

    hmm...no way to hotflash it around here...so i guess i'm going to have to RMA it..DAMN ME
  5. cyberexia

    Loaded wrong BIOS, how to fix?

    i tried this for like 2 hours... and I don't even get a beep... my 4 diag lights flash once and then 3 stay lit. no beep. The 3 lights flash on the keyboard and then nothing.
  6. Forgive my stupidity from the beginning...I believe I loaded the wrong BIOS on my DFI NF4 SLI-DR board. I had 623 on it previously and it was workin' okay, but I was having some overclocking issues so I reset it back to optimal defaults and decided to update the BIOS. I guess I grabbed the wrong one from the website and now when I turn it on, i get the 4 lights blinking together twice and then 3 red lights that remain. I've tried RAM in all configurations and it will just not boot. I have the correct BIOS to load NOW...but can't boot it up. I've cleared CMOS 10 times and still nothing. I left batt/power out for over 2 hours and still no dice. What do I have to do? Thanks alot and again, forgive me for my stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. cyberexia

    Simply Amazing

    opty 170 @ 3.2Ghz on AIR priming 3.5 hours stable....more to follow.
  8. cyberexia

    unofficial DUAL CORE opteron thread

    ccwbe 0530tpmw air cooled excellent
  9. cyberexia

    AMD Opteron 170 2.9Ghz on AIR

    Higher clock than me? Are you kidding? HAHAHAHAHA I'd like to see someone that has better than this on AIR: http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=50078 And yes it's stable...and yes, I will post screenshots as soon as my ballistix get back.
  10. cyberexia

    Unofficial Opteron 939 Thread

    http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=50078 still waiting on my crucial to get back from RMA then I'll show some benchs...however this is stable so far...yes on AIR ccwbe 0530
  11. cyberexia

    AMD Opteron 170 2.9Ghz on AIR

    uh i edited my pic size to 800x600 why did you change it back...oh well who cares.. guess you guys can do without me..HAHAHAHAHA BYE
  12. cyberexia

    AMD Opteron 170 2.9Ghz on AIR

    whatever you guys are retarded...delete me
  13. cyberexia

    AMD Opteron 170 2.9Ghz on AIR

    quit complaining and start enjoying...and actually my crucial will do 300mhz and better than that san diego will be the opty 170 that I have because i have 2 cores stop using my thread to post your results, what's up with that bro?