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  1. Ok first you need to get off the idea that all copper means best performance. It does not. There are two main reasons why none of the really big tower heatsinks aren't made out of all copper. 1. Cost. Copper is more expensive than aluminum. 2. Weight. This is the real reason. You can't have 5 pounds of copper hanging off your motherboard. Something is going to break. With that in mind think about this: Modern day, 120mm fan capable, Al-Cu tower heatsinks, (lets use the Thermalright Ultra 120 as an example) will outperform ANY all copper (Cu) 80mm or 92mm fan capable tower heatsink. My point? An all copper tower heatsink weighing 800 grams doesn't have much more to offer (over a copper base, copper heatpipe, aluminum finned tower heatsink also weighing 800 grams) other than lower performance, higher cost, higher noise, and more weight. Note: The base of the Thermalright heatsinks are a silvery color. Please realize that the bases aren't made out of aluminum, silver :eek:, zinc, or nickel. They, along with the heatpipes, are made out of copper. Thermalright plates the bases with nickel to keep them from oxidizing in storage and the heatpipes so that they can solder the aluminum fins to the heatpipes.
  2. AHEM..... *clears throat* Thermalright's instructions detailing how to install it on a DFI-nForce4 Ultra/SLI board..........
  3. ITE Smartguardian is a decent program. I used it for over 6 months without major issue. If you are into dynamicly adjusted fan speeds however, I recommend SpeedFan. SpeedFan has a larger learning curve and there are many more settings that have to be adjusted before everything will work "just right", but once you have these settings properly adjusted everything will continue to work "just right" for forever.....or until you break it. Being able to set a minimum fan speed is what converted to from SG to SpeedFan. Edit: Oops didn't realize that this thread was so old.
  4. Its normal for one of the two cores to be "weaker" than the other.
  5. The silver (aluminum) heatsinks are the very things you need to worry about cooling. They are the heat generations components of the 3-phase PWM IC on the DFI Ultra-D, and SLI boards (the expert has a 4-phase setup).
  6. Geeeze. Does ANYONE have even the slightest idea of what a PWM IC is? Do you know what it stands for? Pulse Width Modulated - Integrated Circuit? Do any of you know that a complete PWM IC consists of three compenents, a MOSFET (this is what actually generates the heat) and an Inductor (also called a choke) and Capaciter to smooth the current out? Now I'm no expert on how all of the wiring is done but at least google these terms and try to get at least a little grasp on exactly what your talking about. Sorry, had to rant.
  7. Well I'm happy my 165 (0550 VPMW) can do 2.6 @1.45v. Enough speed for me.
  8. The thing is though, the ram doesn't generate enough heat to need a maximum efficienty thermal transfer agent.
  9. Well it'll be interesting to see how a Opteron manufactured in the second week of January will OC.
  10. Updated with new project log. See first post. Its been a long time coming but I have it mostly done. To my readers: I havn't had a 3rd party proof read it yet, so if you spot some mistakes/places that don't make sense, I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to PM me with the bugged area and I'll make the corection to the document and give you credit for it.
  11. You have a point there and I always wondered about that but I'm just parreting back what I've read on other forums and on the AS5 site.
  12. AS5 is non-Conductive. However its slightly capacitive so keep it off electrical contacts, oh and DO NOT put it on ram chips.
  13. Well I got my PWM IC cooler done today. It was a lot of work......more on all that later; I need sleep, so for now, I'll tease you with this. Old HS in front, new one in the back. (Mods if this image is too big LMK (PM me) and I'll fix it ASAP. But its total size isn't over 480,000 pixels (800x600).
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