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  1. Well, for some time now, I have been saving up for a better PSU, but unfortunately in Croatia you can't buy OCZ powerstream 520W, or any of those AAA class PSU-s. I have found some better PSU-s, but I have read a lot of good and bad things about them, so I need your help. Here are the ones I could buy (and affoard): Antec NeoHE 550W Tagan 580W (they have the modular u15, and the other one - u22) Even those PSU-s are overpriced (compared to US webshop prices), but I need the power. Buying over the Internet is not a choice, because most of the websites won't ship to Croatia. My rig contains: DFI SLI-D A64 3500 @ 2,75GHz, 1,64Volts XFX 7600gt (cooling the CPU & GPU with water - radiator is from a Mercedes truck, and water blocks are home made) 2x512 Corsair Twinx XL, v1.1 2x 36GB Raptor, 2x 60GB Seagate DVD burner, 4 120mm fans