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  1. I thought that was called False Hope You know...the thought that you can pick up any 7900GT and expect a massive overclock and impress your friends at how much money you saved compared to the saps who purchased X1900XTs... when in reality it might not overclock at all, it might over heat, might need to be RMA'd or just end up artifacting during the most simple task. ANYWAYS... I say keep it simple. The AIW X1900 is a great package and will handle anything you choose to throw at it, be it TV or games... all the performance and image quality you will need, straight out of the box.
  2. I would go completely to Mac OS X. I just like the simplicity of the gui, while still having a competent CLI to use when necessary, huge arrary of commercial and open source software, plus its inate ability to make tasks quicker and easier. I have nothing against Windows in particular, and use it for the majority of my day at work and home, I just like working in OSX better. For this reason, I stick with Apple notebooks... I dont ever plan to play games on a notebook, and I dont use it for work, so no need for it to be a Windows machine.
  3. I have always used Seagate and have never had a failure with Raid0 arrays. I always keep essentials backed up of course, but I have been lucky enough not to have any issues. On top of that, I have never kept a HDD for as long as 5 years... they usually get sold or relegated to a caddy for limited use.... So having a 5 year warranty is a good piece of mind if the life of your storage needs is less then that.
  4. I have to say, I would probably go for a non-modular PSU for my next one. I havent had any fluctuation issues, but i just think that a well made, well cabled non-modular PSU would be neater than a modular PSU where you have to plug just about every connection in anyways. (Turbo-Cool 1KW-Quad SLI is a good example of a well cabled non-modular PSU) With the multiple motherboard connections, video card connector, HDDs, DVDs etc, you have just as many wires coming from the PSU anyways... Donco: System is looking pretty sweet. This is my first DFI board and I couldnt be happier. The support of the Street is fantastic and worth so much more than some of the gimicks being sold on Motherboards these days.
  5. I went for a 120mm SilenX for my SI-120, even though at the time most people said to keep away from them. I have to say that I am nothing but impressed with their performance. It IS silent, and under load my CPU doesnt go above 38C. I recently picked up a couple of Arctic Cooling 120mm fans cheap from NinDeals and when temperature controlled they are quite good also, but nothing out of the ordinary, at full speed they are down right noisey. (they do have a 6 year warrenty though if thats important) Definitely go for the SilenX if you can (especially at a good price)... they also add a bit of bling to your system as a bonus
  6. Ok... a bit of background. My main box stores my TV shows plus I use it for games, etc. Now I currently have my TV hooked up via S-Video, and LCD through DVI. I have onboard sound connected to the RCA on my TV too, while my X-Plosion goes to my amp. Now im not a big fan of Desperate Housewives or Greys Anatomy, so if my girlfriend wants to watch them I just put on a heap of episodes that outputs to the TV and then load up a game with some headphones on the LCD... all is good, MOST of the time... some games tend to take over the TV (No game images, just blank desktop), where as others leave the TV alone and i can play without interupting the output or playback at all. I just want to get some ideas on whether other people have similar issues, or whether there are ways via software to 'lock' the second monitor so that changed to the resolution/whatever to the first doesnt interfere. The other thing i was thinking of was adding another Graphics card to the system, TV connected to one, and the LCD hooked up to the other. HIS have released this card which uses a 1xPCIe slot (Finally..a reason to have them! ) which fits the bill nicely. NinDeals are looking for interest in the card for a bulk buy, and for the right price I think it would be good for a HTPC or a dual card setup. What I dont know is how it would work with a PCIE primary and a PCIe secondary, or if it would work at all? How to the drivers work? How do you specify where a program sends its images? I googled and found mostly older setups with PCI & AGP, but not alot of detail of how it actually works in practice. Alternativly, I could pick up a cheap PCIE card and drop it into the other slot... might be easier to configure. Let me know if you have any suggestions or experience in this kind of thing. Cheers
  7. Put one of these in today... Very impressed. Have used Creative in the past and Onboard recently and the sounds is fantastic. The clarity in music is something that stands out straight away. Gaming so far has been great... been playing Prey and absolutely crapping myself with some of the directional sounds. With optical out it provides single cable surround sound...fantastic if I had speakers that supported it.. (Currently using older Yamaha amp). Drivers are compact, stable and it has quite an intuitive interface. Definitely recommended from my experience so far. Got mine in Oz from NinDeals. Side Note: I am actually leaving the on-board sound enabled in order to use it to output to TV... tested it so far and works great. Means I can play a game with the X-Plosion going to my headphones while I output AVIs to TV with sound from onboard I use Zoom Player and found by setting it to Above Normal priority, I can play Prey etc without it effecting the play at all. Pretty good for a single core
  8. I think this might be a good track to go down. The 1900 series with a high CPU clock are a good combination, so maybe aim for a CPU that overclocks well and crank it as far as it goes. I am looking at something like the x1900GT as mid range replacement of my 6600GT and I have to say that the ATIs are looking like the cards to get for trouble free computing until the next generation of cards come out. (even then, it will take some time for games to make use of the new technology and I think ATI are in a better position to 'last' before needing replacing) my 2cents.
  9. http://www.hisdigital.com/html/product_ov.php?id=242 These cards look damn sweet. I am thinking of picking up one of these as a mid-priced replacement for my 6600GT. Would love to see a comparison between an overclocked IceQ X1900GT and a 7900GT... at default it seems to struggle here and there. 10,000+ in 3dmark05 is sounding pretty good to me.
  10. No bulk deals on NinDeals at the moment, there are a few specials for Nindeals members that have sold out, but very limited ATI deals at the moment, but I am always trying to keep an eye out for them As for the Step-Up program, it doesnt apply to Australia last time I heard, and while there Customer Support is good, the cards still have to be shipped internationally if RMA'd so downtime etc is something i need to consider It sucks living on an island (j/k) but from what I have heard, they generally try to get the local retailers to provide the replacement and leave shipping a card internationally as a last resort. (They also say they test them more thoroughly before shipping, making for a little more down time).
  11. Actually in OZ, the Powercolor X1800XT is a similar price to the HIS X1800GTO, where as the HIS X1800XT is a bit more... ~AU$500. I don't know what public opinion is of the PowerColor range, but they certainly seem to be quite a bit cheaper and hence make them an option. Talking of noise, the IceQ3 would definitely be an advantage.... but then again, by all reports the X1900GTs are significantly quieter than most of the ATI range, and they are a single slot cooler. Yeah I hear that alot, but seriously...i got my 6600GT at the end of last year and now it will 'run' new games, but its not exactly up-to-date.... so purchasing another card in 6 months does not bother me at all... in fact, i would be surprised if i didnt have to anyways. Plus I am looking at mid-ranged/mid-priced cards...X1900XTX, or 7950s etc can go well over AU$1000.00 to put it into perspective Not like I am looking for the latest and greatest
  12. Looking for some advice on a few cards to replace my 6600GT. I am looking to replace it with a good 'bang for buck' card that is going to provide good general gaming and very few hassles. This will no doubt be in my system until a new system is required early next year, so spending too much on the VGA is out of the question...Value/Power is the ratio. The Candidates: eVGA 7900GT KO (~AU$520.00) HIS X1800GTO IceQ (~AU$430 ... Approx. Havent seen it listed, but non IceQ is $380ish) HIS X1900GT (~AU$450) **** Insert Your Suggestion ***** So here I am looking at the 7900GTs and thinking...hey I can get one for as low as AU$400, this is great... but i have mates who got them recently from xfx and leadtek and both had to have them replaced. (Leadtek one a couple of times...) I really don't know if I want to go through with all that... I know, I know...'its only a small percentage' but hell...if the only two people i know with 7900GTs had to replace theirs, then the odds are too great in my opinion. The alternative is the ATI options of which, HIS are one of my favourite partners. The X1900GT is looking pretty good, but then again, so is the X1800GTO which can be purchased for as little as AU$300...damn good price for a good performing midrange card. The sound of an X1900GT IceQ is also very nice (Does anyone know if it just takes time for the IceQ Versions to come to OZ? I havent seen the X1800GTO IceQ yet ... but there are X1600 etc) Thanks in advance
  13. One for the Aussies... NinDeal are currently doing a bulk buy of the HDA X-Plosion soundcard if anyone is interested, only a day or so to go I believe so might need to be quick if you are in the market for one. AU$149. (with the option of purchasing bulk Arctic Cooling AF12025:120mm fans included in the postage) NinDeals are actually part of Nintek Australia who I would imagine are quite well known here as they are one of the 'DFI specialists' in Australia. I have always found them quite good for parts and got most of my system through them. Link here Link also in my siggy. Cheers Ambian
  14. If any Aussies are interested, NinDeals are currently doing a bulk deal on the HDA X-Plosion 7.1 DTS card. Comes out at $149, which is a bit of a saving. It has reached its 100 person Expression of Interest and now the payment gateway is open, if you are in the market its a good opportunity to snap one up Link is in my sig.
  15. si-120 here with a 1500rpm fan....cools such a big area of the mother...i love it Its light weight, easy to install... I installed the vc-re chipset fan at the same time so made the removal of the motherboard worth it
  16. Same as yours actually! (SH-E4) Best i got was 2.7ghz, stable in games but not 12hr Prime stable... So I am sticking with 2.6 which until the next upgrade (CPU isnt too big a deal when you have a 6600GT )
  17. Background: I currently have only On-Board sound outputing to a Yamaha amp which is connected to a set of Cerwin Vega floorstanding speakers, a set of Sennheiser HD555s, and the TV in the lounge. At the moment I would have to stop playing a game or music if for example my GF wanted to watch the latest episode of Medium since the audio from the game and video would blend together and come out the TV speakers. The Idea: What I was thinking of doing is purchasing a HDA X-Plosion 7.1 DTS Soundcard through NiNDeals (http://www.nindeals.com.au/showthread.php?t=208) for what is quite a good price. I would like to install the X-Plosion and use it solely for games, music and general use. However I want to leave the on-board sound active aswell so that I can nominate it as the output device when playing a video on the TV. (I mostly use ZoomPlayer at the moment which has the option of selecting a different audio device to the one selected via Control Panel) I probably won't run the onboard sound through the amp, but instead simply have it output directly to the TVs inputs (as i had it doing before getting the amp). I just wanted to run it past you guys and see if there are any problems you can see why this setup, or whether other people have done this successfully. I have seen issues with IRQ conflicts etc, especially with two pci cards, but I wouldnt think that it would be too great an issue in this case. (and certainly not a show stopper). Cheers in advance. Ambian
  18. Stick with Sata drives without raid... i wasnt able to get nvraid 0 array working under ubuntu but i believe it is possible. Just takes more work than I was willing to undertake Dapper Drake is looking pretty smick...
  19. Cheers for the info guys. What have people found with the OC'd editions? or is it recommended to get a non-overclocked version and DIY? Prices arent that much different between a 450mhz and a ~550mhz. I imagine though that with a good warrenty (BFG, XFX..) I might as well go for a Factory OC version? I am not planning on Volt modding or OCing it any further until I can get another cooler for it, might even wait for the new Arctic Cooling solution.
  20. Actually, the 7900GT 512mb costs are very similar to what 256mb versions are or were a few weeks ago. Current prices on Static Ice (australia) $479.00 Sparkle Calibre 7900GT 512MB $509.00 XpertVision Nvidia Geforce 7900GT 512MB $453.00 XFX 7900GT 256MB 450Mhz $460.00 XFX 7900GT Extreme Edition 520mhz Compared to a 7900GTX... $749.00 Sparkle 7900GTX 512MB $770.00 XFX PCIE 7900GTX 512MB So this is why I was tossing up between the 256mb and the 512mb...
  21. I just wanted to get an idea of who has one of these and how they have found them. I am probably leaning toward the XpertVision model since i dont need to VIVO style attached of the Gainwood. The other option is the Sparkle Calibre which has an interesting cooling device attached. So the options i have at the moment are: XpertVision 7900GT Sonic 512mb Gainwood Golden Sample 7900GT 512mb Sparkle Calibre 7900GT 512mb Gainwood is most pricey... mostly because of the name and it comes with some extra connection options. My main concern is that the cooler on the XpertVision and Gainwood is going to be noisy or ineffective, as i am not sure if the non-reference layout of the card will boad well for aftermarket HSF... Though I am sure a Zalman would still fit nicely. Let me know if you have picked up a 512mb 7900GT and what your thoughts are. I am really grabbing one because the prices is so good at the moment, and not because i think I need 512mb at all Cheers
  22. I Found the same thing .... Video Card touches the top and looks like it is sitting out of the slot... i was very careful to test it all before putting it back together in case it didn't detect my Video Card like it was... As it turned off though, it works fine just like everyone elses. (And no affect on temps) I would definitely try the VC-RE again when you feel up to it
  23. My name is Ambian, I am a certified 'tweaker' ... i must fiddle with every setting available JUST because... This is my first DFI board and I have to say it was purely a Plug'n'Play affair. My last board was a MSI Neo-2 and I had nothing but trouble... DFI was perfect from first boot but lets me tweak every setting until it crashes! But hey... it crashes on MY terms... THAT is the sign of a truely good piece of hardware Peace out...
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