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    Problems with voltage

    Thanks for advice, but like I said, I am not oc rookie:) . I need >1.7v just for test with good cooling system, not 24/7 settings. Before dfi I have asus m2n-e motherboard vcore moded, and I use 1.82v for max oc cpu rez, and I go up to 3184Mhz http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=126364 . Dfi wont to give me more then 1.7v, why :confused: ? BTW, 1.6v for 24/7 is ok for sempron with good air cooling. Max load(prime, s&m...) temp is 52-53C with just 1300rpm on my big typhoon.
  2. Hi there . I have problem with voltage on my sempron 3000+. I can't pass 1.7v vcore voltage, system wont boot, its freeze after win xp welcome window. Cooling is not problem, TT BT vx, PSU is ok, like they have some kind of overvoltage protection or something similar. I try increase vdimm voltage up to 2.5v and work fine, no problems. I'am not OC rookie, i try several different combinations, low/high htt, 2x,3x,4x htt link, different mem dividers but still nothing, cant pass 1.7v vcore. My 24/7 rock stable settings is [email protected], 3x htt link, mem [email protected] Any suggestions?