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  1. K, I just checked my good DFI mb and it has two stickers on the AGP port. One sticker was 12 digits and that was the NVMAC while the other sticker had 16 digits for NVGUID. I just flashed with the 5/4 bios on the older mb because it was running the Oscar Wu 10/15 beta. Hopefully the lan will still work on that mb. As for my refurb, the sticker on the ethernet port has 12 digits which means its for the NVMAC while the other sticker on the AGP had 16 digits meaning it should be for the NVGUID so I reflashed the bios entering the respective values for both mbs.
  2. Found this link through google and am trying out a new bios flash with different switches: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/archive/in...php?t-1003.html K, guess I stop spamming my own post now...
  3. I was wondering has anyone tried the nforce v6.xx beta mix from ngohq.com and does anyone have any opinion on them? "This nForce v6.xx Beta mix for nVidia nForce2/3 contains the below components: Audio driver version 4.60 (WHQL) Audio utility version 4.51 Ethernet NRM driver version 4.75 (WHQL) Network management tools version 4.75 GART driver version 4.40 Memory controller driver version 4.40 SMBus driver version 4.45 (WHQL) with updated uninstaller files Installer version 4.60 Win2K IDE driver version 5.18 (WHQL) Win2K RAIDTOOL 2.7 application version 4.82 WinXP IDE driver version 5.18 (WHQL) WinXP RAIDTOOL 2.7 application version 4.82 Use at your own risk."
  4. If that is the case, then what is the sticker on the ethernet port then? Sorry, a bit confused here.
  5. I have flashed back to the 5-4 official bios and the lan still did not work correctly so I flashed back to the 6-23 beta bios. One thing I noticed when flashing back that the GUID:1394 was different for each bios. The official bios had two zeros at the end while the beta bios had the two zeros in the front. Also I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the sticker on the AGP port is for? Thanks again for at least some suggestions.
  6. Alright, I guess I will ask my friend for an extra NIC card, but its disappointing when my POS Soyo motherboard had everything onboard working fine and my DFI not having something as important as LAN working (even though it is refurb, it should have been one of the things that should have been fixed, as a refurb does mean a product that was brought back to factory specifications). Will also try flashing to an older bios and then back to the beta again too when I get back from school to see if anything changes. Also, could anyone tell me what is the newest awdflasher, or of which one I should use to flash my bios to save me the time of looking for it(was using the one that came with the official beta). If anyone else has any more ideas, I will gladly try them out. Thanks
  7. Hello, I was hopigng someone could help solve my lan problems. This is the first time I have been to a troubleshooting forum. First of all, I have already entered in the mac address saved into the bios. I also have disabled the checksum offload. When windows xp sp2 loads up, it slows down when I try to go into network connnections. The only time I can get the lan to work is after I disable the firewire connection and then force 10mps full duplex throuh forceware network manager with the 5.10 nf3 drivers. Any other time, windows says that I have low connectivity or the cable is not plugged, which I know it is. I have another computer behind the same router with the same motherboard and it runs firewire fine with windows xp sp2 at 100mps full duplex. Does anyone think I need to reflash the bios to an older version or RMA the motherboard? It really is a pain in the butt to lose that comp for a while as I wait for another mb that might have the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated, also if any other informations is needed, I will try and describe it to the best of my ability. Thanks
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