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  1. yes, have just finished setting it up. Had to use "optimized defaults" to make the install and then I have just loaded the overclocked config and it works flawlessly... so probably the install program have some sort of high inteliggency overclock detection mechanism, very stupid to be true. Anyways, I didnt like it, take a year to find anything in there, very different from windows XP but with no substancial advantages that would justify those changes...
  2. hummm well, I think that what matters is the free space, 15GB, wich I do have, anyways it's a point... I have done a test with apparent success... I have saved my bios overclocked configuration in one of the 4 ultra-d slots and have loaded optimized defaults... it stopped freezing in the first installation screen... so probably that was the problem. I dunno why tho, since my system is years stable with that config... maybe because im using C&Q ???
  3. ok thanks, but I think the problem is more deep than that, because it is simple freezing when try to start installing from boot-dvd. http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=464343&st=0 this seems to be the same problem that I'm having.
  4. damnit, I had wrote a big message explaning my problem and server failled to receive it... the damn browser could at least had save what I wrote for posting when it failed to submit !!! anyways, the problem is that I can't accomplish the install process. I have 2 hd's: Hitachi 80gb -----C:System - 10gb -----D:Programs - 70gb Samsung 160gb -----(hidden) backupOS 10gb -----E:media - 150gb both SATA harddrives. I have been trying to install the beta 2 latest version 5472 32 bits with no success... I have resized Hitachi's D: to 15gb less and created a new partition with those 15gb wich became H:Vista. Tried creating it both as Primary and Logical, no sucess. when I try installing by booting with the DVD in the drive it will freeze just after showing that first Vista loading screen... so it doesnt even start the installation. when I try starting the install process in winXP it will freeze after the first reboot in that vista loading screen also. please someone help, it's making me crazy! thanks.
  5. Has anyone installed vista beta 2 in a ultra-d board? I am having trobble here, after it reboots and start loading where it should finish the installation it just freezes.
  6. Hello, I thing it's completely possible to have installed both a PCI and a PCI-E card and work with both, there's even an option in the bios where you choose wich of the above options you want to start first, if you want to start first the PCI vga card or the PCI-E VGA Card, but it doesnt help, apparently if I have the PCI-E card inserted it doesn't matter it will not start the PCI VGA Card, so no signal from that one. I would like to use that PCI VGA card because there's a conflit between my LCD monitor and my Sapphire GTO2 pci-e card wheter I only get video signal after the XP Login screen appears... there's no solution for that conflit, so I was hopping to use that old PCI Vga Adapter conected to the LCD by RGB cable so I can get video in the boot process... I think the BIOS is bugged about that, because after I choose PCI in that option I told ya it should have worked, even with the PCI-E inserted!!
  7. ok im glad that 3dmark disable it by default, but lets say I dont want to use it in an application that doesnt allow me to choose it to off, how can I turn it off, I simple can't with this Control Center??
  8. Hey people, im using a GTO2 card with my ultra-d, what I want to know is how to disable the anti-alising, because the minimum option that I have in the control center is 2X, can't set it to 0, and also there is the option to set it to application controlled, but I want to be sure that AA is disabled because im benchmarking with 3dmark03 and 05, can anybody help? thanks.
  9. MANUFACTURING DESCRIPTION Manufacturer’s JEDEC ID Code: G-Skill Intl Module Manufacturing Location: 00h Module Part Number: FX Module Revision Code: 0000h Module Manufacturing Date: Not Implemented Module Serial Number: 00000000h LEGITIMATE ARCHITECTURES Fundamental Memory Type: DDR SDRAM DIMM configuration type: Non-ECC/Parity Number of Row Addresses: 13 Number of Column Addresses: 10 Number of DIMM Banks: 2 Module Bank Density: 256 MB Number of Banks on SDRAM Device: 4 Module Data Width: 64 bits Primary SDRAM Width: x8 Error Checking SDRAM Width: N/A Voltage Interface Level: SSTL 2.5V Refresh Rate/Type: 7.8 us Self Refresh DDR SDRAM DIMM Height: N/A TIMING SPECIFICATIONS Burst Lengths Supported: 2, 4, 8 CAS# Latencies Supported (tCL): 2T CS# Latency: 0T WE# Latency (Write Delay): 1T Cycle time at Max CAS Latency: 5.0 ns SDRAM Access from Clock (tAC): 0.65 ns Minimum Clock Cycle at tCL = X - 0.5: 0.0 ns Max Data Access Time at tCL = X - 0.5 (tAC): 0.00 ns Minimum Clock Cycle at tCL = X - 1: 0.0 ns Max Data Access Time at CL = X - 1 (tAC): 0.00 ns Minimum Active to Precharge Time (tRAS): 25.0 ns Minimum RAS to CAS delay (tRCD): 10.0 ns Minimum Row Precharge Time (tRP): 10.0 ns Min Active to Active/Auto Refresh Time (tRC): 55.0 ns Min Auto Ref to Active/Auto Refresh (tRFC): 70.0 ns Min Row Active to Row Active delay (tRRD): 10.0 ns Addr and CMD Input Setup Time Before Clock: 0.60 ns Addr and CMD Input Hold Time After Clock: 0.60 ns Data Input Setup Time Before Clock: 0.40 ns Data Input Hold Time After Clock: 0.40 ns Device Max device cycle time (tCKmax): 10.0 ns Max skew between DQS and DQ signals: 0.40 ns Max Read Data Hold Skew Factor: 0.50 ns Back-to-Back Random Col Access (tCCD): 1T SPD PROTOCOL Number of bytes written into SPD: 128 Total number of bytes of SPD: 256 SPD Revision: 0.0 Checksum for Bytes 0-62: 53h SUMMARY SPECIFICATION Module Type: DDR SDRAM PC3200 (DDR400) Module Size: 512 MB Frequency tCL tRCD tRP tRAS tRC tRFC tRRD 200 MHz 2,0 2 2 5 11 14 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ what I meant is those damn ns numbers, I want single number just like it appears in the bios??
  10. there is my ram config wow, didnt know about that +0.03v option, very good hint... perhaps with 0.03+ voltage I will be able to use the dynamic idle cycle.
  11. ok, here it shows most of the values in some strange way, not one digit numbers, why is that?
  12. I am using the latest bios... is there any better bios out there? well, vmem is set at 2.6v, I dont know how to set it to 2.63v, is there some sort of special vmem like special fid (vcore) ?? is there a program wich I can use to copy all the ram values and then paste them here for you? because it would take to much time to write every value here. thanks.
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