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  1. pretty much all 0546 xpmws have been good, i did a lot of research on them before i got mine. Didnt do any burn in either right to the clocking, maybe you should, dunno
  2. 0546 xpmw an awesom stepping, one of the best mine at 2600 at 1.375 v 15hours + prime stable very good, wont need much voltage for a nice overclock
  3. I have an opteron 170 CCBWE 0546XPMW at 2600 mhz 1.375 v 15 hours + dual prime stable, seems to be a very good stepping
  4. I dont understand why the typhoon isint getting the recognition it deservs lol. With typhoon on 2.6 ghz on 1.375 v 15 hours in prime my temps are like 37 lol, i dont see how it can get much better
  5. Hey all, I recently recieved an opteron 170 0546XPMW and have been experimenting with its clocking. Right now on stock voltage I am 2.5 ghz 8 hours + prime95 stable. I have a question In bios, stock volts is read to me as 1.35, where as when I check other opterons, their stock voltages is like 1.312 or 1.325 or something. I have heard DFI boards undervolt cpus and am not excactly sure what this means. 2nd Questions - Are there any drivers or anything I should install for windows for the dual core opteron? Thanks edit - also when testing 2.6 on stock voltage, 1 core fails after 1 hour 30 mins with ram on 1/2. Ive seen other opterons of same stepping hit 2.6 on stock vcore, so im wondering if this has anything to do with undervolts or just cpu differences
  6. ok, ive seen other opterons with this stepping hit 2600 at 1.312 vcote, wondeing why mine cant be stable at 1.352 lol
  7. Hey all I have a question, I have an opteron 170 CCBWE 0546XPMW. I am trying to get min volts for 2.6 ghz stable 20+ prime 95 hours, right now on 1.352 1 core fails after 1hour and 35 mins. If I were to change bios to 704/2bta would it change the amout of volts i need to get stability? Would it have any impact on volts and do you suggest it? Thanks
  8. what volts going through the cpu at 2600? to really test stability i recomment setting up 2 instances of prime95 1 to use each core and test for 8+ hours
  9. yeah mine does also gtx is huge, i just read angry_games's guide on how to do it and it was too long and i cant be stuffed taking out motherboard
  10. Hey all, I was wondering if its worth changing the NF4 Ultra-D chipset cooler. I am not worried about noise just performance. Is there another air cooler that would be better, or should i just remove it and place some artic silver 5 there (would this make a difference?) Thanks
  11. Its because 3d mark is mainly influenced by your graphics card, Ive also overclocked a 4000+ to about 2750 and while running I get maybe 1-2 more fps in the cpu test and over time that dosent change the score much.
  12. Hey all, I am looking for a cpu only water cooler, i was looking at big water but heard it sucks. Any other recomondations? Ive been recommended gigabyte 3d galaxy and swiftech apex. This would be my first watercooler so I just want one for the cpu. Thanks Im using big typhoon right now so id like one that can get the cpu even cooler then this amazing air cooler
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