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  1. that is weird and on the game front i was complaining they dont let you select the audio output devices >.<
  2. yeh if the leds change this would be useful information
  3. is your cpu properly seated what ram and gfx have you put in
  4. yeh windows is often like this
  5. look at the manual 4 red lights are an error
  6. yeh its prolly called dual graphics or somthing on the Ultra-D as it doesnt support SLI Ure card should work fine on the top slot ... but if its working on the bottom theres no point changing it
  7. you may aswell try using the DVI port make sure you connect to the top card, i dont think the bottom one gives an output
  8. strange that what the hell is "virtual audio cable 1" :s i do the same thing with my headset, kinda, annoying that games dont let you chose what audio devices you use
  9. yahooad

    PSU Help

    who knows who either of those brands are id go with the 24 pin as DFI wattage seems to include running SLI however id definetly reccomend importing if u can, or having a holiday anywhere else on the planet ..... :confused:
  10. i cant believe u didnt check out the packaging to make sure its ok, part of the QC process >.< I wouldnt reccomend soldering the SATA connectors due to the above reason They have big pins so its not going to be any kind of challenge to do it DFI should have to pay the RMA shipping costs due to their neglegence (damn spelt that wrong .. i think)
  11. yahooad

    Strange sporadic problem =(

    you shouldnt need to increase the voltage to your ram, its currently underclocked and the 3.3v will be needed at DDR500 and extra after that What about your vcore and the HTT bus (or LDT)
  12. yahooad

    Strange sporadic problem =(

    what frequency is that ram at ? it ment to be DDR500 right ?
  13. yahooad

    Almost Works but Ram is a pain.

    well i searched 6 pages for his name and nothing Hes asking for help, he could atleast shove in a link, he can find it in about 2 seconds whereas it could take anyone else 5 minuites ....
  14. yahooad

    Strange sporadic problem =(

    remember in the bios the last 2 numbers are reversed if you have 2-3-4-5 timings and in the bios set it to 2-3-4-5 it will actually be 2-3-5-4 press tab at bootup to see whats actually going on
  15. yahooad

    Almost Works but Ram is a pain.

    how about a link ?? or even the name of the thread <_<