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  1. The same things i have 2x. I must reflash bios. Is probably bad memory alpha timings. After new bios you must set up alpha timings to auto or change at stable timing , if you dont do it, after save bios is end. For example is > 100 fsb -> 8 3 3 3 - auto -auto-auto-auto-auto -auto or i have with bh5 - 11-2-2-2-3-3-3-3-3-3
  2. Nice but i have the same result. 245 fsb prime fail after 13 h ! Only mosfets pasive cooling and sb.
  3. Don't do it man. NF2U400-AL is a cheaper version of DFi Infinity and Lanparty. And i think problem is from another pcb and another hardware parts.
  4. lol signature But i write my config before. Ok now at sign.
  5. I willl sell my Infinity. For 50 Eur or something. Only problem ? Europa :-)
  6. Sorry, but what do you mean "sig" is ? I have reinstall, no change. Its propably game problem. Dota is unoficialy mod for W3 . So i use for gaming clockgen with 200 fsb. Works fine. For other use i running 240x10 stable.
  7. So maybe is a crap mb or program. I have a hellfire bios eg rev3. If i set up 245 fsb , the dota make a fatal error by the loading. So high fsbĀ“= unstable . Dota. I tryed plaz with video and bios cachable on disabled, but the same efect. Next problem is, i have a bluescreen sometimes if i login to pc. Than i restart and no b s. Strange. I try change the acpi to standart pc, i hope than win alive The second think is, i not reinstall after change mb, nf2 to i 915 , i 915 to nf2 thx
  8. I dont play another... just this. And is for me a big problem :-( So maybe is system proble ? I have Acpi uniprocesor, can i change to Standart pc and try.
  9. No i not reinstall. Why? At 200 fsb is stable At above 230 maybe at lower is fattal
  10. So i have the problem with fattal error. Instruction on referenced memory xxxxx bla bla and w3 downl. I dont understad it. Prime stable adn game crash after 5 min.
  11. Clieto omg, make your self thread. My PC: 2600+ M @[email protected],65v Dfi Infinity 2x256 Twinmos PC 400 - BH5 - do without problem [email protected],3v Fic Radeon 9550 128 bit 480w Thermaltake I lock AGp on 67 Mhz, and try: [email protected],675v , 1,9 vdd ( at 1,8 or 1,7 i got Blue screen with k mode exception not handled -i dont know what is it), 3,2v ddr, agp-auto, Game not freeze, but after 10 minutes a got a fattal eror :-( Is w3 mod Dota if you know. Is mod that to often make a fatal error. But not me at 200 fsb. At higher sure.
  12. Sure DFI Infinity and Lanparty is best board for oc with no mods. My Infinity post at 268 fsb with no mods. Only mosfets cooling. Prime 95 runs at 245 fsb 12 hour without eror. V dimm- 3,3v Vdd - 1,9 v Good oc board.
  13. Hallo! I have Infinity and Fic 9550 Radeon. When i run at 200 fsb is all ok. But when i increase fsb to 230 and above its problem with stability vga games. Specialy W3 make black creen and freze the system at menu !. I have testing at prime 95 stability at 245-240 fsb stable over 12h. So i mean is not mb problem. Its possible this fsb vga cannot run ? AGP FW on, Agp frekv. - auto, i try onteh combinacion, but its the same :confused: .
  14. i have the same question. Now i have infinity , but i will buy lanparty for good price. Now i see at linears4 lanparty, i have a little moore better infinity. I will run with lanparty 250 fsb with no mods. Its is possible? :confused:
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