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    Review: 600w OCZ GameXStream (7/21/2006, merged)

    Sorry to go off topic but I seek the hardware oracle (no not larry) Would it be worth swapping my current green Powerstreem 600w for a GameXtreem? I'll be building a PC anyway and was thinking of this PSU, and I could easily just swap. I don't care about the single PciE of the powerstreem and I don't think the size and quad rails makes any difference... But I really wouldn't know. TIA
  2. I've been looking for this, as I thought I saw it a while ago but can't, so here is a kinda dumb question. For LP UT NF4 Ultra-D Do I have to enable something in the BIOS for Sata II/ 300 functionality? Or does it auto detect if the drive is set to "AUTO"? I suspect there isn't any difference in performance either way, but my new Seagate 7200.9 drive is SATA 300... TIA
  3. SOLD Asking $275 ---->$260 OBO - Brand newest batch fresh from RMA (3/1) unfortunately I have to sell these off. **Price Drop** Just opened them to see what they could do didn't spend a whole lot of time testing. 260 3338 SuperPI 32Meg and Prime95 12hours stable at 2.66 vDimm 270 3338 SuperPI 32Meg and Prime95 12hours stable at 2.74 vDimm BL12864Z503.16TD1 CL1116B.WT 63240 Both sticks are identicle (matched pair of 1GB sticks) PM me with any questions or if you want pics, I'll try and find time to post a link.
  4. OatMan

    FS: Crucial 2GB PC4000 Ballistix

    Price Drop to $260.
  5. OatMan

    FS: Crucial 2GB PC4000 Ballistix

    considering trades for GFX or DC Opties or something...
  6. I'm very conficted about which RAM to keep. I have my new RMA 2GB Ballistix (Micron 5B-D z503) and Mushkin 2GB with Infeneon 3438. Both are PC4000 and have at least some OC potential. I've had not trouble getting 260 3438 with the Mushies but thats about as far as they go, not bad. Easy and straight forward The Ballistix are the newest batch and IC/PCB revision, and run cooler than previouse. THey have been a real pain to tweek. I just can't seem to get the settings right. I can get 270 3338 with only 2.74vDimm, but can't go any further regardless of voltage or settings. What Bios should I try for Micron? What settings might Micron RAM like. Drive strenght, Tref etc. The usual settings I know of are winbond centric and don't seem to do much for the Micron RAM. CAN the Expert board and Micron Ballistix Play nice together? PLS HLP I couldn't find much on this, and what I found is five months old or more.. TIA
  7. OatMan

    FS: Crucial 2GB PC4000 Ballistix

    PMs all replied to. Keep the offers comming!
  8. OatMan

    FS: Crucial 2GB PC4000 Ballistix

    Don't be shy, make an offer.
  9. Hey I forgot about the BIOS. Is there a particular BIOS that plays best with these z503 Micron ICs for the Expert board??? I just think its odd that I can do 270 3338 at 2.74vDimm but can't get close to 280 at any voltage or timings. Doesn't seem right.
  10. Don't I wish. too tired and hit the wrong key. I edited the post that should be 270 3338 which I think is pretty awsome. 2.74vDimm BTW These are going up for sale as I bought some mushy 2GB whilst I waited and selling those will be a big loss, so I'll have to part with these.
  11. Actually I disagree here. From the body of anacdotal evidence their seems to me to be no correlation betwenn OCing, Voltage and RAM death. Plenty of people claim that they never ran anything but stock and still had their RAM die. I assume that most of the anacdotes are mostly accurate. So even allowing for fuzzy "data" I'm not sold on the Heat, OC or Voltage supspects. Proof is in the pudding. I am optimistic that the latest PCB and IC revision will actually live. So much so that I decieded to open up my RMA and keep the sticks. Unfortunately Crucial had my RAM for over a month before sending out the replacement and I had to get new RAM. The RAM I got has dropped in price like a rock and to sell them I'll take a big hit and I'm a bit in the doghouse with the wife due to my recent upgrade madness. I may have to let these go to roucoup what I paid for the replacements which can't touch 3338 timings or 270, but run 260 3438 which is good enough for me. These new Ballistis DO NOT get Hot like the old ones did. They get no warmer than my CH5 sticks that have are still kicking butt after three years at 22257 and now 247. Unfortunately there are no 1GB sticks, so I chose to move to 2GB rather than keep the crazy fast RAM. anyway, I've strayed a bit too far form the topic, sorry. OM PS - Think I might have a lead in the mysterious wierdenss of these new Ballistix. I just realized that I was using a heavily Winbond tuned BIOS! I am going to research which BIOS would be best for Micron ICs, and specifically Z503. I may be able to get to 280 after all Not that its necessary, 270 2228 is NICE!***Edit*** I wish! that should be 270 3338 NOT 2228 sorry. cheers!
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    Hey I just wanted to add my experience since I have owned both boards for a long period and have had a lot of different CPUs and Ram and other parts swapping in both... Anyway as has already been said the newer revision does not change the things you mention. I had the revion 3 LP UT Ultra-D There are two versions of the Ultra-D AFAIK. one with Sata1 chip and one with Sata2 chip. Otherwise identical. I thinke LP Ultra-D is Sata1 and LP UT ULTRA-D is SATA2, but thats just a guess on my part... I also think the one has only 1 LAN port rather than the 2 on the UT-Ultra-D Compared to the UT-Ultra-D the Expert is a significantly better OCing platform IMO. I believe that the true server type 8-pin aux power connection in addition to the 24 Pin main power connection is a big part of this. Also the layout moves the CPU closer to the power connectors. The four phase power architecture I also believe is a big factor. Bottom Line, My CH5 Mushkin RAM OC marginally better in the Expert. Stable 248 22257 instead of 242 22257 on the Ultra-D. Both at 3.1vDimm My CPU OCs seem significantly better. My Opty 168 topped out at 2.7GHz and took a lot more voltage on the Ultra-D. I'm getting 2.85GHz at less voltage on the Expert. I am also getting a much higher OC at default voltage on the Expert. Bottom line IMO is the Expert is the pinicle of 939 NF4 MBs in virtually every way. The fact that it is 8x SLI rather than true dual 16X is a red herring. Like AGP 8x versus 4x was. It is totally meaningless. I even don't by the argument that this will matter in the future. If your shelling out the king of dough for dual top of the line vid cards, you will be running them in the best MB available, not an old MB. Hope this helps OM
  13. Well I know these sticks have more in them, but I don't have the skills or time to figure out the settings. Definately a whole lot different than my winbond CH5 Level one Mushies. anyway 2.66v gets me dual prime 12 hours stable at 260 3338. This lets me run at my normal running config of 290x9 2636 with divider 2.71v gets me 270 3338 which gives me a bit over 2700 on the same divider, but with a large bump in cpu voltage, so unless gaming I won't go there. My max cpu of 2.85 GHz leaves me with around 250 as I have to go down a divider. I can't seem to do any better than 272 3338 no matter how much I loosen timings and 2.8v. That can't be right, but I can't figure it out and honestly don't care. I'm extremely pleased with these. I can't get 3338 at any voltage or speed with the 2GB Mushkin I purchased a few weeks ago when I just couldn't be without RAM any longer. I have to decide which set to sell. I'd rather sell the Mushy, but its dropped in price and I don't want to take too big a hit... anyhoo I have dual superPI and Prime95 screenies to add when I get around to it, as if anyone cares. I was lazy about it so I don't have screenies of all the benchies and different voltage and settings and such. Anyhoo anyone else have results with these new versions of the 2GB PC4000 z503s? I think its odd that I get to 270 3338 relatively easily with lots of headroom and its like a wall I can't get through. I suspect this problem has solutions. I'd love to know what others are getting.
  14. These things seem odd! Really funky as I up the CPU with a divider. I got 270 3338 stable with my usual testing suite. 12 hours stable both large ffts and blend and all the 3Dmarks, AquaMark, superPI 32MB blah blah. did this at a pretty low vDimm of 2.66 at 1:1 On the divider to get up to my max CPU I had a tough time getting it stable. I've never had to do much to get stable on a divider before, but this had me jumping through hoops. I still haven't figured it out, I just keep going back down to lower settings and then slowly climb back up. If I just jump it won't boot into windows. No problems with Memtest though, it always boots to that. I love Memtest in the BIOS, saves SOOOO much time. Anyway I'm loving 272 3338 on the 180 divider for a bit over 2700MHz on my Opty 165. My max CPU is 2.85 but I have to drop a divider so I don't think the giant hit in RAM MHz is worth 5% CPU MHz. I guess I'll do some benching to see which gives overal best performance. I bet I'm quibling over unoticable differences in the real world. Anyway as long as these new .16TD1 ICs finally last I'm really happy so I guess I won't know if these are really any good until the fall. Unless I know they are NOT good sooner... I'll update once more perhaps, but I just don't have the time to squeeze out 280 and have no intention of running over 2.80vDIMM. OM I'll try and post pics, I keep forgetting my screenies!
  15. OK, well even allowing for the "active" cooling these seem to be cooler than other sets of Ballistix I've had experience with. All results at 1T and I'm not going in to the details of the tweeking, just giving the main info for now. Eventually when I establish stability I'll add screenies. Just quickie updates for now. So I'm starting out at 2.60 vDimm. The BIOS, MBM5, and cpuZ all report something different... 250 1:1 clears superPI 32MB dual instances (Opty 165) at 3338 Memetest seems fine for a few passes, just quickies here I'll prove stability once I find maximums. 250 on 180, 166, and 150 divider all ckeck out ok at 3338 (this takes me to my CPU max) 260 is 2xSuperPI 32 MB clean at 3338 1:1 and on dividers. MemTest fine for a few passes but won't run a final 12 hour minimum test for a few days... 270 requires loosening to 3348 to complete 2xSuperPI 32MB. otherwise same as previouse runs. 280 can't get it to run. Never get past anywhere from 5 to 10 loops of SuperPI. Have not bothered to really run memtest. Loosened timings all over the place the majors to 344-10. No go. Looks like 280 will require a voltage bump, and I'm not really interestedin doing this, but I probably will eventually just to find the limits. Priming 270 3338 now four hours or so good so far.
  16. Hell! BL12864Z503.16TD1 CL1116B.WT 63240 Same as Crimson Running on my "new" DFI SLI-FR-Expert 250 1:1 3338-10-13 1T @2.60vDIMM set in BIOS-MBM5 says 2.66v-BIOS says 2.71v I have to get me a decent DMM! Opty 165 w/ TR-SI 120 with a 96CFM evercool pushed as far as it can so its over haniging both RAM modules (love the layout on this board) The P-180 Antec case has perfectly positioned exaust and blowhole right over the RAM for as good airflow as one can get without resorting to something nutty I'm going to go to 180 or 166 divider and run a better CPU OC at the same RAM Lats and speed once I'm done with a bit o' memtest and superPI. I'll post results. The real test will be the six month mark as everyone seems to die around 3-5 months or even less. I hope I don't regret this, took Crucial a month to get me my RMA, but what the hell you can't be an OCer without Risk, and I've been lucky so far so I can't complain.
  17. I just revieved my RMA from crucial today (3/1) and I also have the BL12864Z503.16TD1 I am wondering if I should leave these sealed up and try to sell them and get something like the G.Skill. Not sure what to do, but I also was given the "we figured it out and have new modules" line from Crucial. My backup Ram is pretty nice. Runs 248 at 22257. Good ole Mushy LVL One Winbond CH5.
  18. OatMan

    wtb: new 2x1gb crucial ballistix

    I'll have a set soon. Been waiting a month to get them back. I have since bught other RAM. Gonna sell one of them, but I think the Ballistix will fetch more... Heat as Oatman let me know what your offering and I'll let you know what I'm loking for.
  19. I spoke with a Crucial Tech support manager at length and got the following paraphrased story. Basically Micron (Crucial) has tweeked the Z503 modules so that they no longer have the "motherboard communication problem" that has plauged these RAM modules. (the quoted was her words) They are still producing these modules for RMA purposes and have no plans to continue to sell them. These modules have been replaced by some other "tweeked" modules. (whatever that means) So Crucial still gets regular shipments of these from themselves (Micron). I suppose they are supplying some channel partners like Newegg for RMA purposes as well. Z503 Memory will never be for sale again. If these newly "tweeked" modules really have solved the problems and will have a decent lifespan then this is great memory. Otherwise it will be an endless RMA cycle until Micron stops producing at which point we get Fair Market Value, which I was told was $85. I'm not sure if that was total or per stick, but since this RAM was sold for over $300 when new, and anything comperable is stiill in that range that quote is a joke.... anyhoo this was the jist of what I was told by some Tech support manager at Crucial whos name I forget. For the near term there will be modules for RMA and plans are to continue to trickle them out to keep supplies for RMA. I guess thats not so bad. I was wondering if I should sell the new sticks I get from RMA and cut my Ballistix losses. Still have a lifetime warranty and If they have a comporable high end RAM solution I don't really care if they give me exactly the same thing back. But I'm not going to take $85 for 2 GB of Ballistix PC4000, that won't even get my crappy value RAM form a no name brand. -2cents
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    unofficial DUAL CORE opteron thread

    You'l be happy with 2800 at stock! Sorry I know I'm a dick, but come on people. Don't believe everything you read. If someone gets a good oc they are much more likely to post than those who get a lousy one. Thats why I try to applaud those who post dissapointing numbers. Everyone reads the same few posts and thinks every stepping is some god chip. With a few exceptions I don't think there is much difference between steppings. Get your chip be happy with anywhere from 25% to over 50% OC. There have been times whem people were gagga for a lousy 10 - 15% OC. I've had four 165s. Not a single one did better than 2.4 at stock volts. That is still a crazy good OC. One does 2.8 on air at 1.65 to 1.7 vCore which I feel is unsafe and 2.65GHz at 1.50vCore. A second supposedly better stepping wouldn't do any better than 2.6 regardless of voltage. And 2.5Ghz in my safe zone (1.55or below vCore) I'd risk 1.60 or so if it meant a significant increase in a stable OC, but 200MHz is less than 10% and not worth a burn out if you ask me. The other two did 2.4 to 2.5 max, all still good OCs, but considdered "dissapointing" by the standards set by many on all these forums. I know its not eveyone, but sometimes it sure seems that way. You ask me (which I realize no one did:) I would guess only 10% - 20% or so of chips will do 2.7 Ghz at reasonable voltages (I'm talking 165s to 175s) Most will do 2.4 which is still a stock 180 which is an $800 chip for only $350 or so. End of Rant and appologies OM
  21. I know this has also been asked a million times, but I'm looking for some verification. Is the AMD A64 X2 driver the same as the Opteron DC Driver? I can't find the Opteron one only the X2. But I recall them both being the same version and well the Denmark Core and the Toledo core are the same thing (only cache differences depending on model) TIA