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  1. I have look at the UT-SLI-DR Expert BIOS...damn I have to admit I love the features and setting available..I just wish I can flash the damn thing to my current motherboard. Can someone or anyone out there make the moded BIOS just like the expert???
  2. Try clearing the cmos see whether that will help....
  3. I just want to share with you guys some of my experience installing 4 of the 512MB Gskill PC4800GBFF: A couple of days ago, I recieve my 2x 512MB replacement from my supplier. On those replacement memory it shows 519 TCCD. At the moment, I am using 2 x 512MB (516TCCD) running fine at 2.6 (260x10 Vcore 1.5+110% and Vddr 2.5v) running at 2.5-3-3-7 1T. However after I install 4 of them...I am having a hard time trying to get these ram at above 250, not to mention 260 even at 2T and loosen timing 2.5-4-4-8. Today I have successfully pass the memtest running 250mhz, with 2.5-4-4-8 2T, Vddr 2.8v, Vcore 1.5 +110%, and the memory devider have to set to auto (which run at 333Mhz.) I really think I can still push to 260 or higher....I guess I really need a couple more days playing around with more setting. Please share your knowledge and setting if you can to help me maximize the limit of my setting. Thanks.
  4. I really dont think it is because the chipset difference....maybe check your water block connection?? do you put a good quality thermal paste on it??? By the way what is your chipset and PWMIC temp??? Try not to get above 50C for both of them...
  5. Dude 2.5Ghz is good enough...the 4400+ will get at least 2.5 up to 2.7Ghz on water if you are lucky. Forget about higher speed than that even if you got the best memory on the planet! You will need an extreme phase cooling for that. The only thing I am worried is your temp! It is much too high for water cooling. Even mine running the same voltage...the max it will hit is 45C (rarely though).
  6. Dude....that is of course high...but as I look into your signature...you are using Venice not the Toledo dual core. The toleldo normally take more power and they hotter than the Venice. By the way if you search this forum for PMWIC temp..you will see getting PMWIC above 55C for running cpu speed above 2.6Ghz and at 1.6 or higher voltage is normal (especially without a fan that blow direct into that area. Actually the chip itself will withstand 115C but honestly I wont like it to go around 60s. At the moment with the fan installed I am very happy...my CPU never go above 45C..and the PMWIC 50C and chipset 50C even on maximum load. Also please remember I got an overclock XFX 7800GTX which is quite hot...that is why my chipset get around 48C at times. Also for the ram....I have done research myself too....and I found that those 500s above revision TCCD seem to work better in lower voltage...Of course you dont have to take my word for it...you can experiment it yourself...I have spend that 7 days, playing and tweaking. Believe me...I have work with all kind of setting any forum have post. In fact I only find out the low voltage setting just recently. Before I always get problem pushing my cpus even at 2.4Ghz. (that's because I keep thinking I should put at least 2.7 or even higher.) Only when I decided to keep on 2.5V even with .03 disabled...it is soo stable like a rock.
  7. I have finally hit the top of the speed at 2.65Ghz. (265x10)...but to get it stable in prime 95...I have to hit 1.55 +110% which is not my liking. The temp of PMWIC get reallly HOT! (up to 66C). At the moment, I think I will just stay with 2.6Ghz (260x10) at 1.5 +110% (still high, that is why I need to add a zalman 90mm fan on top of those chips. With those fan installed right on top of it, my PMWIC and chipset temperature never increase to above 50c even when fully loaded with prime95. The only thing that I am impress with the memory is that it is even run fine in default 2.5v with the .03 disabled. (By the way, the revision that I have is 516 TCCD). Having studied the forum and some research...I find those over 500s TCCD tend to require less voltage than the 400s. Actually I have a feeling that I can push more Ghz in my computer except I am not feeling comfortable giving my CPU more than 1.65v of power. I am just afraid it will die! I reallly recommend people to install another 120mm or 90mm (more stronger than 120mm) on top of the memory and PWMIC area if you are O/Cing to more than 2.6Ghz with high voltage. These thing get really HOT!!!
  8. Ok...I have passed 2.6Ghz mark for 8 hours. But to achieve this I have to set it to 1.5v +110%. Damn that is already high enough ...but I still manage to keep the VDDR voltage stil at default 2.5v. The only thing that worries me is the PWMIC temp start to pump till 64C (too hot for my liking). I decided to add another 120mm fan on top it, and it drop to max 57C (still hot...but I try not to get above 60C). At the moment, I am trying to go for 2.65Ghz hopefully I dont need to pump up the CPU voltage...cause I dont want to increase my PWMIC temp again. I also think I have reach the limit of the cpu voltage. I would rather increase the VDDR voltage. However my RAM is a reall stuborn one...increasing the voltage seems to make it worst...it just like to cool off with 2.5 V =) How I wish I dont need to wait 8 hours for Prime95 before I can try another 2.7Ghz =(. I guess I will only know the result at least by Monday....
  9. I have the feeling maybe the 500 above revision, can work at lower voltage setting than the 400s. But as to which can overclock more I need to find out these couple of day...I will see how much I can push mine and at what voltage.
  10. A lot people especially newbies...(even like me) get trick just by looking and searching the forum into getting the idea that the memory will need at least 2.7V or higher. That is not TRUE! Even the specs of the RAM suppose to support 2.8 - 2.95V. Just by running 2.7 or even higher, it might not even stable especially prime95. So next time if you cant get high FSB, just lower it instead. PS: By the way what revision is your chip?? 516? 514?? You can look at the chip, the number above the letter TCCD.
  11. After about a month of trying, playing, tweaking with Bios memory setting I finally get my speed at 2.55Ghz. (stable running 3Mark 05, PCmark 05, memtest, prime95 8 hours before I stopped it). Before that I can reach a maximum of 2.7Ghz (run fine on other benchmark except Prime95 and PCmark05, which lasted only 5minutes.) The information I want to share with you guys is that beware in tweaking the voltage of the TCCD memory (especially the Gskill PC4800.) Sometime instead of bumping the VDDR, lower it, it make it more stable. On my chip it state 516 TCCD. At first, after reading and researching the forums and how people set their memory setting, I thought most people set it at least 2.7V or above. In fact with my memory even at the default setting of 2.5V is already stable like a rock. Setting it higher will only make the RAM unstable. Instead of setting the VDDR bump up the CPU voltage first (if that doesn't help, the increase slowly the VDDR and run prime95 until stable). At 2.55Ghz my cpu is happy at 1.45 + 104% voltage. I hope you guys get the point I am trying to say. Also my advice especially DUAL core owner dont get your Voltage above 1.55 (or anything above 110%) for your CPU or you will risk of frying it. Unless you have extreme cooling, dont try! At the moment I am still running prime95 on my 2.6Ghz test. I believe I can still push it to at least 2.65Ghz. But I will only find out when I go back tonight...hopefully it will pass at least 6 hours. I will post more results if I am successful.
  12. I have noticed that the latest official BIOS 623-3 has only 4 setting of Data Strength option (auto, 3, 2, and 1.) I am just wondering if there is a modified BIOS that has a complete setting (1,2,3, and 4??) I want to try to flash the older BIOS, but I am just afraid it will affect the compatibility with the dual core cpus.
  13. Ok I think I figure out what's the problem....PCmark05 just doesnt like my speed...I have to drop to 230x11 (2.53Ghz) before I can run it just perfectly fine! That is strange though...all the other benchmark and test run just fine at 240x11 (2.64ghz). All benchmark and test are ran at least 6 hours..
  14. Yes I have installed the windows media encoder, if you not, you can not even run the test.....
  15. I have the following system specs: AMD64 X2 4400+ @2.64 (FSB 240x11) G.Skill PC4800 BFF 2.5-3-3-7 (1T) 2.8V XFX 7800GTX O/C edition 490/1300 DFI Lanparty SLI-DR Coolermaster Watergate Cooling Everytime I ran the PCmark05, I will just get system freeze when running the 1st test (where the cube are falling). I thought this is because the video cant handle it...However I have run 3Dmark03, 05, and even 01 several times no problem. I have run all other test and benchmark such as prime, memtest, Sisoft Sandra, games benchmarking..all have no problem. At first I thought maybe I overclock too much that the system cant handle it...but if this is true, why all other benchmarks run just fine even more than 10x. I am only having problem with the PCmark05. I dont know whether the benchmark just dont like my computer speed or there is some bug with the benchmark itself.
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