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  1. I'll try fixing the boot sector, and then run the MEMtest. any ideas on how to fix the boot sector? from the windows console? (I have no idea on how to use it..) first thing in the morning though (its 1.52am here)
  2. hi guys we changed a motherboard on a system, from the ASUS A8N SLI-SE we installed a DFI nf4 Ultra-D. The system did boot-up fine, with only a minor issue we got a message that there was a hard drive read problem, but changing the SATA connectors from 2-4 to 1-3 seemed to solve this one. the system is unable to enter Windows XP. we also tried safe mode butno luck there too. we got the following error message STOP 0x0000007B (0xF78A2524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) (sometimes we get 0x00000024 too) it quotes something about running CHECKDISK. we did not change any drivers or registry settings before unistalling the ASUS mobo and of course none of the above upon installing the DFI, as the system didn't manage to enter XP. what is the problem? can we save the time from another format/istallation? the rig is as follows (it is a a friends rig) Athlon 64 x2 3800+ 2x512 Geil Ultra-X 2x250GB Western Digital SATA2 LG DVD / NEC DVD-R I assumed, that since I was going from nF4 to nF4, I wasn't going to need an XP re-installation
  3. hello! has anyone tested it with UCCC chips? plus, I was having the cold boot issue with the official 406. Does this issue still exist with this bios? [email protected]!
  4. thanx a lot cuoficr! @calvintag do u have any other recommendation? it would be much appreciated!
  5. Hey all! I am from Greece and I am looking for a Philips webcam, exact model SPC900NC/37 to buy from an online store in the U.S. for my sister in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I have looked in newegg (a classic ) but haven't been able to find philips webcams. Could you direct me to an online store, cause I think it has the best price/performance ratio in it's category. thanx guys!
  6. Hello! I am thinking of buying a pair of hard drives, and use them in RAID 0. I am between the Hitachi 7K80 (80GB) which is legendary for its speed and good price in the forum and the Seagate Barracuda 160GB SATAII (7200.9 line ST3160812AS) my concern for the Seagate is the 11ms estimated seek time, which I suppose will be more, in a raid array. But they are tempting for their excellent price, and the 5 year warranty. A quick question: The Barracuda 200GB (ST3200826AS) is supposed to have 8.5ms seek time? Is this due to the different platter size?
  7. Hi! I am currently using the nf4 gigabit lan to connect to a switch, and from there on to my aDSL modem. Settings are-> and gateway If I enable the Marvel gigabit too, what settings should I configure in order to give internet (and local network) access to my ThinkPad which will be connected on the Marvel LAN? Should I bridge the 2 connections? [email protected]!
  8. Hey there. I had a pair of Kingston Value RAM (KVR 400 / CAS3) with mosel IC's (SAT5 written on the IC's). They were programmed @ 3-3-3-8 but my Ultra-D managed 2.5-3-3-7 @ DDR416 (running on a 5/6 divider) with 2.7 + 0.03 volts. I am not in any case implying, it will work for you too. But, if you have the option to test it before you buy it (that is, from a friend, as I did, or from your local computer store) try it. I'm not sure, but, with a bit meddling around, I think u can make RAM work on a DFI, as it would never work on another mobo. (the exact pair was tested to an MSI 865PE, an MSI K8N SLi, and an Abit IC7-G, and no matter the voltage, only Abit got past post, but no Windows) DFI rocks.
  9. Here in Greece there are some modules named Samsung Gold, PC-3200. They have UCCC chips, and they do DDR500 @3-4-4-8 (Super Pi 32M stable) and though they are rated @3-3-3-8 they work @2.5-3-3-6 @DDR400. Just giving u a heads-up. part # M3 68L6523DUS-CCC Their price here is excellent (exactly the price of any other value ram)
  10. Ok, so I am keeping the 120GB. I think I will go for the 2x80 Hitachi now. After all, the price is pretty good, and a further price drop will be very small. What is your opinion on the T7K250 (the 160GB model)? It's raid-0 performance is equivalent and/better than the 80GB SATA II ? [email protected]!
  11. I was looking for the same PSU, but I read this and I was somewhat dissapointed (great price though). Hope this helps.
  12. Which Kingston modules have u got? Do u have the Value Ram? :cool: Then most probably u can't OC more than 210 1:1 but I had the Kingston Value ram (2x512) with Mosel Vitelic IC's [the ic's end in SAT5] So, with 2.7 + 0.03 Volts, in the orange slots I was able to run Super Pi 32M stable @2.5-3-3-7 with DDR166 divider, FSB @ 250, CPU multi x10, LDT/FSB x4 again but I was lucky. I am not at any point suggesting value ram should work good with u. Seee my sig in how to use dividers. Good luck!
  13. So, in your opinion what would you think better price/performance? The 2x80 Hitachi SATA II are for 125euros here in Greece and the 2x120 Western Digital SATA II (JS) are for 160. Given the fact that I: -> already have a Hitach 120 (7K250 series) -> am only browsing & gaming -> might not be able to sell my Hitachi (so, the budget is tight) should I: -> sit right where I am tight (i.e. you are fine with your current system u m%r%n!!) -> go for the 2x80 Hitachi and keep the 120 for mp3's and such stuff -> wait till Jan-Feb 2006 as my semester exams period is close (so... no time for gaming....) note: I am very interested in seeing the RAID 0 feature (I believe this is the thing tha driven me to all this searching). In your opinion am I expecting too much out of it? [email protected]!
  14. I ordered them today, so I will have them by monday and I will post some results.
  15. The fastest reply! [email protected] a lot! CPU-z version 1.31 now reporting Revision: DH-E6 That's the latest venice I suppose?
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