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  1. I had an issue where the final version of vista failed to install because of a lack of drivers for the SIL3114 If you have a XP setup on c: and you try to install vista on another partition and the install fails and you cannot get back into xp run this command from the command prompt in the vista setup to return the boot sector to windows XP. Executed bootsect.exe as follows: X:Bootbootsect.exe /nt52 C: /force (X is the drive letter of the CD/DVD drive where you inserted the Windows Vista DVD) Reboot the machine I hope this helps someone, it took me a few days to locate this.
  2. Hi all, been a while since i have been here as my rig went well from setup and i have yet to have issues, so in the last week i find out that HL2 64 bit is out so it gives me icentive to go and install Windows XP 64 bit on a different partition, so i grabbed the raid 64 drivers from DFI for my motherboard and set myself up with a floppy and reboot. i start the windows setup and enter F6 and it shows both the raid driver and mass storage driver both show required so i select both and continue, just as it gets into the starting windows setup screen the screen just stays at that screen setup and seems to lock, it never makes it to press enter for install. i am not sure what could cause that to happen, regular XP setup starts up fine. Im just looking for ideas as to what can cause this, it is my first xp 64 setup but i figured at the very least it should make it to the setup screen.
  3. Thanks Boppo for clarification, I have a question for you xanoo, have you tried to set the ram to ratio 100 MHZ and HTT to 3 and try to just increasing your processor to find your max cpu and with ram and HTT underclocked you should easilly pass (2.4 stock) and OC it at least to 2.7 if Super PI fails before 2.4 then RMA your processor. if you can bring the processor past 2.4 then bring the multi down to 7 and deal with just the memory by itself. testing individually might point to a weak part in your machine. I followed these steps with my new rig and because i knew the faulire of all my parts it was easy to balance after.
  4. unless i got this wrong you wrote "I've been using the system now for 2 months stable at 2100 MHZ (2400 should be stock). " if you have an X2 3800 stock is 2GHZ not 2.4, mine started at 2000 and capped @ 2520
  5. wow thats messed up, yea its a typo, i had meant 2520
  6. I have a hard time believing that a new rig like i have cannot get more than 2 frames a second on the second blimp test. I am running @2500MHZ CPU and 250FSB @ 1T. HTT ratio is at 4 and my system is stable and has not crashed, i run 3dmark and i get to the second blimp test and my framerates are at 2 and 1 on a brand new BFG 7800 GT. Is there something not right or is the test that hard to do, i expected it to be tough but its hard to let it ride the rest of the test when it chokes like that. I should mention i set affinity to cpu 1 any advice would be nice, maybe i have overlooked something.
  7. If you look at my sig i got the 90C with the panaflo, my machine is quiet and with a 500MHZ overclock on full load i do not go higher than 38 degree. it is well worth the money.
  8. LOL, yes i knew that was not the nf4 chip, i did not know it by name mind you but i wanted clarification for what was posted with the picture, i was very speciffic in my question, as my temperature was for the NF4 chipset and the vid card is going across the top of it, one thing im not used to is dealing with airflow issues when other components ar interfering with others. i would like to see the temp below 40. mind you im not upto speed on what the PWMIC chip does axactly but i do know that area of my board has alot of airflow.
  9. So if i get this right, in the motherboard temperature setting the one that sais NF4 chipset and 44 degrees is the one in your diagram? because the airflow where you point out i have alot of airflow, im refering to the fan that comes with the motherboard, is that not the NF4 chipset?
  10. I take it you have the same issue with your card going over your fan, is there any problems with your card touching your new fan?
  11. Hi, i started my overclocking tests last night, under clocked my memory and found my max CPU @ 2520MHZ for my X2 3800, im happy with it. My temp on load for the processor never went above 38 degree, howerver my chipset was at 44 degrees. I know its not that big a deal but i was thinking my video card is such a big ***ch that she goes right across the chipset fan over to the other side, well a 7800GT will have heat of its own right above the fan and partially add resistence to air movement from the chipset. is it worth it for me to add another fan just to blow additional air over the chipset. does anyone else have the same issues. BTW i did remove the chipset fan and added AS5 after a thorough cleaning before adding the system board. Edited : oct 26
  12. You might try them on another system to test your HDD's, you could also try to Flash BIOS again to another version just to test. Then you can assume if HDD's are working fine in another system and with a new BIOS in it that if you hook up the IDE cables to them and it hangs again your raid controler maybe shot. also i did not see what powersuply you are using.
  13. yea i had googled it, just couls not find it, comes down to seach criteria, thanks so much.
  14. Im coming across a small problem while putting the case together. Tha Armor case comes with external hookups at the top of the case that add iEEE1394, 2 USB and audio jacks for headset and microphone these are all individual wires not a harness plug, i want to set it up in my case but the problem is the only setup i can follow is that of the onboard audio, the individual wirering wires are discribed in detail in the Ultra d manual, however I have a platinum ZS audigy 2 so i do not want to wire it to the onboard audio. I bought the card OEM so it did not come with the external controler bay. So i go to http://files.americas.creative.com/manuald...61/Aud2Plat.pdf so number 14 Audio Extention Controler (AD_EXT) all it has it set for is for their own player no discription of the different wires, i cannot locate a diagram of the pins to individually plug them in, does anyone know or can refer me to a propper diagram, i have exausted my internet search.
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