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  1. Hmm ok new fan and cooling paste here i come
  2. tried reinstalling Smartguardian and the same stuff appears. ill try to settle with the fact that its bugged then. any opinions on my cpu temperature(this is with the stock cooler btw)
  3. For some reason my ITE smartguardian gives me alarm on: DDR25V wich is 1.16v DDRVTT wich is 2.8 VIN7 wich is 2.99 VIN8 wich is 3.1 How do i adjust theese so theyre at the right settings, i havent OC'ed at all and not intending to. Just want an optimal setup in the bios. btw my cpu temp says 60-69 celsius that ok or too high ? My rig is in my sig In advance many thx for the help.
  4. Thank you so much guys for the great help Ill do some reading and testing later tonight so ill try too keep you updated on how things goes if i have the time. Many thx again Christer
  5. As the topic says i need an advice on what bios to use and are there any page wich gives an good description on bios setup for this board ? quite some new functions ive never seen on other boards etc , besides gonna try to OC too so would be great to have some hints and tips . My specs are in my sig. Thx in advance.
  6. Problem is solved. For some strange reason when i tried to install Windows x64 Professional it all works fine. So seems it was a Windows problem. Hope this can help someone else out there Best regards all and thx for the help
  7. to Grazzhopper. i would love nothing more that to get you those infos but as stated i dont even get as far as into windows . @Meltdown ok i will try that ill post a reply when that have been tried but i cant check that before 17.00 PM GMT+1 since thats when i get home from work. But thx for trying to help guys i appreciate it.
  8. aye even tested both types i have a set of corsair pc3200xl twinx 512 mb x2 and the patriot mentioned in my sig, both checks out fine
  9. Aye i have tried to install English Windows XP Pro on s-ata drive. tried Norwegian Windows XP Pro on the same hdd , also tried to install them on a IDE HDD both versions and the exact same thing happens every time i get that screen where it tells u windows failed to start and it want you to choose either safe mode , safe mode with networking etc etc as soon as i press enter one either of the options it reeboots.
  10. anyone have any idea please ? im getting desperate here.
  11. cant find any info on the psu atm as its replaced with a 500w edition but is considered one of the best available psu's here in Norway but try checking http://www.microplex.no/rubweb/varer.asp?ARTNR=MIST500BHE12 its on norwegian but specs should be ok to read ony mine is the 480 edition
  12. Ok Fixed sig and i have allready done the things u say stripped it to the bone and started it with the essentials and flashed to the last official bios and its still the same error.
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