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  1. Have you considered upgrading to the 4/24/2006 BIOS? It has a new version of the NVRAID software, might help.
  2. I've resolved my problem, the DVD drive I was using had gone partially bad and THAT was causing the error. Pretty dumb I guess, but I have installed a stable windows now. This is the second time I've learned about every possible problem on my DFI and have it be something really simple and stupid lol.
  3. I guess I will try to contact DFI support tommorow, I'm not sure if they can help but I will try
  4. Hitachi tool did no good, I just resetted CMOS and reflashed BIOS again with the same results. Very frustrating
  5. Alright, the DBAN drive erase did no good, I am going to try the Hitachi tool now.
  6. My problem is being discussed in this thread BTW http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...indows+starting
  7. I just thought of that, and last night I tried the KillDisk utility to write zeros but I had no luck with that. I am going to try the DBAN boot nuke utility now. There is someone on this board who had the same problem as me and said that the DBAN utility fixed it, but the KillDisk wasn't good enough. What program do you reccomend for the low level?
  8. Yes I boot off the PATA drive currently, I want to boot off the RAID. If I disconnect the PATA drive from the system I get the same results.
  9. I increased the voltage from 2.7 to 2.8, and I set the RAS>CAS from 2 to 7, same results.
  10. It's running on tight 2 2 2 5 RAM timings, but I tried using optimized defaults which have very loose timings and it did the same thing.
  11. Hmm, well I am running at 2.7v up from the stock 2.6v for about a month on my PATA drive with very good stability in 3D games and Windows. I suppose I could try that once but Im not sure how it would help if my system was near 100% stable before and installed Windows easily before.
  12. I don't think we are on the right track with that, no offense, because it's not just the Nlite CD that fails, Windows XP SP1 SP2 Windows XP 64 using the floppy drive and about 5 different driver disks fail in the exact same way. I've used the floppy method with the DFI drivers 6.66 6.70, older versions, versions from the NVIDIA website, every method fails at Windows is now Starting screen.
  13. I have now zeroed the Drive with the KILLDrive utility on Tmod BIOS flashing CD with no good results.
  14. I am running the 4.84 RAID BIOS and I created a 6.70 Integrated XP2 CD using that webpage using the LEGACY folder, same as before. It gets to Setup is starting Windows and hangs, the screen just before where you partition your drive. I used RC3 of Nlite.
  15. I have downgraded to the 6-23 3 BIOS with the same results.
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